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  1. Mike

    Orcacon 2018 in Bellevue

    Hey there, This seems like a pretty cool thing. I know we didn't have a presence there last year, but I'm interested in looking into it this year. Are you an organizer or just attending?
  2. Mike

    Girl Geek Con 2017

    Thanks for letting us know! I am not going to make it, but I hope you find someone to meet up with!
  3. Mike

    Getting Schools Involved

    Well an idea that was given to me was talking to high school ASB clubs to get them to kind of lead the charge on their own. They specialize in doing charitable events already.
  4. Mike

    Getting Schools Involved

    Has anyone here successfully gotten a school involved with Extra Life? It's an avenue I'd like to explore, but am interested to hear if anyone has already had any success with it.
  5. Mike

    Official Hi/Hello/Welcome thread!

    Hey sorry for the late response, but it is wonderful to have you here! We've got some fun stuff planned for this year.
  6. Mike

    Tournament Sign Ups

    Question on sign-ups.... are we able to choose the same game in both waves of each section? The form and the rules say you "may" choose 2 unique games, but I haven't seen anything that says you "have" to choose 2 unique games...
  7. Mike

    ICYMI: Guild Kickoff wrap-up and summary

    Thanks so much, Shell!
  8. Mike

    ECCC 2017!!!

    Fantastic, guys! Way to go! This many badges means the more people that volunteer, the more time everyone will have to explore Comic Con. If you've ever wanted to go, volunteer some time and get the opportunity to check it out!
  9. Mike

    ECCC 2017!!!

    Glad to see you got this figured out, Brandon! Generally, one of the leadership will have badges for everyone to grab the morning of. We'll get it figured out and let you know ahead of time though.
  10. Mike

    Guild Program Survey

    Click the link I included there. It has a video from Mike Kinney about it as well.
  11. Mike

    Guild Program Survey

    Hey guys, Please take a couple minutes to fill out this survey for the leadership. They're trying to help evolve the guilds and want to know what we all think went right or needs to be improved. Thanks!
  12. Mike

    Guild Feedback Survey!

    Those posters are incredible.
  13. I have a pretty fantastic ugly christmas sweater onesie...
  14. Mike

    Room Share ELU 2017

    Looks like you can have up to 4 guests per room. I'm totally down for sharing with 3 other people. Being clean is a huge plus.
  15. Very excited to say I will be there representing the Seattle Extra Life Guild and Seattle Children's Hospital! Woooooooooo!