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  1. Hi All! We're hoping to get some volunteers to help with the Extra Life Booth at GR Comic Con between 10/21 and 10/23. Can you help us out? If interested, please respond below! Let us know what times/dates you're available. We'll do our best to coordinate everything for the upcoming big weekend. Thank you!
  2. Still no word on Celebration Cinema. Emailed them last week requesting donations and/or event space. If we want to do a Civil War event, we might have to just make it a group movie thing.
  3. Maybe midnight releases for video games? Just spit-balling here.
  4. Also, this may be more of a Jim question, but what about Movies in the Park Non-Profit Community Partnership? Here's the description of the services we'll get:
  5. I'd MUCH prefer King of Kong. Easily one of my favorite documentaries.
  6. We can rent out the Micro-Cinema at Wealthy Theater (60 seats) for under $100 for 3 hours. We could host a screening of King of Kong or Indie Game: The Movie.
  7. I wonder if we could get a screening of a video-game inspired movie somewhere in town. I know that Wealthy Theater has a series of movies. Also the movies in the park event. Could be fun to get people to watch something like King of Kong or Indie Game: The Movie. Anyone have any contacts with either of those?
  8. Manbearpig248 Current Games: Dying Light Madden 15 COD: AW #IDARB Worms
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