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  1. Twitch, Twitter and Facebook have been my main ways to get the word out there. Twitch and Twitter for the world and Facebook to let friends and Family know what I am working on. I tired flyers and such but that seemed expensive and ended up covering sidewalks instead of passing along the goals.
  2. @BBH Mokinns has you guys covered. Amazing post. Streaming can be intimidating, There is an amazing community of Extra Life streamers come join us.
  3. Amazing find Giant. This can be really handy
  4. Awesome ill be looking for you all shortly mines @Vazio82
  5. After Hanging out with some awesome people this week at many of our guild events and talking to many wonderful people interested in our cause I ran into a thought that I wanted to pass on to you guys. As it is when we are working as a team at events If someone wants to donate they get directed to our personal extra life pages to make said donation. I was wondering what you guys think if there was a single Sacremento Guild Extra Life page that people could donate to reflect that it was a team effort. I only bring this up because of the event I was at last night had many wonderful people wanting to learn more and contribute but the idea of them donating through me and it not reflecting on the team bothered me. When we are out there doing our own things I think its awesome to have the donations come through us to reflect our efforts. But when there's a team there has to be a way to show that it was a group effort. Any thoughts? Ideas? Matt -Vazio
  6. This sounds really fun and unique I'd love to stop by and see whats going on! Make sure you bump this thread up right before to remind/let everyone know again!
  7. I have an 8 year old and a 3 year old and I completely understand what your going through. I personally stream when they go to bed at night, but can also take a toll on me cuz Im missing out on some zzz's to play. With a newborn you could always try to get some game time during naps. Let your viewers know your a super cool dad, they will eat it up and understand. Just be you and daddy duties come first. Streaming for an hour nap is better than no stream times at all. And we all know us parents need those little breaks to keep sane. Get your game on Just make sure its in an environment where you can still see/hear/ be there for the little one. Don't want to get sucked into game land and got a sad baby crying somewhere.
  8. I'll be hanging out on Saturday, passing out some Extra Life Flyers and checking out the event, Never been so it'll be cool to check out
  9. It's all good, I appreciate you guys just stopping by for what you could. The event was a success, raised exactly $100. I will be doing another one next month.
  10. Hey all just inviting you to stop by to my first Mini Marathon on Twitch. Doing a Mini Marathon @ Goal is to raise $100 for Extra Life during a 9 hour Gaming marathon. Theme is Friends. My stream is only successful because of the friends and family that have supported me. I will be playing whatever games they feel like. Sdunham87 (one of my mods) has volunteered to give away prizes. Mini Marathon Schedule: 11:00 A.M. - 12:30 P.M. Mario Party 10 w/ 87 and the kids 12:30 P.M. - 2:30 P.M. MarioKart 8 w/Meathook Prime Hero 2:30 - 4:00 P.M. Super Smash Bros Wii U w/ Prime Hero possibly Abstrak. 4:00ish Small break to switch consoles. 4:00ish- 6:00 P.M. Destiny w/Hero Prime Meathook Kal_el 6:00 - 8:00 P.M. Battlefield 4 or Hardline w/ Kal_el Aftershow is a possibility: Maybe close with some Goofing around on Minecraft. Depends on viewers and the wellbeing of the streamteam Times may change depending on availability of the stream team Don't forget to say hello if you do stop by in chat
  11. I'm in, and my Sister will come with me for an extra pair of hands
  12. I like to stream what I feel like. I feel that viewers can tell if your playing a "hot" title just cause its new or that you really want to play it. I have found that Playing whats new is usually flooded and hard for new players to stumble onto you if your on the bottom of the list. I am guilty of playing a lot of the newer games, but I play them cuz I want to. I never buy anything going oh viewers might like this. The streams that I have felt most successful have always just been me hanging out laughing with friends. But im still a noobie, so I may be completely wrong lol
  13. I'm totally ok with just being there. Just want to help out even if its just carrying stuff to the door and leaving. And thank you for the reply about used, I'll start spreading the word.
  14. Can the Donations be Used? I have a large community of gamer friends that maybe they would be willing to part with kids games that are just sitting on shelves gathering dust. Also will there be somewhere to sign up to be a part of the donation ceremony? I would love to see the hospital and the play room.
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