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  1. busted1der

    Pokemon Go

    Is there a PokeStop around the CHF office, @NicoleSpriet?
  2. Hey @SpaceSamurai1024 - @Pylawn is gathering TVs for the event. I would check with him to see if there are extra TVs for the setup!
  3. Where: Children's Health Foundation Office, 345 Westminster Av, London, ON N6C 4V3, Canada When: August 18th, 7-10pm EDIT (08/02): Register Here! https://london.snapd.com/#/events/view/972379 Come one, come all to the official kick-off for the Road to Extra Life Game Day 2016! A presentation by members of the Guild Executive Team (Jon Pilon, Trevor Brimson and Trevor Horman) and Children's Health Foundation (Nicole Spriet) on the London Guild, 2016 Goals and the Schedule of Events leading up to Game Day 2016! Games to be played (board games and couch co-op games) Door prizes to be awarded Light refreshments to be had More details to follow (and recruitment contest details to be shared)!
  4. Hey! The date has not been set as of yet - but will be communicated to the Guild very shortly. I've always wanted to try TrackIR... I understand you have quite the setup, @Segellion... @LXTerror
  5. Hey Guys! We will have more details about the Open House shortly, but in the mean time... What games would you like to see at the Extra Life Open House in August? All game types are fair game - tabletop, video games, sports - we want your ideas! I was thinking games like Towerfall, Gang Beasts and Nidhogg! Those are my favourite couch co-op games!
  6. Nicole Spriet Returning from maternity leave to take over the Extra Life Program 54 participants - $2379 raised thus far Jon Pilon Update Discord - an online resource for guild bonding and virtual meetings, created for everyone Jon to send a note about Discord https://discordapp.com/invite/BqzaNNQ to join Will be challenging his Party Planning Committee to bring a new member their new meetings and suggested the same challenge for each committee Scheduling Discussion Rhythm for meetings Should we be recording meetings large meetings? Meeting notes should be posted on the forums and reminded for Facebook Forums should be used more for communication going forward Action: Jacob to send a note on Facebook about the forums New Sub Committees for 2016 Recruitment/Fundraising Booth Presence/Party Planning Committee Corporate Outreach Metrics Do we have our goal for this year? Do we have goals on recruitment? Action: Trevor B to send a note about goals for this year Open House aka the Guild Refresh What is the vision? Trevor H. had discussed bringing back the past members of the guild to re-launch. Also, looking to recruit members for 2016. Unfortunately due to CASL, we are not able to communicate to them via e-mail. Nicole will be able to add information to the newsletter. Nicole had sent personalized e-mails in the past to members of the guild. Dustin suggested that the Open House be hosted at Big Viking Games - there are logistical issues with hosting at BVG Also, there are logistical issues with the Market Possibilities: Victoria Hospital Atrium and the London Roundhouse Action: We need a one-pager on the value proposition for the London Extra Life Guild Action: Need a separate meeting about the refresh event - Dustin, Jacob, Trevor H., Trevor B., Jon Trevor H. to set up an Eventbrite to be able to sell "tickets" for the Open House Event once we have decided on a date Action Items Jon P. to send a note about Discord Trevor B. to send a note to the guild summarizing our goals for 2016 Trevor B. to send a note on sub-committees Trevor H. to set up a forum post about the Guild Refresh (polls and ideas) Trevor H. and Dustin to send their assets from last year to Nicole Nicole will check on whether or not we have access to 2015 e-mail database Nicole to send a note about the homepage of the community hub Nicole to send a note to Extra Life about having London Guild Social Media Accounts Daniel to speak to contact at Arkane and streamer he knows Everyone must use the forums going forward - challenge to post at least once before the next meeting Jacob to set up a meeting for the refresh event Jacob to send a note on Facebook about posting on the forums
  7. Trevor Brimson Biggest goal of the evening would be to talk about the different groups that we would like to split into: Recruitment Booth Presence Corporate Outreach Fundraising Party Planning Committee Action: Jacob to post on Facebook about choosing 1st choice, 2nd choice and any objections with groups Discussion around Events to attend in 2016: Forest City Comic Con/Project Play is on the same day as Game Day this year Jon proposed that we set up an area for Game Day at Forest City Comic Con and Project Play Action: Jon to talk to Jamieson from Project Play about the Game Day collaboration and report back at the next meeting. London Comic Con is taking place on September 23-25, 2016 this year - we will seek cost and evaluate Sunfest had a very high cost, Guild will pass on Sunfest Free Comic Book Day, Jason talked to Neo Tokyo (First Saturday of May) Action: Jon and Angela will talk to Heroes and LA Mood EB Games - we can engage now with Store Managers Action: SOMEONE to build a list of game releases and decide a plan of attack for the EB Games - will save for the next meeting Action: Jason to get a list of major releases Catherine suggested that 60% of people buying games at EB Games are females with children. Think about the approach. Fanshawe Action: Talk to Lisa about Fanshawe Engagement Western Action: Talk to Nick about the Western Engagement Action: Jason Chan will search his e-mail for a connection at the Western Gaming Club CTV Space Trevor still has the contact for Bell Media to talk about the space this year Other Ideas: Home Show? Farmer's Markets? Trevor suggested that we replicate the approach of other guilds of setting up a living room. Forest City Beer Fest August 13th Dance Marathon locking down the Western Lounge Board Game Day at London Libraries, or just posters for the Library 30 Hour Famine? Digital Extremes? Big Blue Bubble? Good Life Fitness? Action: Trevor B. to reach out to Patrick @ Big Blue Bubble about joining the Guild and speaking to Good Life Fitness 3M Canada? Action: Jacob to speak 3M Rogers TV and Jumbo Video Action: Trevor B. to reach out to Rogers TV Action: Trevor H. to reach out to Jumbo Video Other: Jacob to post the link to community hub
  8. Tracy Loosemore, Project Manager for Children's Health Foundation Kicked off the event to talk about the increase in participants and activity in 2015. CHF raises money for several different programs and research program and the money remains in London. The money would fund things like Ollie the Clown, Bravery Beads (beads to delineate different treatments), Art Supplies, Music Therapy and Child Life Specialists (employees of the hospital that can move around with the child). CHF belongs to Children's Miracle Network. 170 members in North America. CMN has started Extra Life and also has identified guilds. Our London and Area guild covers a large area from Windsor to KW and also Thunder Bay. Our new contact is Catherine Ireland, Community Relations Associate for the 2016 Extra Life season Mike Kinney, Director of Extra Life (Screen Name: Leaveit2Beaver) & Laurie Wenzel, Manager of Programs in Canada Fourth year of the Guild Program, second year of the London Guild What is a Guild? A physical chapter of the Extra Life movement. They meet monthly to plan recruitment, attend conventions and hosting socials. What do Guild really do? Talk to people about Extra Life, get them to sign up and have fun (have fun and heal kids)! Structure: President VP Secretary Entertainment Committee Extra Life National Team Now over 70 guilds with Toronto launching tomorrow (Welcome Toronto!) Guild Mission: Strengthen Extra Life within your community by attending local events and recruiting new Extra Lifers The Facts: Each Extra Lifer you recruit means $100 FTK The average donation at events is only $10 We attend events - we do not create them Goals drive results A full registration is always best 30% of people hear about Extra Life from friends and flyers are among the least effective methods of marketing the event Action: There is now a Extra Life Recruitment App on iOS and Android. Download the App! Extra Life United 2017 dates to be announced shortly Trevor Brimson, Guild President Shared Comic-Con success We want to play to the Guild Member's strengths this year - will structure the guild around strengths (recruitment, game day and company outreach) Monthly meetings will begin again at the Children's Health Foundation offices (Tenative: Wednesday Evenings at 7pm) Bench to Bedside Tours are invaluable Discussed Market Event - Big Blue Bubble and Virgin Radio were present in 2015 but bathrooms proved to be an issue. Good relationship with Rogers Media and Bell Media (main) Trevor introduced Zoey, his daughter. She got RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) when she was younger and spent a lot of time at the London Hospital. Anytime she gets a cold, she ends up at the hospital for a week on oxygen. Trevor said he sees firsthand the impact with Treehouse on TV, toys to play with... "the difference between a kid's hospital and a normal hospital would be level of care given to kids." You really see the impact when you use the services which Extra Life helps to support. Round Table for Ideas: Need for an open house day Have the need for one place in the community for gaming (or several) Movie premieres for movies that fit with the Extra Life demographic (Suicide Squad, Captain America) Mike Kinney suggested going to 2-3 events per month. Think about different events like Mom and Pop game stores, living room with an Xbox for a home show, quilting shows, etc. Outreach to Cardboard Cafe Action: Think about Doors Open London October 1-2, 2016 Free Comic Day (May 7)... Heroes, LA Mood and Neo Tokyo Children's Health Foundation can provide documentations in order to solicit sponsorships Action: Trevor to send an e-mail to the guild about the first meeting Angela brought up the need for the ability to taker cash donations... working on mechanism for these type of donations Atrium Event at the Hospital was discussed for 2016.
  9. Attendance at the meeting was stellar. 15 people. Lead Up to Game Day Comic-Cons went really well (Forest City Comic Con was a better value, location was good, attendance and energy was better) Presence at the cons was very good and helped the guild build legitimately Forest City may have had 5000 people - conversion rate of 1% = 50 people Need coloring sheets, more cosplay, interactive elements and no bear required Conversion rate could have been better for the event - only about 25 people signed up from the events. Need something to incentivize people for the event. The 10-minute sign up is really tough to sell - is there a way that things can be streamlined. We need an express sign up form. Trevor will reach out to Rick. Extra Life allows people to take cash donations, but events may not allow it. Discussion around unlocks this year being more spammy compared to previous years Carlos mentioned that London Transit may be a good venue for posters next year EB Games Partnership EB Games is an official partner for Extra Life and will e making a donation to Extra Life We can now approach EB Games locally to support the London Guild. We should seek out a manager at EB Games to be on the guild in the next year Also spoke about allowing the guild to be at game launch parties Bell Media at Covent Garden Market Great space at the market (very busy from 9-4pm) Next year, there should be a table at the front of the Market to convert people that were watching video games There were some issues with the space (i.e. with washrooms, locked in) Next year we may want to set an event with different timing Bell Media is already a media partner for next year and they have offered the space a few times throughout the year On Wednesday afternoons, for example, they broadcast from the Covent Garden Market and said they would advertise on our behalf London Lightning may be an option (London Knights are Bell Media) Jon Pilon has connections with the city of London. Could get a community centre to rent out (kinsman arena, for example). Jon Pilon mentioned reaching out to Red Bull to get free product Game Day Guild members could be used differently on Game Day next year Numbers will keep tracking until December 31st, 2015 - the complete number will be shared shortly after 297 participants in 2014 vs. 270 participants in 2015 London has the third highest proportion of people who are fundraising Guild Structure for Next Year The plan is to break into guild sub-committees. The executives of these sub-committee will attend meetings to update on project statuses. Team for Sponsorships Team for Events Team for Awareness ACTION: Brittany will send a note around sub-committees and seeing who is interested in doing what for next year. ACTION: Brittany will book the next meeting correctly on January 28th at 7pm for one hour to bring everyone back.
  10. Con Feedback London Comic Con (September, 3-day event)Better space, conversation were betterMore KidsWe had 50% off the rates this year, but hydro costed $75 for the weekendForest City Comic Con (October, 1-day event)Forest City Comic Con had a higher density traffic during the dayMore gaming at Forest City Comic ConFinal Comments: Signups were about equalThursday before Forest City Comic to the Friday after, 20 signups and London Comic Con only about 12 for the same time periodForest City Comic Con was closer to game day,London Comic Con is worth doing, but the Forest City Comic Con was betterTrios College took a ton of postcards at Forest City Comic ConMaggie and Brittany thought that coloring and gaming might be good to consider in future yearsWe have a lot of time to consider how we pre-face the conversation and engage with people - Dr. Beary Good needs to be there (mascot)We talked about White Oaks Mall's wheel, a giant foam D20... just need a better interactive elementGame Day Big Viking Games is ready to goVirgin Radio and Rogers TV will be going to Covent Garden Market during game dayGrievance Global Gaming, 15 year organization, 3000-4000 people spanning multiple games. On Extra Life, they are streaming in the US - local connection to a London StreamBrittany will monitor the Facebook group and may potentially be able to drop off energy drinksThe executive team will create a schedule during lunch tomorrow
  11. Actions from the previous meeting: Brittany will check in with CMN to see if changes can be made if someone accidentally picks the wrong Hospital when registeringThere was an e-mail that went out - Laurie at CMN can fix your team's hospital connection if you are not registered to the right hospital. lwenzel@childrensmiraclenetwork.caJacob Van Rooyen is looking into having a game day podcastJon will follow-up Jacob VR and Mathew Hoy from Gamesday PodcastNew meeting minutes: Guild Logo is now approvedLondon Comic-Con is this weekend - a few members of the guild set up the booth on Thursday night.We are setup with two laptops for sign-ups. Give out buttons and postcards.We have a paper raffle for a sweatshirt and a t-shirt. Telephone and e-mail will be collected. You'll receive e-mails from Extra Life if you sign up for the raffle.We will have a sheet at the booth with information and stats.Tag #CHFHope and the social media accounts and @ with appropriate picturesForest City Comic Con is coming up - let's replicate the successSunday, October 18, 2015 @ 10:00 am - 6:00 pm 2 x 4 hour shiftsJacob M. will start a new e-mail on Monday nightJon Pilon did an interview with Rogers - they are signing up and have Smoke's and The Works as sponsors for their event.Spoke about logistics for the Covent Garden Market event - Brittany is working on getting questions answeredJacob M will add a meeting on October 15th at 7pm, Children's Miracle NetworkThird in Canada for money raised and we have 129 participants currently.
  12. Extra Life Meeting Minutes- August 27, 2015 at 7PM Children’s Health Foundation Update · Currently, we have 93 participants registered and just over $4,000 fundraised · Trevor Horman brought Casey Kulchycki, Cats on Wheels, to join the meeting · Trevor Brimson did an interview with Brandon Owen from MOG Nation · Trevor Brimson did an interview with The X 106.9 · The logo was approved for the London chapter- see Trevor Norman for logo · A tour has been booked for the guild at Children’s Hospital. Due to infection control and guidelines, we are only allowed to have 8 people on the tour. At this time, the tour is full! The tour will take place October 6th at 2PM. Details will be sent to those taking the tour in the next couple of weeks. · Windsor’s Comic Con gave us approval to host a booth at the event the day before the event. Unfortunately, this gave the guild little time to prepare. We can keep this in mind for next year to get a hold of them sooner. · Buttons have been ordered! 1,000, 2.5in buttons will be delivered and ready to hand out at London’s Comic Con. · A social media plan has been put in place to have 1 update/ post sent out about Extra Life from the CHF account per week. Please make sure to like and/or share the posts with your groups · Fanshawe Comic Con as been postponed until January. · Bell Media has been secured as Exclusive Media Partner for Extra Life London! Action · Brittany will check in with CMN to see if changes can be made if someone accidentally picks the wrong Hospital when registering · Jacob Van Rooyen is looking into having a game day pod cast · London Comic Con- A full schedule will be sent out from Jacob McCourt this week. Thank you to everyone who signed up · Jacob Van Rooyen is working with his Mother on a shirt for the giant teddy bear. This bear will be at the booth at London Comic Con for people to take pictures with and share on social media · An email will be sent to supporters of the event last year, on Sept. 18th. The email will include a video of William Goddard, Children’s Hospital Ambassador, asking people to again support Extra Life. William Goddard will also be joining the Guild on the Hospital tour for a photo session to use on social media. · Lisa DesGroseillers has secured support with Rogers Television, Fan Addicts. They would like to put a team together and have Trevor Brimson join Fan Addicts for a segment about Extra Life. Brittany will touch base with Bell to ensure they are okay with us moving forward with Rogers support. · Brittany will touch base with Bell to go over details of the Market space available for a group to use game day. Trevor Horman would like to have his team at the Market if the details can be worked out to their needs.
  13. Groups reaching out to the Guild: Brandon Owen from MOG NationMembers all over the world. Interested in having someone on their August 1 Marathon to talk about Extra LifeTrevor will e-mailCJ Clark from The X 106.9Information on the forums, Trevor to follow-upUpdates on Promotions Michael dropped off posters at Unlab PostersJacob M. and Brittany had a successful meeting with Bell Media about Extra Life. They are willing to offer space at Covent Garden Market on November 7th for a group to play and collect live donations as well as potential on-air time with either BX93 or Virgin Radio. Guild members should not reach out to Corus or Bell Media stations - channel through Jacob M.Michael will be wearing his Extra Life shirt at Con Bravo and will have materials for anyone asking about Extra Life.Trevor B. indicated that ads on CHRW will run in September.Trevor H. created the Guild Logo and it has been approved for use by Rick H.Jacob M. attended Bench to Bedside like Trevor B. - suggested that a group of Extra Lifers attend together.Jacob M. sent a note to Mathew Hoy of Gamesday Podcast a few days prior the meeting. Will follow-up.Updates on Events: Fanshawe Comic Con is in September and we have a table for the event.London Comic Con: We have obtained a booth for 250 bucks. Organizer would like Extra Life Guild to share a table with Big Viking Games. Trevor H. to follow-up with Jacob VR about booth presence.Jacob M. reached out to Windsor Comic-Con a few days prior to the meeting. No response. Jacob to follow-up and send message to the group if successful in getting a table for the event.Jacob M. confirmed that Balloonpalooza is not happening in 2015.Social Media Ideas Brittany Webb from CHF sent an e-mail about stories we can share on social mediaIdeas:MOG Nation Stream on August 1Getting 2-3 members of the guild to the next Bench to Bedside Tour. Let them talk about their story.A blog post about Trevor B's daughter's storyBig Viking Games Company SpotlightStories from Extra Life Guild Members ("Why do you Extra Life?")Numbers Update from Trevor (as of July 15) Most Funds Raised in Canada - Edmonton ($7K) followed by CalgaryLondon - $2,806 and 65 particpants - we are currently well above the average $/participantBig Viking Games is about 50% of that numberOther guilds have had good luck with buttons and giveaways thus farAction Items: Jacob M. Follow-up with Windsor Comic-Con and Gamesday PodcastUpdate Extra Life group on Bell Media outcomeSend social story ideas to BrittanySend reminders to absentees about their action items.Jacob VR Provide an update on the Giant T-ShirtProvide Button Pricing to TrevorWhat was the final decision from SunFestLisa: Send Trevor the details for Tim @ FanshaweFanatics show follow-upSend posters to WesternTrevor B.Follow-up with Brittany about a pre-hospital event targeting the weeks before Extra LifeSend e-mails to Brandon Owen from MOG Nation and CJ Clark from The X 106.9Confirm with Brittany about payment for the London Comic-Con eventTrevor H.Post about the elevator pitch about Extra Life on Facebook as we approach event seasonFollow-up with Jacob VR and Angela O about Big Viking Games and Extra Life sharing a booth at London Comic-Con
  14. Hi CJ, My name is Jacob - I'm the secretary of the London Guild. I will add this to the agenda for Thursday's monthly guild meeting and we'll discuss path forward on this one. We'll be in touch early next week! Thank you for reaching out to us via the forums! Jacob
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