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  1. Extra Life Guild Meeting February 6, 2016, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm 5th Planet Games, Rocklin, CA I. Welcome /Introductions Taylor, Miles, Lenzy, Matt, David, Cheryl-Lynn, Jay, Michelle, Remmy, Stephanie II. Fundraising Totals/Goals Preliminary Totals 2015 - $53,389 – Thank YOU! Game Day - November 5, 2016 – Mark your calendars $ Goal for 2016 Go for more signups. 750 signups Be more aggressive to talk to people. Use apps for Android/iOS to help get signups on tablets $60k first then go to $75k in June for infusinarium 5pg Team Goal is $15k Increase membership/participation Join in and stay connected Always open to new people Reward for attendance/bringing new people Look for active people More of a hangout Raffle Giveaways Consistent meeting schedule – mark your calendars Around the most active participants schedule Weekends Beginning of the month Lunch/Noon Meetings First Saturday of every month @ 2-4 Send out event invites in advanced Giveaways – let’s brainstorm! Need to motivate Point System? “Level up system” 20pts per meeting/50pts for participation at event Raffles? Monthly Drawing for each meeting? III. Committees/Chair – Commitment 2 hours a month A. Communications Lead – this person will be responsible for communications for all registered Extra Lifers. Monthly newsletter B. Sponsorship Lead – point of contact for setting up meetings with local/national businesses – All committee members responsible for referrals. C. Networking Lead – responsible for monthly social events. Each member will be responsible for inviting a guest. Someone to put together social events for the guild. Like the mixer D. Local Events – All committee members. Our goal is to partner with existing events and recruit for Extra Life – we need your help. Someone needed to help get the connections for social events E. Graphics Design Lead – This person will be point of contact for everything design. We need shirts, flyers, etc ASAP. What a resume builder!! IV. 2016 Goals/Partnerships Partnering UCSF Benioff Children’s Hosp. events – more to come. Need volunteers for events, will find more about schedule later Representation at the CMN Advisory Board Meeting – 1 member a month 3rd Friday, @ noon, @ the hospital, check facebook page for schedule CMN national/local partnerships ie: golf tournaments, campaigns, local events April 18th is gold tournament (needs volunteers), Red bull bring gaming couch Trying to incorporate extra-life into these events IGDA partnership – Briana Aea Need volunteers for events, help build her team, and spread word Connections within the game events in our area Monthly guest speakers – Please refer experts in the industry. We’d love to hear from them. The goal is to expand our mission. THINK BIG!!! We need big ideas. Use these resources to help expand our outreach Learn what we could do to increase outreach Next Meeting – March 2016 March 5th, 2PM Probably Gamers Phunk lab Dave n Busters? Bunz? Event Ideas: Set up a google calendar Look for opportunities that would expand our network wider Invite people to the calendar events Fireworks booth Western Festival 1st weekend in may (April 15th) Application Michelle will help draft up a message to go over (for a free booth) CS:GO Tournament (Valve will help donate giveaways) Events Coming up TGFS UCDAVIS fundraiser Lanfest becoming National and hopefully will use Extra-Life Sac Con (in March) Intergalactic Expo (main charity is make a wish) (Remmy) NorCal Regionals (Fighting Game Tourney in March) (Jay) Sillicon Valley ComiCon in San Jose (March) (Jay) Extra-Life United (In Florida) (Taylor) February 20th at Gamers Phunk (Redbull will be there) (Jay) Feb 27 Colonial Cafe (Redbull will be there) (Jay) April 9th Indie Arcade (Redbull will be there) (Jay)
  2. Location: UC Davis Cancer Center Date: 3/29/2015 Attendance Taylor Balbi Craig Cook Remmy Milan Jay Gist Miles Deponty Matt Hostler Ashley Ott Michelle Thompson Cheryl-Lynn Wisdom David Aaron Carter Past Events 3/28/2015 Capitol Fight District Tournament 135 individual players $635 raised from “Venue Fee” (100% went to Extra-Life) Gamerz Phunk Lab raffle raised an additional ~$400 Gained 4 Extra-Lifers Started “Capitol Fight District” Extra-Life Team Past Action Items N/A Future Events 4/11 Sac Indie Arcade Info 4/11 Sac Republic Schedule Will need volunteers 4/13 Mortal Kombat X Pre-Release Party @Gamerz Phunk Lab Starts at 5pm Greenlit to stream game before normal “release” Need possible hotspot (Taylor) 4/17 - 4/19 LANFest 3 day LAN party Bring your own stuff Hosted at Intel in Folsom 5/2 Free Comic Day Craig might be able to get some outreach at A-1 Comics 5/2 - 5/3 Elk Grove Western Festival Info 6/19 - 6/21 Wizard World Info Assigned Action Items Extra Life Sacramento Guild Team Assigned to Taylor Help track funds raised Encourage to have people make teams, but they can join the Guilds team. Get table at LANFest Assigned to Taylor Trying for a free table Possible Stream on Twitch? Check to see if there is a possible Forum Digest or Notifications Assigned to Taylor Checking with Rick to see if this is possible If it is vBulletin there should be a subscribe button for sub sections Working on broadening our social network [*]Assigned to Ashley (Group effort as well) [*]Events should be covered on multiple social networks (Twitter, Instagram, etc.) [*]Invite people to “Like” the FB Community page so they get updates Check to see if we have a free printing source [*]Assigned to Miles [*]Possible posters/business cards printed [*]Free - cheap outlet [*]Can’t use UC Davis logo Get a booth/table at Elk Grove Western Festival [*]Assigned to Cheryl-Lynn [*]Trying for a free table [*]Will need volunteers for booth Need PowerPoint about Extra-Life [*]Assigned to Michelle [*]Need to retrieve powerpoint from first meeting [*]This will start our “resources” section for the Forums MKX Pre-Release [*]Assigned to Jason/Taylor [*]Possible stream (would be very beneficial) Sac Indie Arcade [*]Assigned to Jason [*]Has possible outlet for bringing awareness Improvements How can we reach more people? [*]Pamphlet or business card to hand out with info about Extra-Life [*]Videos running at events [*]Registrant Box (To get people to sign up for Extra-Life) [*]Start a regular Sacramento Guild Twitch stream What can people do to help and participate [*]Stream [*]Tournaments/Events [*]Ask for donations on social media [*]Bring awareness virally by helping spread the word about Extra-Life Other Notes [*]Meetings will be held at the end of the month for consistency [*]At some point we all will be taking a tour through the hospital to see how Extra-Life is benefitting UC Davis Children’s Hospital [*]Community Page on Facebook is ONLY for upcoming events and photos from past events. [*]Forums should hold ANY and ALL discussions [*]Can’t use UC Davis logo [*]Looking for connections with the River Cats [*]If you want to stream and need help Taylor and Mark have offered [*]Act like people are watching even if no one is (talk about what you are doing) [*]Do it on a regular schedule (or at least consistent pattern)
  3. Hi All, My name is Miles Deponty, I also go by Tails as a nickname. I also work in the game industry as a producer/designer. I have been participating in Extra-Life for a few years now. I try to stream as often as I can on my Twitch. My favorite games are Adventure games or story driven games, though I love pretty much everything. If I am playing a multiplayer game please come and join in the fun! I will be shooting for my normal goal of $500 but I am going to try to go above that as much as possible. I am excited to be a part of something a lot bigger this year with the Extra-Life Guild. Glad to see so many in the area that are just as passionate! Looking forward to the fun that will be had this year! -Miles
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