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  1. True, no totals. But, computers are just overgrown calculators, so if you have the total amount donated you can just use whatever programming language's To-Int function to turn the dollar amounts into numbers you can sum. It's only a bummer that we didn't get it until now, so deep into the year.
  2. So up until now I've been using the great webpage created by bfinleyui which is at only replace those %23s with your ID from Extra Life. The way he designed it is to create one webpage which displays: The current amount raised.The goal amountA box where alerts for new donations will appear.A single-line rotator of donations made.A 5-line rotator of donations made.You can see how I've been using it here: The bottom row is making use of #1, #2, and #4. With XSplit and their Web-resource it's somewhat annoying to align things correctly. With the Window or source capture it wasn't working correctly when in game. (It would freeze at whatever donator was active when I went into the game) Do you think it's best to create a JSON page that has only one element per page? Or is there another way to do this that might lead to easier results for streaming?
  3. Ah, I figured. Probably easier to do on Windows via DirectX. Hopefully the devs can implement something like that with OpenGL on Linux and Mac.
  4. Is that the JSON interface you unveiled in yesterday's email. Because that sounds awesome! I'm going to have buff up my Python JSON skills to see if I can do something with this.
  5. Does Windows OBS MP have a game capture? Or is that not yet implemented? (Like I said, for Linux you have to do Window or Screen capture)
  6. Just curious if anyone has started using OBS Multiplatform and if they had any tips/tricks/pitfalls? I've successfully used it to stream from Linux: The audio isn't perfect, but I'm not sure if that's because OBS MP (at least on Linux) does not detect games (like XSplit on Windows) so I was doing a Window capture which might be more intensive.
  7. It's OK. I was also in middle school when I discovered it (a few years after it'd come out in the US). I don't know if I'd have enjoyed it as much if I'd been older and more cynical or younger and unable to understand the themes.
  8. Chrono Trigger was my first. So it'll always be special to me - plus I love time travel stories. Final Fantasy 6 (JP) (3 in the US) will always be the best FF to me.
  9. Saw about 5 minutes of Twitch streaming some Pokemon championships. It's easy for them because they had multiple cameras and someone to operate whatever they use on the backend - XSplit, OBS or something more professional. Basically one view was overhead and one was from the side. They also had closeups of the heads and hands of the players. Does anyone stream card games for EL? If you do, how do you film it?
  10. I found it fun - especially the tactics. But my wife and sister-in-law did not like it.
  11. Sometimes I've had a couple people in my stream - never more than five. Most times I'm streaming to myself and maybe one non-signed-in person. For me I don't worry about the viewership - I'd be playing these games no matter what. Streaming to Twitch and exporting to YouTube is just a way to TRY and increase knowledge of my EL donation page. I got super lucky a few months ago when someone who loves The Witcher donated $100 while I was playing it. Since then it's been pretty quiet. But I keep it up because it's fun. Also, it allows you to have a record of awesome things you do - like that time you solved a tough puzzle or shot that guy right before he shot you, etc
  12. Let me know what happens with this. I think I finally have a solution on Windows/XSplit using their built-in browser (which is a lot more annoying to use than just a screen capture of Chrome, but at least it updates during gameplay). But I'm going to be experimenting with Linux and OBS as well soon.
  13. This is why I don't listen to music when I'm streaming and playing TF2 or Civ5. Alternatively, if OBS or XSplit allows it, pipe the game music (or other music) into your headphones and not into the stream.
  14. Nice overlays everyone! I especially like the animated one! Quite a great job nerd-underemployed. If I hadn't changed up so much of my color scheme, I'd definitely use that during breaks. Here's what my latest one looks like (XSplit on Windows):
  15. Right now I just stream whatever I am playing anyway. At the moment that's The Witcher.
  16. If this is still a thing happening and I can try and find times that will work for me in the leadup to EL day.
  17. Don't be afraid to use underlays. That's what I use and it makes life a lot simpler.
  18. I've been streaming ahead of time because I have a wedding on EL day. I had some viewers and donations early on, but then Graduate Work and life kept me from being consistent in my stream.
  19. Hey guys! I know the topic title is OBS, but I've seen some Xsplit talk in here so I thought I'd ask. Is anyone having an issue with the screen not refreshing the donations when in a game? When I'm in the Xsplit app (whether or not game is running) - the names update. But once I go into the game they stop updating. Here's an example: When the video starts you can see the donations in the bottom left corner updating. Once the game is running (at about the 2 minute mark), it stops updating. I wasn't sure if it was Chrome so today I tried it both Chrome and Firefox. Again, once the game is running, no updates: Any tips would be greatly appreciated. It would probably also lead to my twitch chat updating in real time. Thanks!
  20. Here's my youtube channel:
  21. Already had two donations! Yay! Come on in and put in for the steam key raffle!
  22. Thanks Vazio and Zyaldar! Stream started half an hour ago for anyone looking to watch!
  23. I'll also be doing Steam key giveaways to anyone who donates on or before that weekend!
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