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  1. Probably should be non-profit
  2. Ragnatz


    For people who wanted to know more about the Megagame we were talking about last night: http://www.shutupandsitdown.com/blog/post/susd-play-goddamn-megagame/
  3. Huzzah and Long Live the Kings! So, what's next?
  4. I have a board gaming group at work and we frequently get new games and try them out. I figured we could make up a list of fun games (both for Streaming and just for playing). Feel free to add to the list. Hanabi (2-5 players, 0:30 - 1:00) - A cooperative game where everyone is working together to create sets of 1-5 for five different colors. The sets have to be played in numerical order. But the catch? You cannot look at your own cards. You have to give out hints to the other players while they are giving you hints. It is pretty wild for such a quick game. X-COM (1-4 players, 1:00 - 2:00+) - Another cooperative game that we just started playing. Really does a great job at giving you the feel of the X-COM video game without the tactical combat. Each round is split into a Timed Phase and Resolution Phase, and man, the Timed Phase gets super intense. Really enjoying it. Tragedy Looper (2-4 players, 1:00 - 2:00) - A 1 vs up to 3 player game that combines Clue and Groundhog Day. One player is the Mastermind, following a scenario that results in tragedy. The remaining players are time travelers who are trying to stop the tragedy from happening. The game is really fun to play, and can be really entertaining to watch as well. In a race against time (there are a limited number of loops), can the time travelers figure out all the causations and stop the tragedies from happening? The game comes with 10 scenarios but it also has easy-to-follow rules to make your own.
  5. We should do some board gaming at the next guild meetup.
  6. Until you are an established poster, all of your posts need to be moderated.
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    Group Photo!

    We should put it on the guild FB page.
  8. Hey folks, I'm Ryon. I'm a gamer, a game developer, and a Let's Player. I've now made games in 3 different countries (The US, Canada, and Japan). I believe that games and gamers both have an amazing ability to do good. I've now participated in 2.5 Extra Lifes and I plan on participating in many, many more. For 2014, I founded the team at my company and we reached 86/5958 teams - super exciting for a first showing! I love JRPGs and other games with strong narratives. My top 5 games of all time are (in no particular order): Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne Star Control 2 Crystalis Earthbound Final Fantasy Tactics I guess if we're doing shameless plugs, I'll plug my Let's Plays at: http://www.lowbiasgaming.net/ragnatz.php Nice to meet you all, and I look forward to saving the world with you.
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    Local Businesses

    I haven't gotten a confirmation, but I did get a contact: East Greenbush Bowling Center Marvin Sonz 518-477-9306
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