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  1. Found out about this when someone made a bug report against my donation tracker code. Before the API would always push all the fields and just have "None" if it was empty. But not some of the fields might not be there. For example, if there wasn't a message with the donation, the message field won't be pushed onto the API.
  2. And now a video for how to use it on Windows:
  3. I've just added a video on Youtube on how to use it!
  4. I'm incredibly flattered to be included in your streaming FAQ. Could you change my link to the trunk of my git repo:https://github.com/djotaku/ELDonationTracker ? This way it's the latest that works. The branch you linked to isn't fully-working yet. Thanks!!
  5. I've updated the commandline interface to be Python3! Hurray! I've also implemented unit tests which ended up catching an error in one of my functions. Software testing, ftw! Now that I'm in Python3 I hope to be able to support emojis and non-ascii characters. This is in the main git branch: https://github.com/djotaku/ELDonationTracker
  6. Been using it successfully for the past week. So far it's working well. I started work in a branch for a tkinter GUI:https://github.com/djotaku/ELDonationTracker/tree/tkinterGUI For now I'm stuck on how to update the text. So I've moved to another approach where I create an HTML file. For the sanity check you can just load it into a browser and it'll update every 30 seconds. For the Steamalerts functionality - you can add that webpage as a source in OBS and it'll work OK. Once I get it working relatively well, I'll add that into Github for others to test and potentially contribute to.
  7. OK, I've fixed it up to work with the new API! With @bfinleyui ending support on his Adobe Air app, I'll be actively working on my Python API so that I can use it on Windows as well.
  8. Will be updating to the new JSON API - hopefully soon
  9. Yeah, that's why I'm hoping the EL team can incorporate that into the site.
  10. I would like to propose the idea of Stretch Goals. Perhaps this is not the best term, but it doesn't matter what it's called. Problem: An Extra Life participant has reached his or her fundraising goal. This reduces incentive for others to donate. The goal has been met, there's nothing left to do. Current Solution: Raise the Goal. Why this isn't satisfactory: There's a celebratory aspect to reaching a goal - both for the participant and the donors. Something great about reaching it and about finishing having reached it. Raising the goal removes this by literally moving the goalposts. Proposed solution: Stretch Goals (or whatever name makes sense). The participant can activate a second stretch goal to reach (and/or a third, fourth, fifth, etc) after reaching the first. This maintains the celebration of the first goal reached while saying, "Hey guys, we did that! Can we do one better?:" And allow for a second celebration if the second goal is reached while still preserving the celebration of the first one. BONUS: It also makes it easy for the participant to link actions with stretch goals: I'll shave my head, dye my hair, grow a mustache, whatever.... if we reach this stretch goal.
  11. Game day in a month. Update: I surpassed my goal! And raised more than ever! >$500. Things I did: 1 for 1 matching for the first $100 donated. Pitched to my kid's teacher and teacher's aide Pitched to the parents' mailing list Won't have the same opportunity for the last 2 next year because my oldest went from a very small private school to a very large public school. We never see the teacher (in the previous school I saw the teacher every day when I picked up my daughter). There also isn't a parents' mailing list. So I'll have to get more creative in 2018. But for now I will celebrate raising more for the kids than ever.
  12. Thanks. Let me know what she says and I'll start pushing the idea in my ads and requests for donations.
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