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  1. Harmony323

    Trick or Treating for Extra Life?

    Yeah I was going to have small flyers printed with info about Extra Life. I could put that information on them, too, for anyone who wants it. Thanks for the info! I have to find out if this is realistic.
  2. Harmony323

    New Jersey Extra Lifers!

    Hello! I'm in Ocean County. Unfortunately I haven't been as active the last two events and don't have a team, but there are a few guilds around us that keep busy with meetings and events. Have you checked them out? There's Newark and Philly, depending on exactly where you are. They are both kinda far for me. I'd love to have like a "Shore" guild for those of us on the central/southern coast.
  3. Harmony323

    Trick or Treating for Extra Life?

    So it may be too late for me to do this now, but does anyone know who I can contact regarding the legality of this? Like, would my local town hall be able to answer this?
  4. Harmony323

    Trick or Treating for Extra Life?

    So glad I'm not the only one thinking of it! I can see it not making much money as I can see most people throwing in change or maybe $1 here and there, but anything is something! If nothing else, I think it'll be a fun way to spread the word about Extra Life.
  5. This time next year I'll be a first time mommy! I have been so excited about the idea of going trick or treating with what will be my 6 month old princess by then but in reality, she won't be eating any candy, and I certainly don't need it! Then the idea came to me about trick or treating for Extra Life, like how kids can trick or treat for UNICEF. I never trick or treated for UNICEF and don't really know the specifics of how it all works, but I was thinking about having flyers printed up about extra life and giving them out door to door and asking for donations for the event. Has anyone done anything like this? Am I ALLOWED to do this? I'm not sure of the legalities or the specifics of it but thought it sounded like a fun way to get the word out there.
  6. Harmony323

    Extra Life Marathon for the Newark Guild!

    This is super cool! I really hope I can make it. I'm thinking I may come for a while but not stay. I recently found out that I'm pregnant so I know I won't be making it the full 24 hours this year lol.
  7. Harmony323

    New Jersey Comic Expo

    Has anyone looked into this? It's November 21 & 22 at the New Jersey Convention & Expo Center in Edison, NJ. http://newjerseycomicexpo.com/
  8. Do we know when the codes to the beta are going out? I got a thank you email and one that said I'd be in, but haven't actually gotten access yet.
  9. Harmony323

    September Meeting/Exit Strategy

    I'm going to try really hard to make this. I hate that it's so hard for me to get to the in-person meetings but I'm going to make a point to save an alert in my phone so I can attend this one. If I can make it, I'll definitely attend the Exit Strategy event too! It sounds like tons of fun and I've always wanted to do one of those. I'm gonna say 80% chance I'll be able to make it.
  10. Can't wait to get some info =)
  11. Harmony323

    Gamescom 2015 Discussion

    We Happy Few! I've contributed to the Kickstarter and can't wait to get my code for it! I didn't watch their release, but I know they announced that it'll be coming out for Xbox One. We Happy Few is made by Compulsion Games, the company that made Contrast, which I'm a HUGE fan of. They put an achievement in the game for finding the hidden Extra Life logo =) I made a thread about Contrast here though a lot of the pictures, including the one with the EL Easter egg cheevie, have broken links. Anyway, We Happy Few and the Blizzard conference are what I'm most excited about. I'm very brand loyal and I LOVE Blizzard as a company and Compulsion Games is getting really high on my list as well <3
  12. Harmony323

    World of Warcraft: Legion

    I haven't seen anything about the new expansion yet but I'll get it. That's kinda what I do lol. I buy the expansion, max-level my toons and then quit. I did really enjoy WoD though. I just couldn't justify paying $15 a month anymore for a bit. I'm gonna have to look up some videos.
  13. Harmony323

    Gaming Misunderstood

    This is what I do. I haven't had people criticize me so much as just not be able to understand how playing video games can help raise money. Comparing it to other marathons for charities tends to help put it in perspective a little. Though the people who are just putting it down because they don't like the idea of video games in general is a little sad to me. If someone is raising money for a good cause and isn't hurting anyone to do it, why the hatred? I don't get people sometimes.
  14. Harmony323

    Need a new gaming PC

    Yeah well that's my biggest issue here. I'm on a budget but I also won't skimp, so I need to find good parts for a good price haha. The laptop I bought has an i5 processor and duel nvidia graphics cards, so I expect good stuff. That's why I want to build it myself, because I can shop around for the best prices on the parts I want, but I'm just really scared about messing something up. Nothing would be worse than getting the last part I need to finish it and putting my computer together just to have something not work :/
  15. Harmony323

    Black Ops 3

    I have the Hardened Edition pre-ordered for Xbox One. I always get the Hardened Edition for the metal case.