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  1. Your avatar looks to be a Myr, if I remember correctly. I actually started playing in the Mirrodin/Kamigawa era and continued to play through Zendikar. No idea what the meta looks like now, though my guess is if a set is rotating out, it's most likely all aggro decks.
  2. Glad to see so many people playing Heathstone in this thread. I still am doing the ladder climb myself (rank 11 as of this post). Feel free to add me as well if you want. My tag is HYDFDEMON #1264
  3. Sure, you could VPN into the computer you're playing on to the one you want to stream from and capture the output on the other, though there will probably be some delays.
  4. Well, it depends on the setup really. So you could have, let's say, 4 cameras on the same stream, each with their own unique cams and microphones (either connected to the cam or not connected). Depending on what the setup is, if you have noise from each room, you could run it all simultaneously, but the end user would just get random chatter from each stream being fed to them. In OBS, at least, if the cam did have a microphone attached, you can disable it in settings and have a primary mic source assigned (or multiple) but the chatter would still be annoying. I don;t know what OPs ultimate goal is here, so I would need further clarification if they needed assistance.
  5. I would imagine long USB cords or whatever input the cams use, then it's as simple as creating scenes for each capture device and re-sizing the feeds as needed.
  6. OBS should be able to handle this, but as you stated, everything would have to be hooked to one centralized PC to be processing the feeds coming in. I'm not sure if you are trying to accomplish a rotating section of events in different rooms, or all rooms on the same feed, but you'll have to design the look of what you intend to do before setting up OBS to accomplish this. You may also need a strong PC to be able to handle that processing that many video capture devices.
  7. I used to play, but the cost got WAY to high for me to continue as well as life just getting in the way. My favorite color backed when I played was Blue (really multicolor decks were super fun) as I loved controlling the game and beating my opponent with their own creatures. I have alway tended to be the control player in any card game I have played and much less the aggressor.
  8. twitch.tv/hydfdemon I'm a variety streamer and play mostly RPG's, Action/Adventures, and FPS games.
  9. Which is your favorite game to play? I've heard a lot of good things about 7 Wonders.
  10. I play, but I am a very casual player and terrible at the game. MOBAs never really interest me unless I'm playing with friends, and even then, we usually go against bots as none of us are good enough to PvP. Unfortunately, the LoL community is horrible as well as the learning curve is ridiculously high, so most people are off put by the game (myself included). No idea what rank I am, couldn't even tell you how to figure that out.
  11. What got me into Hearthstone is that I used to play MTG competitively and got pretty good at it (Pro level) so I was trying to get into this. As stated above, you have to understand the meta to know how to build your decks to it. I use hearthstats.com the see what has high winning percentages and build decks to try and beat those and test in casual; in running the legend ladder, I do Zoo and Hunter Aggro since these are the cheapest to build. Currently I am rank 14 on the ladder, but as I climb, simply not having the "expensive" cards causes losses as my opponent will typically outperform my draws mid to late game. Regardless, the key here is understanding the meta and what your high performing deck can and ultimately WILL play as the mana count goes up (For hunter decks, this could be turn 5 buzzard/hyena into release the hounds for draw and/or early game creature advantage). Realistically, as with any other game, card advantage wins games. The best piece of advice I have ever been given back when I played MTG was understanding what your life total really meant. A great player once told me that "In the game, you have 1 life point that matters, the extra 19 (or in Hearthstone's case 29) points of life should be used and sacrificed to win and ultimately mean nothing than being an extra source of potential advantage over your opponent." Hopefully the meta will shift once the new expansion is out, but right now due to the limited card base, the meta is pretty locked in stone; we definitely need cards to help evolve the meta in a positive way.
  12. The niche market of this game totally went over my head. I'll take this suggestion and run with it. Thank you!
  13. Hello all! Just curious if anyone plays hearthstone? I've been getting into it quite a bit (as it scratches that old MTG itch) and streaming, but get virtually no viewers and still haven't got a single donation yet. Just looking to see any tips for getting involvement on the channel and help drive donations? Thanks!
  14. Ohh, messing with a person's turn could be a great way to get more money for Charity! As long as you don't mind, I might run with this idea.
  15. Hello all! Just curious if anyone else out there is doing a marathon gaming session for your local hospital of choice in the realm of board games? I will be doing this with a relatively new group this year (first time participating) and was curious of the strategy for getting donations people may have been successful with in the past.
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