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  1. I just started up a new account, so there isn't much there yet. Starting soon I will be trying my best to stick to a schedule of at least 7-10pm Central time every weekday. We'll see how it works!
  2. The team I founded a few years ago is small but we have members from all over the US, so my day is usually pretty mundane 24 hour stream of multiplayer games with the team. We usually come up with a loose list of games that we might play and kind of wing it as we feel like it. It ends up involving a lot of Killing Floor and Sonic & All-Stars Transformed - especially when everyone is around and we need some games that fit more people. This year I am hoping to devote a little time to some tabletop games!
  3. There will always be a small delay just in the nature of how your video goes from your computer to the streaming service. If you are talking specifically, they seem to have a built-in 30(ish) second delay as well.
  4. Where is the guild at?! Or are we all just shhhyyyy?
  5. Hey everyone! I'm Justin, a member of one of the newest Extra Life guilds (Des Moines!). I've been with Extra Life since its birth on Sarcastic Gamer. Now that they have joined up with the Children's Miracle Network it means even more to me, since now I can raise donations for the University of Iowa Children's Hospital. I had many visits to the U of I Hospitals when I was a wee lad. I was actually born with a hole in my heart that didn't really get diagnosed until I was around two years old, and ended up having open heart surgery (plus a few extra surgeries). I have some pretty sweet pictures from my stay there, and I always point back to them as the beginning of my love for computers. I'm sure that not being able to be involved in many physical things because of the surgery helped. My gaming interests are MANY. Tabletop to PC to console. I play and enjoy them all. Traditionally I have stuck to mainly PC for my Extra Life marathon, but I am hoping to play some tabletop stuff as well this year. MtG is probably up there on the list! Glad to see this place up and running, and I am looking forward to interacting with you all even more!
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