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  1. Hey guys, We are looking for one additional volunteer to help run a table for First Friday, September 2nd. It is only a couple hours really. I'll try to park early to get a nearby spot, but really the heavy foot traffic is from 6:30 or 7 until 8:30 or 9. Many thanks for the help! More than one person would of course be even more fun.
  2. Sorry, I really wanted to make it out for this. I have to get up super earlier due to construction on my normal work commute. I'll try to make it next time for sure. Hope you guys have a blast.
  3. Hey, How many of you have started playing Pokemon GO? I know Jon and I are team red. So far, I'd say it is a decent game, though the fact that you can't directly trade or battle with friends seems like a major flaw in a game like this. If a bunch of us are playing, or thinking of playing, maybe we should have a get together somewhere to level up, and train Pokemon. I live near F& M. There are quite a few pokestops and 2 gyms on campus, another gym right off campus. Probably want to wait a couple weeks for the servers to stabilize.
  4. Nah, it was brickfest. Just checked the website to confirm. Glad to hear you had a more positive interaction. I'll try again if there is another in my area. You are right, it sounds like a great event. Sent from my 0PJA2 using Tapatalk
  5. When I reached out about a brickfest in my area, I didn't get back a very positive message. A lot of red tape and talk about "not wanting a charity competing" with their own charity. Good luck though. Sent from my 0PJA2 using Tapatalk
  6. Ryan Volker, Ben Tolson and Jon Canulli presenting a check during Telethon.
  7. Hey, I am putting together tournament brackets. For smash and kart, are we doing 4 player or 1 on 1?
  8. until

    Meeting will be in P1305A: Conference room in the Family Resource Center.
  9. Jon is correct. Number of passes should not be an issue for those helping out at the booth.
  10. Hey Shawn, Congratulations on joining the Tori's Angels team, and the same congratulations to our own Ben Tolson for joining the Community mods team. Thanks for reaching out. With regards, Ryan Volker
  11. I can make it both days and help out at the booth as much as needed. Jon is right, this will be a big event for us, and I'm looking forward to a big stack of sign ups!
  12. Hey guys, A little update for Harrisburg Comic Con. After some conflicting news, Alecia reached out to the folks running the con, and it does seem that they somehow picked up the idea that we are hosting a video game tournament. I'm not sure how those wires got crossed, but I say we run with it, and use it as a chance to raise more money for the kids! We do need some additional supplies, and I'll need to get some logistics info from the guys at the con. We to figure out what games and how many. I was thinking 2 tournaments each day, maybe a donation to buy in. My hope for prizes is to approach Play N Trade or Just Press Play to donate gift cards for prizes. If they do, we can add their logo to the Tournament brackets and give them a bit of a plug for the donation. I'll start by approaching Just Press Play. Maybe Alecia can put together some prize "Cinch Sacks" too? Throw a T-shirt and some wrist bands, etc. in there? In addition to that, it seems that they do intend to donate 10% of their proceeds to CMN, which is awesome. This being a first time con though, they need all the help they can get to make this a successful event. Please hit up your social media, plug the Con as much as you can, The more success they have, the more we have. Plus, the bigger this is this year, the better it will be next year. Please post any thoughts and ideas you have to make this event great. We need game suggestions, other prize suggestions, anything you have!
  13. OMG, my wife just informed me that cinch sacks are indeed a thing. I don't think it is a PA thing though, as my wife is from NJ.
  14. Awesome idea, Sarah. How about just a mid month news update though, so we are not being redundant with the meeting minutes? Sent from my 0PJA2 using Tapatalk
  15. April meeting minutes: In attendance: Jon, Alecia, Jimmy, Ben, Sarah, Ryan, Wes and Clayton Topics: Leadership: All interested members filled out leadership applications and Alecia selected leaders for the 2016 year. Ryan will be President, Ben will continue to be Vice President. Jon will be Secretary Ryan's first act as el Pres. was to name Wes the Entertainment Committee lead. Thank you Wes. People's flea had some equipment issues, but was overall a success. We raised $170 dollars for CMN as well as $20 to be donated to Susquehanna Service Dogs for kindly donating us a space at the event. June Events: June 9th: Launch Event June 11th and 12th: Harrisburg Comic Con We will probably need 8 people to split the 2 days into 4 shifts of 2 people each. Event post and sign up coming soon. June 16th: Jubilee Day Everything is booked. Event post and sign up coming soon. Supplies: Jimmy and Alecia are working on getting new signage and a table skirt. Should be available for next event no problem. Alecia is checking into availability of a folding table, or if the guild should purchase one. It was proposed that the guild purchase a canopy for outside events. Ryan proposed that we try to make better use of the forums for News style posts, in an attempt to give some time during meetings for more fun activities. Putting this kind of info to the forum with a shared facebook group post shows more activities to guild members not able to make meetings, and hopefully will encourage others to get involved more. Cinch Sacks are not a thing. I like Big Lots and I can not lie. Ben doesn't know how paper airplanes work.
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