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  1. Extra Life United 2017 will be in Orlando, FL again this year on March 23rd - 25th! Shout out to Extra Lifer Steve Mathis for capturing so many great moments from last year's Extra Life United!
  2. Details soon in like... maybe... a couple of hours?! Oohh the perks of being in the forums
  3. We'll announce Game Day 2017 in January of next year! Extra Life is still open thru December 31st this year
  4. Hey @Sneeches - all of the money that you raise through your fundraising page gets processed same day! We then send that money to the hospitals in quarterly disbursements
  5. I've gotta agree with this.. soundtrack was pretty awesome!
  6. ^^^Agreed! Takes fighting for children's hospitals to a WHOLE new level.
  7. I'll shoot our contacts over at DD the question and see if I can get an answer out of them! Stay tuuuuuned.
  8. Hey @mynameisyogi - would you mind shooting support@extra-life.org an email from the email you're using to participate in Extra Life? They'll be able to elevate it over to the app support team and see what's going on. It definitely shouldn't be doing that without your given consent! Thanks, Mike
  9. Yup, @K8Morosky and @Tiny415 are right... we did take online donations during Extra Life 2014 to add to the overall winnings and we're definitely talking about if we should bring it back for ELU 2017!
  10. Hey @vectorsigmasix- Are you talking about the Extra Life JSON data method? I don't think the badges are possible but I'll certainly ask about the main text on the participant page. Can you post an example of how/when you'd use it? I know that's one of the first questions they'll ask! Thanks, Mike
  11. It may take a few minutes to sync up... I'm going to take a wild guess and say that it's showing the correct amount now? Thanks for bringing it to our attention! Mike Tablet support will come to the app in 2017 if it proves to be a useful tool this year!
  12. Can't see us doing it this year but maybe in the future (trying to keep app maintenance minimal for our already overwhelmed support team)! If the tablets are only going to be used by the Guild for recruitment events, a $50-$60 tablet from Walmart would work perfectly fine! Heck, check with your hospital rep - they may have some old tablets they could rent out as part of a booth kit for ya or even help acquire new ones for the Guild.
  13. I'd check out Extra Life's integration with StreamPro, too... super easy/streamlined and able to customize to your individual stream. Just have to enter in your participant ID number and you're ready to rock.
  14. hit the nail on the head! We can look back at all the data entered in thru the apps at the end of the year, sort by event name and let you know the quality of leads from your major events, too. We wont be able to do it for all of them, but can definitely find the resources to let you know on a few of them!
  15. Heyoo! The Extra Life Registration App works on tablets and mobile phones but the Extra Life (fundraising app) is only on mobile right now. We're just testing how well the community likes it/utilizes it before adding tablet support in 2017!
  16. Received the Dip Jar report... Looks like $310 was raised via the Dip Jars over the weekend, too! That money will be donated directly to Riley Children's Hospital and count in your overall Extra Life fundraising numbers. Congrats Y'all!
  17. Hey everyone - just wanted to share the final numbers from Gen Con and send a HUUUGE thank you to everyone who volunteered their time and energy to help raise awareness of Extra Life. You seriously rocked it this weekend and we'll definitely try to get a booth in the exhibit hall again next year! 663 Extra Lifers were registered via the Mobile Apps with the event name Gen Con 2016 (or any variation of that) Those 663 participants registered to support 82 different CMN Hospitals 294 of those registrants signed up to support Riley Hospital Still waiting on final fundraising numbers from the Dip Jars... will update post when received! THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE! AHHHH!
  18. until
    Extra Life National will have a booth at TwitchCon 2016 in San Diego, CA on September 30 - October 2, 2016 in the Charity Zone. Swing by the booth to meet a local miracle family, try out an Oculus Rift and sign up for Extra Life! If you wont be attending the convention, you can still tune into the Charity Stream and watch JoshOG, Aureylian, Wishfuiiy, TheHunterWild, Bluejay and LifeWithLaughs compete to win some money for Extra Life. More details on the stream coming soon! Huge shout out to the Extra Life San Diego Guild for helping staff the booth at TwitchCon2016!
  19. until
    Extra Life @ PAX West Extra Life National will have a booth in the North Lobby at PAX West in Seattle on September 2 - 5, 2016. If you're going to be there, swing by to meet fellow Extra Lifers (and possibly a local miracle family), grab an Extra Life button and sign up for this year's marathon! Huge shout out to the Seattle Guild for helping staff the booth!
  20. until
    OFFICIAL LIVE STREAM: Magic: The Gathering Our buddies at Magic: The Gathering will be keeping the Extra Life love flowing over Tabletop Appreciation Weekend with a 24-hour live stream starting immediately after the official D&D stream. Tune in starting at 9am on Saturday, September 17th to get your Magic fix. More details about the stream, including information on how you can win some awesome prizes, is coming soon!
  21. until
    OFFICIAL LIVE STREAM: Dungeons & Dragons Our good friends at Dungeons & Dragons will be kicking off Tabletop Appreciation Weekend with a 24-hour live stream starting at 9am on Friday, September 16th. At the end of their stream, they'll be passing the torch off to the Magic:The Gathering community for another 24-hour live stream! More details about the stream, including information on how you can win some awesome prizes, can be found on their Extra Life fundraising page here.
  22. until
    Extra Life Tabletop Appreciation Weekend Some people think you can only play video games to participate in Extra Life, when in reality, we had almost 15,000 tabletop gamers sign up for Extra Life last year alone. It’s time to give a shout out to tabletop players everywhere for their relentless support of our hospitals and the families they treat. We’re excited to announce that on Friday, Sept. 16 we will be kicking off the annual Extra Life Tabletop Appreciation Weekend! Think of Tabletop Appreciation Weekend as a warm up for Game Day on Nov. 5. Our largest tabletop supporters will be creating Extra Life teams, playing their favorite games and sharing Extra Life with their fans. Some are even providing tabletop-themed incentives for their donors and team members to unlock as they fundraise! Check out the Extra Life Community Calendar for a list of Tabletop Appreciation Weekend Streams you can tune into! Rally fellow tabletop gamers for a weekend of fun! Share pictures from your play on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and use #EXTRALIFEtabletop with your posts. Don't forget to download the official Extra Life Tabletop Appreciation Badge and share it among your friends, family and community members!
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