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  1. I kinda like the idea, though I think it's going to be tough to come up with something game-related enough for Extra-Life, yet broad enough to reach beyond the gaming community. Dont care if it's copycat or not, it's a good idea if we can get past that hurdle.... lets see what we can come up with.
  2. Ok, Ill bite... Im afraid I have no pics because everything Im raffling is digital, but it's a set of 16 (basically indie) titles on Steam I've actually collected for this and last year to do this: The Ship Talisman Prologue Talisman Digital Edition (Note: I have both of these as an early edition, but if for some reason Prologue doesnt work there, I have it on it's own too) UnEpic Paranormal Doorways chapters 1 & 2 AVGN Adventures Master Reboot The Stanley Parable Damned Van Helsing Strikesuit Zero Shadowrun Cthulhu Saves the World Breath of Death 7 (yeah I know they are always bundled) And Avernum: Escape from the Pit I have most of these games myself, though I havent gotten to them yet... sadly the only ones I can speak for are the last 3... Cthulhu and Breath of Death are HILARIOUS and Avernum is REALLY old school PC RPG and damn good if you have the time to get lost in it. The rest is basically my chunk of my own "I need to play this" list.
  3. Yes! Thank you! I will work on adding that to my team page (and my own) as soon as I have time. And as for the rules, yeah we are good. That's why Im asking for emails to be visible to me (or team members) on entries. The winner is getting an email from Steam... well, 1 for all the games or 16 for the individual titles.... Ill have to see how Steam lets me do this. But either way, it will be in the email.
  4. Extra Life is ok with that? I had no idea...
  5. yeah, Im going to try to get more vocal when I have time.... if you want to see the latest, I kinda bunbled it up on my site with an update on how the event is going. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you guys!
  6. You did that too?!?!?? I used to use one to keep track... then I reset my office machine (god damn Java letting scareware on my machine ) Now, I just make a list when it's time to pick a new game... only way I can be sure I will be fair and try something new... well assuming my "I must play this now" list isnt stupid large... as it is... right now.... *sigh* why does Shadowgate, Alien Isolation, Borderlands, and Dreamfall Chapters all have to be launched so close together ALONG with a console game I promised my brothers I would play with them?
  7. Right now? Destiny. Im not a huge console gamer, but I got one so I could play that with my brothers.
  8. ...but not sure where to go with it. This is the first time I have ever done something like this. Basically, I have 16 Steam titles sitting in my inventory and I wanted to do a raffle to just give the whole lot away. I've been collecting them for this since the end of last Extra Life. Could I ask for some advice? Currently I post on my facebook, my twitter, and of course my own website, but... not much going on yet. Any advice anyone can give would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Nick
  9. Ok, Ill bite. Team: Red Sector Location: Any is perfectly fine, though I know most of the people I've been trying to get to join are in the NH/MA area... sadly there is a lot of feet dragging Hospital: Any. We just want to help kids! Oh and our name is from my website, which is in my profile. I would ask at the very least you click here and see the latest entry on Extra Life before joining since Im trying to do a raffle with it and would need you aware of what I need all my teammates to watch for.
  10. Hey there! Lurker the moment I found out this forum was up and running (so glad it was during my lunch break at work) and the next day, here I am. I go online by Megabyte or some variation of, but I only took the name relatively recently... as in it's only been a few years. If you were part of the Sarcastic Gamers back in the days before everyone moved to BRB, you might well have known me as Diortem on there. Im a life long gamer in my 30s who started playing games pretty much with my first console, the NES (although the tech behind it I was into a few years even before that... thank my Dad being a tech-geek just as much as I am now). I then pretty much moved along to the SNES until I discovered DOS gaming on a (then) modern PC. At which point I abandoned consoles entirely for a generation, returning only because of Metoid Prime on Gamecube being that good. Since then, I have primarily played on PC, but always kept a console or two on the side. Currently, I reside on PC, WiiU, PS3, and XBoxOne and pretty much if it's not a sport or a fighter, it has a chance with me. Now as for Extra Life, I remember listening to the podcast Doc and the guys released announcing the original one on my way to work and knowing right then and there that I was going to play in it. There was no question in my mind, and I have yet to miss one and feel thankful as hell to be able to say that, though I have been trying to step up my game since then, at least more then I have so far. Back then, I was one guy in my room at my apartment playing. Now, I am dragging a few friends with me at least and even been doing updates to try to make this streaming thing work, putting the stream on my site, and even trying to get a raffle moving. (Sadly, not a lot of luck there yet) And... I think that's it for now. Actually have a bit to do this morning, so... I will run around the forums in a little while. For now, see ya!
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