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  1. Nice. Bioshock Infinite and Brutal Legend were both pretty awesome. Lately, I've been playing a lot of Heroes of Might and Magic III HD on PC. My brother and I used to play it all the time back in the day. I've also been bashing my head against Rocket League, hoping to get good before Extra Life United.
  2. I stream every Friday night with some friends of mine over at http://twitch.tv/challengemode. We like to take on challenges from our viewers, so let us know if there's something you want to see us play! We just finished a blind play through of Dark Souls, and are currently about halfway through beating Super Mario Galaxy using only Wii Zapper controllers.
  3. Hey everyone, Here's the minutes from our last Guild meeting. If you think of anything I missed, just let me know! Attended by: Graeme, Jasmyn, Kirk, Jason, Gary, Eric, and Aaron. On Skype: Scott, Bryson Recruitment: Kirk/Jason: no recruits, Jasmyn: streaming and raising awareness, recruiting people from her home town. Graeme recruited his dad, Aaron, Bryson Tools available on Extra Life to sign up other people. Retro Gamers Unite: 4 free admissions confirmed. Scott to come up with plan for the day , Graeme to talk to vendors and offer them table space at Extra Life 2015. Two people should be at our booth at all times. Wear either Extra Life t-shirt or wear blue to match other Extra life shirts Doors for vendors open at 9:00 AM, event starts at 10:00 Need table cloth for our booth. Get one from fabric store? ​​Prize Raffle: [*=1]Registering for Extra Life gets you 1 entry, registering a friend gets you another entry [*=1]Beating a guild member at a Duck Hunt challenge gets you another entry. Graeme to bring NES, Duckhunt, and TV [*=1]Prizes include: Extra Life hoodie and shirt, Call of Duty Ghosts on PS4, Xbox 360 to monitor adapter [*=1]Supplies needed: Raffle tickets or paper and pens, bucket for raffle entries, Computer(s) for registering people Other Recruiting Opportunities: Setup booth at Bomber Game/Jets game? U of M football games? Have ads for the guild cycled through jumbotron, monitors, Handouts as people leave, etc. Setup tables at U of W, Red River, etc. School recruiting: Competition between all LRSD schools, give presentations at each school Tournaments at PNP ​ Monthly Meetups: Get together approx once a month outside of meetings. Time to get to know each other. Reset Interactive Lounge will be the meetup location. Also used for monthly meetings going forward. Can reserve VIP booths from 5:00pm - 2:00 am for hangouts ​ Budget: [*]Game knight giving $250 for our budget, door prizes, discounts, etc. [*]PNP Games donating $300, and games. Would prefer to donate cash instead of equipment [*]Looking for other corporate sponsors for money to support the guild ​ Extra Life Materials: [*]Business cards, post cards, trifolds have been printed [*]Bryson to design posters [*]Templates/Scripts to help recruit people available on the guild's Google Drive [*]Guild specific website is in development. Bryson to design, Jason to assist site development ​ Extra Life 2015 Event: [*]Location moving from Caboto Centre to Reset Interactive lounge. Reset looking at available dates. [*]Building available for 24 hours for free. [*]Will be open to non-Extra Life participants. Cover charge for the event will go directly to extra life [*]Possible donations on top of that from Reset, Energy 106, etc. [*]Reset to provide contacts at Monster, Coca Cola, etc. [*]Wristbands for Extra life participants, free soft drinks, 1 free meal, 1 snack, discount on other food. [*]Food trucks will be on site [*]Minors will be allowed with Parent or Guardian. Waiver/release form needed for minors [*]Vendor booths can still be brought in. [*]Separate room / booths available, Reset will provide tables for board games, etc. [*]VIP booths to be used for streaming
  4. I'm pretty flexible in terms of when/where we want to meet. A more central location might make it easier for more people to attend though. We could try the U of W, or maybe the Millenium Library? Some places might be willing to give us a cheap/free room if we mention that it's for a charity organization as well.
  5. Great idea! Here's my IDs: PSN: KK_28 Steam: the_anti-linux Nintendo Network: The_Anti-Linux Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/challengemode YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkm...L7_YoHmUJiU8xA
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