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  1. Hey Mark, I replied your PM but just in case someone else is checking this thread, most of our public communication goes through our Facebook page so please follow that for info on our next guild meeting. Feel free to email me directly too at
  2. We are live now Violent Sol Kickstarter please check it out and share it.
  3. Not sure what happened there, the post had the video in it, and now it doesn't. I readded the link.
  4. Hey guys, I have been with Extra Life for 4 years now and I am the President of the Grand Rapids guild. So this isn't spam. My little company Afterthought Games is going to be doing a Kickstarter campaign next week for a game we are making called Violent Sol Worlds. We're not allowed to advertise it on the Kickstarter (which is ridiculous) but our plan is to give 5% of our earnings to Extra Life, 10% if we are funded in the first 24 hours. We are also launching a game called Cornflower Corbin the day before and we are going to be promoting both of them at the Maker Faire in our city next weekend. Anyway, I just wanted to post about both here to try to get the word out. I will post again when they both are live. Below are the relevant links if anyone is interested. Violent Sol Kickstarter: Cornflower Corbin on Steam: Thanks in advance for checking them out.
  5. Herbertsmart, I completely agree with everything you said here. I have been thinking about this feedback for a few days now and the same thing that didn't sit right with me, seemed to not sit right with you either. In particular the leadership structure. We can't get people to take on the current responsibilities as they are written in the guild rules. That and we only have 3 to 4 people that even show up at all. It essentially falls on myself to do all the roles, and ask if the others are willing to take on any given task that comes up. Changing up the way they are written will not change that fact, at least in my case.
  6. I hope I don't come off sounding bitter. I truly do enjoy my time with the guild program. Just passionate about making it better.
  7. So, I am signed up and recruiting already this year. Does anyone know the date for game day yet?
  8. Hey everyone, I am way out on a limb here starting a gaming studio. We have a game that is not quite ready to release but we stand a real chance to win Indie Game of the Year on If you have a minute, can you come cast your vote for us. I am really hoping this studio is successful so that I can make Grand Rapids Extra Life huge. Thank you so much for your support. If you are curious, our studio site is here
  9. I know it goes through the end of the year, just starting to work on next year too. We Extra Lifers can multitask.
  10. Have you guys done a recruitment event after game day like this before? If so, how does it go?
  11. So, what's the date for 2017? We got planning to do already.
  12. until
    This meeting is solely for planning for gameday and try to button up some of the last minute stuff that needs to happen. It will be in our normal meeting room at the hospital. Helen Devos Children's Hospital Lobby, behind the reception desk
  13. Grand Rapids Guild Meeting July 7, 2016 6:00 PM Attendance Phil Brossia, President John Wolff, Vice President Aaron Gutchess Amanda Wolff Erik Varga Erik Perkins Mrs. Perkins 2016 Events Marmalade Dog (March 18-20) 6 total recruited International Table Top Day April 30th 0 recruited Google I/O Extended May 18th 4 recruited (locked down TVs for game day) J-Fax eXpo 20 June 24-26 Refused to let us have a booth this year, told us maybe next year Gr8Bit July 1 0 recruited (got connected with Nintendo rep for game day) Balloon Festival (Newly Added) 6 recruited Mini Maker Faire (Newly Added) Partnering with OST games for this one S.S.Kaizoku Con in Muskegon CANCELLED L GrandCon September 16-18 Locked down A tighter partnership with these guys is being worked on too Comic Con (October) Locked down Discussion Old Business Balloon Festival (6 recruited) Numbers: $2176.00 with 99 participants (up 25 from last month) Still no update on the nap room for game day Extra Life Dice fell through for us. The payment was going to be too hard to get through audit. We may try to get acquire them on our own, but I am not holding my breath. Miracle Treat Day was a huge success for CMN. 1732 employees pre ordered which is up 300 from last year. My building had 65 participate and we raised an additional $60 that we gave directly to CMN. Nobody played in the Indie game tournament on the 29th New Business Slack is now being used as primary source to communicate day to day. Stuff will still be posted to community site and Facebook too. Mini Maker Faire August 20 and 21 is covered between Phil and the partnering OST gaming guys. Food Update Amanda has secured Jimmy Johns donation for 2 platters Erik V said he could take care of a lot of other food (see action items) We still need coffee and doughnuts for the morning and a large amount of caffeine for the rest of the day (see action items) Console Update John is going to firm up the details but it sounds like Vidiots is going to help us out with all the consoles (see action items) Action Items Everyone More Caffeine!!!! Phil will lock down who the sponsors are and get started on flyers Phil needs to bug Jim about Tim Hortons for coffee in the morning Phil add a game day slack channel (done) Phil to hit up Jim about t-shirts for game day Erik V lets get a plan locked down for the 3 meal times morning, early afternoon, and later in the evening, along with snacks along the way. Amanda get the details to Jimmy Johns so that is locked down all the way John get the consoles locked down from Vidiots If I left anything off feel free to comment below.
  14. Viedt


    Cool when we get closer I am going to have them reserve all the phones for a 2 hour block one day so we can have it all covered by Extra Lifers. Stay tuned.
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