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  1. Ah, OK. Maybe I'll revisit my strategy. I did make a FB post about it (and I never really go on FB otherwise). If EL's FB app has some kind of priority that lets it surface in everyone's feed, perhaps I'll consider using it.
  2. I just so happen to have a video explaining why I Extra Life:
  3. This is something I don't think I have to be worried about. I'm struggling to get to $200. (Goal $300 - which is about what I raised the previous year) However, let's say I get lucky and between now and November I get to my goal of $300. If I want to continue to encourage donations - do I increase my goal? Do I say something like - "Let's see how much we can work past this goal?" I picked $300 this year because, as I mentioned, it's about what I raised last year. (I'd hoped for $1k last year). I know that psychologically you want your goal to be close enough that people feel they're helping you reach it by donating, but far enough that they don't feel that someone else is going to close the gap. Good strategies? Good stories from previous campaigns?
  4. Last year it was like pulling teeth to get donations from some people who'd expressed interest in my cause or who were even related to me and, therefore, related to the person I'm playing for. So I figured this year I'd try and not hit those people up - let them have a break and maybe ask for donations from them at most every other year. What do you guys do? What works best for you?
  5. So far I've done EL twice. Last year my biggest donor was someone who liked The Witcher when I was playing and gave me $100. Might be someone from these forums because I'd announced I was doing a mini-marathon. Or it might be coincidence. This year so far my biggest donor was my younger brother who did it because I said I'd do one pushup / $1 donated. I also got a small donation from someone who'd provided a game for me to cover on Youtube for exposure. When I sent him the link to my Youtube vid, he donated. I've been hoping that someone else would donate from my Youtube vids (basically usually an archive of my stream), but no one else so far. I'm gearing up to start adding in an "ad" midway through the video reminding people that I'm at X% and asking them to help me get to the end.
  6. Help me at least get to $200!

  7. In Youtube they restrict the URLs that can be used in cards (that little "i" that appears in the corner). I'd love to link to my EL page to make it frictionless for people to donate after they watch me play, but EL is not an approved charity by Youtube.
  8. Did EL end up added? Does it go to EL in general or to my campaign?
  9. Thanks! So helpful and good to know they're working on it!
  10. Battle Rape? I can't understand why that's banned. /sarcasm!!!! Interestingly, I think at least one of those banned games is a VN that's always coming up for me on steam as a recommendation because I played a VN once. (Even though the VN I played was like PG/PG-13, not explicit like that one must be to be banned on twitch)
  11. Ah, boo! But, I guess it does help protect you because what if this happened: I host @Zyaldar because he's playing Undertail. Then I leave and @Zyaldar gets tired of playing and then hosts Strip Poker. Now I'm hosting Strip Poker. And maybe I don't like that because I have built a reputation as a rated G Twither. I was stretching a bit there, because I think Twitch already doesn't allow rated M games, but it's teh best reason I could think of for not allowing hosting of hosting.
  12. Very true. If I'd known I would have hosted the official channel last year since I was out of town and couldn't to any streaming on the official day.
  13. Well, thanks for the info. I wonder.....maybe what I need to do is tell it not to loop and then if it finishes, it'll load from the beginning when I go back in? I think I tried that once, but I'll check it out again.
  14. Oh, awesome. I'll have to start hosting some of my team-mates in Extra Life to give Extra Coverage. (Although it's not like I have a lot of followers)
  15. How does that work? Do you have to be a paying Twitch member?
  16. Hey guys, Posted this on the OBS forums and no response, but I know a lot of you guys use OBS. I'm using OBS-MP on Windows and I have an appeal video via video source on one of my scenes. The video starts playing as soon as I launch OBS, whether or not I'm in that scene. (XSplit, by contrast, waits until I go to that scene to start). I know one way around it would be to use VLC and window capture, but apart from being clunky, it's more stuff I have to wrangle with while trying to stream. Any settings I can tick to get the video to only start when I go to that scene?
  17. I've been using it for a few months now and I do really like it a LOT. So far it's only lost my video ONCE where something about it glitched out and it couldn't close the file handle on the video file write. Other crashes (of which there have been very few) have at least left me with a file. But this time it couldn't close the file write - which, of course, crashed Windows and wouldn't let it reboot without a hard reset. Other than that, thanks to Eric Murphy's info, I've been able to set up browser plugins to have Twitch and Youtube Gaming chat incorporated into the stream:
  18. Good info to have. For me, if you watched the embedded video, it's just a small square I use with games that have long load times. That way I don't need to keep chatting to an empty room while the game loads. I can see where Twitch got upset. Here's a suggestion for future - cut together a stream of commercials and old stream gameplay. I'm sure they'd be fine with that.
  19. So I was running the "Thank you ad" (the link should open to the right spot) and I got a copyright notice on the file. MIR - Strip Sounds - BBF - Irving Washington (PRS/MCPS)Sound recording3:28 - 4:29Just a warning if you want to avoid copyright notices. Which (among other things) means THEY can run ads against your stream.
  20. Sounds good to me, especially since I just moved to OBS MP, no point in an XSplit Premium license.
  21. Hey all, Brian Finley has created an amazing donation tracker for Windows and Mac users. Unfortunately, Adobe Air is discontinued on Linux. So I have replicated his work and it's here . Well, replicated is a strong word in that, as of the time I'm posting this, I've only created the outputs I use and I haven't created the donation alert yet as that requires a GUI. And, crucially, I didn't yet create the loop that checks every 30 seconds or so. That'll be the first thing I add - probably tomorrow. Anyway, feel free to use it and to participate in my git repo! (It'd be neat to have contributions!) Although I didn't do it for total Raised and goal - for anything else you or I add - let's use the same filenames as Brian Finley did in his so that they could be compatible if you have an OBS MP scene collection you use on both Windows/Mac and Linux. ENJOY!
  22. As I said I would, I created a Python version that's text only (for now) that's at for any Linux streamers.
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