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  1. I've just added a video on Youtube on how to use it!
  2. I'm incredibly flattered to be included in your streaming FAQ. Could you change my link to the trunk of my git repo: ? This way it's the latest that works. The branch you linked to isn't fully-working yet. Thanks!!
  3. I've updated the commandline interface to be Python3! Hurray! I've also implemented unit tests which ended up catching an error in one of my functions. Software testing, ftw! Now that I'm in Python3 I hope to be able to support emojis and non-ascii characters. This is in the main git branch:
  4. Been using it successfully for the past week. So far it's working well. I started work in a branch for a tkinter GUI: For now I'm stuck on how to update the text. So I've moved to another approach where I create an HTML file. For the sanity check you can just load it into a browser and it'll update every 30 seconds. For the Steamalerts functionality - you can add that webpage as a source in OBS and it'll work OK. Once I get it working relatively well, I'll add that into Github for others to test and potentially contribute to.
  5. OK, I've fixed it up to work with the new API! With @bfinleyui ending support on his Adobe Air app, I'll be actively working on my Python API so that I can use it on Windows as well.
  6. Will be updating to the new JSON API - hopefully soon
  7. Yeah, that's why I'm hoping the EL team can incorporate that into the site.
  8. I would like to propose the idea of Stretch Goals. Perhaps this is not the best term, but it doesn't matter what it's called. Problem: An Extra Life participant has reached his or her fundraising goal. This reduces incentive for others to donate. The goal has been met, there's nothing left to do. Current Solution: Raise the Goal. Why this isn't satisfactory: There's a celebratory aspect to reaching a goal - both for the participant and the donors. Something great about reaching it and about finishing having reached it. Raising the goal removes this by literally moving the goalposts. Proposed solution: Stretch Goals (or whatever name makes sense). The participant can activate a second stretch goal to reach (and/or a third, fourth, fifth, etc) after reaching the first. This maintains the celebration of the first goal reached while saying, "Hey guys, we did that! Can we do one better?:" And allow for a second celebration if the second goal is reached while still preserving the celebration of the first one. BONUS: It also makes it easy for the participant to link actions with stretch goals: I'll shave my head, dye my hair, grow a mustache, whatever.... if we reach this stretch goal.
  9. Game day in a month. Update: I surpassed my goal! And raised more than ever! >$500. Things I did: 1 for 1 matching for the first $100 donated. Pitched to my kid's teacher and teacher's aide Pitched to the parents' mailing list Won't have the same opportunity for the last 2 next year because my oldest went from a very small private school to a very large public school. We never see the teacher (in the previous school I saw the teacher every day when I picked up my daughter). There also isn't a parents' mailing list. So I'll have to get more creative in 2018. But for now I will celebrate raising more for the kids than ever.
  10. Thanks. Let me know what she says and I'll start pushing the idea in my ads and requests for donations.
  11. Coming off of the success of cooking BBQ for my employees, I was thinking of a potential donation incentive to get even more people to contribute: if I reach $X (maybe 500? Never got there before) I cook some BBQ for the NICU nurses. Are there any regulations or laws that would prevent it? is there a good way to find out how many nurses at working at JH NICU? Perhaps need some help on the logistics of also providing for the nurses that are working the night shift Thoughts?
  12. Cool, my folks live in Tampa, so I'll have to check out ELU next year. It conflicts with an event this year, but I sure wouldn't mind Orlando's generally mild winter compared to up here in MD.
  13. @Bacchanalian Your year 3 is a good lesson to keep in mind. Even if I didn't meet my goal, I still raised SOME money for my hospital and some is always better than none. @K8Morosky Thanks for sharing your lessons learned and how sometimes you need to step back. The baked goods thing sounds like a really good idea as does the ExtraLife ideas page of chores for donations. We tend to have more of a everyone usually brings food for free thing at work, but maybe next time I'll put a little donation box and a note that the money goes to charity and see where I end up with that. Did you notice that in years 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 your team amounts were roughly the same even though you pulled in more? Do you think they see the goal being reached by you and don't try as hard? What's ELU - The thing in Orlando? Finally, I like your head canon song.
  14. This is year three for me, so I thought I'd kick it off by sharing some lessons learned and plans for this new year. Year 1 (2015): I was jazzed and energized and so sure I could convince people to donate. Set a goal of $1k and spoke about it all the time. Even at work where we have to dance around it because they have a policy you're not allowed to ask for donations, I tried to bring it up in conversation. Ended up raising a little over $300 and that was with a bunch of pushing with my family members who kept putting it off. I could not participate in game day because of my sister-in-law's wedding, but I played all year long -- way more than 24 hours of gaming. Year 2 (2016): I figured since I had to push my family members so hard the year before that I would try not to solicit donations yearly. Perhaps I could do it every other year so that people don't get Eric-fatigue. So I upped my social media game - mentioned it whereever I could - reddit, Twitter, FB (even though I'm otherwise not very active on FB), even casually mentioning it to the mother of a kid who goes to school with my daughter and whose son was saved at birth at JH NICU as well. And, I couldn't even make it to the "standard" of bringing in $200 - no tshirt for me. Only a little participation on game day as we had 9 month old twins at the time and I couldn't afford a lack of sleep. So I spoke with a lot of people on the forums and came away with these lessons learned: No matter how well-intentioned, no one donates unless you bug the crap out of them until they finally relent and donate Based on responses from forum participants - as the charity gets more established and more and more people are trying to get donations - it's like trying to get people in your neighborhood to buy your kid's fundraiser chocolate - there's no one to buy it because everyone's kid is trying to sell it. Lots of people reported working harder to get less money in 2016. I was told to check with my guild - some guilds hold a fundraiser night at a restaurant to raise money for members - a portion of that night's proceeds go towards it. Incentives seem to work - I said I'd do 1 pushup per $1 donated and the few people who did donate did it to see me suffer as I'm out of shape from having to help out with the twins Plans for the New Year With those lessons in mind, here are my plans for the new year: Continue to do some kind of exercise thing per dollar donated Bug people into donating because otherwise they won't participate with guild I have a few domain names, but one I'm intending to keep is for my name ( so I decided this year that I would make a subdomain ( that would go to my extra life page. Because the URL changes every year it means that if someone sees my old ExtraLife videos on Youtube, they won't know the new URL to donate to. By using my own domain name, I can switch where it connects to each year so that will always point to the most recent donation campaign . To show people how much it means to me, I'm thinking of doing matching donations. (Have to clear with the wife first) Because if I'm trying to convince people to donate because of how much it means that JH helped my daughter, why am I not giving more? To keep things manageable, right now I'm thinking of 1 for 1 matching for the first $100 and then 25% matching after that. I think that's an amount I can afford while showing my commitment. Install the app on my phone so I can take donations from strangers if I strike up a conversation in public There's a parental mailing list for my kid's class at school - get permission from the admins to send out a solicitation to the parents list - just one time so things don't get ridiculous. (If they even agree to it because I could see things spiraling out of control if everyone used it for everything they wanted attention for) Now the real out of my comfort zone thing - the one I've been thinking of since year 1, but always chicken out - talk to some businesses and maybe even my kids' pediatrician to see if they'll donate. I'm not in sales, I'm a computer programmer. When I *was* in sales back when I was a kid, I would mostly help people find the best of what they were already looking for rather than upsell them or get them to buy something they didn't already want to. And to be honest, just as in relationships, I'm afraid of "no". Well, afraid is a strong word, but no one likes rejection (which is why I think so few make it as actors and comedians). But I am going to try! I'd love to hear lessons learned from others, your plans, and if you have any comments or critiques for me. I can take it and if it's constructive, I can use it to help get more for the kids. Closing out with a plug for my donation tracker: If anyone wants to contribute to the project on github or just use it for their own. If you don't like mine and are on Windows, I recommend bfinley's donation tracker. It's what I've been using on WIndows and it's SO easy to use with OBS.
  15. Howdy! I'm Eric and I live in Elkridge, MD. This is my third year doing Extra Life. My story's on my profile page, but quick summary: my oldest daughter was born at HoCo Hospital, but an issue was discovered and she was sent to JH NICU. They did a surgery on day 8 of her life that saved her life. A couple years later they did another life-saving surgery. She also has twin siblings born in 2015 and while they didn't need to go to JH NICU, they had to be at the HoCo NICU which I also kind of consider to be JH since it's an affiliated hospital. So, like many participants, Extra Life is very personal to me. No guild participation so far, so looking into it this year. I took a quick look through the forum and I see two things: attending local events to get signups (I've seen you guys at BCC the last couple years - I cover it as press) and doing stuff with the kids at the hospital - like Halloween. Question I have is if the guild does anything like I'd heard some of the other guilds do - contact some place (say a Five Guys) and agree that some portion of the sales on Day X will be split as a donation to the members of the guild?
  16. Anything ever come of this? Sounds pretty awesome. Also, the Howard County library systems have a 3D printer that could be used for something like this.
  17. Started the day with Vertical Drop Heroes HD: And ended with Civ VI, but those videos don't go live until tomorrow. Unfortunately, no donations on game day. Did get one yesterday,though. Sooooo close to $200
  18. @joeyfine- awesome poster! I should do something like that next year. I think next year will be the first time I finally will be able to do 24 hours on game day. @gektek - good idea. I'll probably go w/ ExtraLife as the "game" and put the game title in the stream title
  19. Sounds good. That'll be my route next year. Hopefully it'll help me not be struggling just to get to $200.
  20. Sounds good. Your guild note made me think of something - would it make sense to work with a guild to drum up support for a restaurant and then split the cut amongst the guild? I don't think I could drum up very much support at all for people to go to a restaurant on a particular night. I just don't have a large enough group of friends or acquaintances.
  21. @Quaseymoto could you elaborate? I'm hoping next year to finally stop being a chicken about approaching local businesses. What types of things have worked with them in the past?
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