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  1. Thanks for posting that @kavmac. I always feel a bit like a narcissist by posting my own stuff so I appreciate that. You did indeed hang around quite a bit @Sean Rooney and that's awesome! The support we got from a bunch of other Extra Life people was amazing and really helped drive us through. I can't wait to do this again.
  2. Hey everyone. Just a quick head's up as I completely forgot to post it here but the official guild team has been created. If you don't have a team of your own, you can join the Ottawa Guild Superstars. The more people we have, the greater the team total gets so if you don't have a team, this is a great way to have your donations count for even more!
  3. The guild leadership talked about this at our last meeting and since I'm not planning to re-join the team I was on last year, I'm happy to create a team for the guild. We're going to settle on a name for it tonight and I'll get that going right after.
  4. Just an FYI for everyone attending: We're trying to get a membership roll started so tonight, I'll be there with a simple form for anyone who wants to be on that to fill out with a few details. Nothing uncommon. We're looking to use this membership roll to help co-ordinate events and other meetings so having as many guild members on it as possible would be a huge help. See you tonight!
  5. Hey everyone! This is Gerry Corcoran, the Secretary for the Ottawa guild. I apologise it's taken me so long to show up and say hi in the forums. Life has been insane on several levels the last couple of months and unfortunately, I just got distracted too often. Stuff's leveled off now so I hope to hang out in here a lot more and helping to build up the hype for Ottawa. I hope we get a good bunch of people at the meeting tonight and I'll be there to get the details of people who want to get on the membership roll. See you then!
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