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  1. Notes from the September 2018 meeting: Introductions Cheryl Wisdom - President David Cameron - Vice President Darold Parcon - Member Recap Events Minefaire- $375 in donations raised, 88 sign ups. Definitely doing it again next year! Upcoming/Current Events TwitchCon in San Jose Game Day is just a little over a month away! What are your plans? Networking Follow up Minefaire contacts: Microsoft Have sign on booth advertising/asking if people are interested in joining the guild. Ask Michelle for new Extra Life Banner/additional signage Additional/After Meeting Thoughts Next year do Wizard World Comic Con, Sac-Anime, (if you have any other event ideas don’t hesitate to let us know) Talk to Intel about doing another LanFest Guild Get-Together Ideas: What do You Suggest? (Meet up at a bar like Coin-Op or the Fat Rabbit?, Have a meal at Bunz or Mango’s? Play games at a game room?) Talk to the Game Room of Elk Grove about hosting a special tournament for our Guild Next Meeting: TBD (Most Likely A Discord Meeting)
  2. Notes from the August 2018 meeting. Introductions Cheryl Wisdom - President David Cameron - Vice President Mikayla Wisdom - Member Recap Events YTD total - $6,000, 115 participants registered. This is a decrease from last year but we still have time to get back on track! Darold pulled in a $600 donation, GREAT JOB! Upcoming/Current Events Extra Life Tabletop Appreciation Weekend August 25-26th, how are you celebrating? Walmart CMN Event Starts on Aug 27th, be sure to show your local Walmart your support Video Game Show Audition - Sept. 12 6:15pm (Thank you Briana for the suggestion) Minefaire - September Sept 22-23 Attraction ideas? Preferably non-wifi VR Minecraft Photo booth? Pictures with a “Creeper” Volunteer chart will be made to keep track of who can help and when. We still need as many volunteers as we can get so please spread the word about the event. Networking Need new members and contacts! Radio/news contacts? Check out the Fat Rabbit’s Game Night? (thank you Darold for the suggestion) Additional/After Meeting Thoughts Sacramento Guild Party - continue planning Countdown to Game Day has begun! What are your plans? Starting next month’s meetings I would like to reintroduce having a Miracle Story read/played at every meeting. I meant to do it at this meeting but I forgot to look up the story in time. Next Meeting: TBD (Most Likely A Discord Meeting)
  3. Meeting notes for the months of June and July. Introductions Cheryl Wisdom - Vice President David Cameron - Secretary Randall Philippi - Member Recap Events Change in Leadership Taylor has resigned from President of Extra Life Sacramento Guild. Cheryl will step up as President and David will set up as Vice-President. We will be looking for members to take the position of Secretary. If you are interested please contact us. National Guild Discord Meeting Extra Life Achievement Badge Kits are arriving! Most of you can now recruit local Extra Lifers with the new "Achievement Badge" kits! Reward new participants for joining, donating to and sharing Extra Life!! SHARE pictures of your booths and tables in action with these awesome new kits! The Achievement Badge Event kit is designed to encourage new and existing Extra Lifers to JOIN the movement, FUNDRAISE for their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital and SHARE Extra Life with their friends, family and communities! Guild Guidebook is (FINALLY) here! It's time to pull out the shredders and say goodbye to the previous handbook, because the new, improved and totally sparkling Guild Guidebook has arrived! Children’s Miracle Network Donor Appreciation Dinner On June 27th, Cheryl and David attended the CMN Donor Appreciation Event. Donors and fundraisers were thanked for their contributions to CMN Shockramento CFD at Capitol Event Center Upcoming Events Extra Life Tabletop Appreciation Weekend August 25-26th Minefaire - September Sept 22-23 Booth cost $245 Attraction ideas? VR Minecraft Pictures with a “Creeper” Guild Meetup Party - Reschedule Networking Need new members and contacts! Additional/After Meeting Thoughts Sacramento Guild Party - continue planning Next Meeting: TBD
  4. Here are the notes from the May 2018 meeting: Introductions Cheryl Wisdom David Cameron Taylor Balbi Randall Philippi Remington Millan Darold Parcon - His first official meeting!! Recap Events Western Festival - May 5th and 6th, Cheryl and David $20 raised, 7 people signed up How can we improve next year? Current ideas: Tote bags Raffle items See if we can get 2 tent spaces so we can include some arcade games More Extra Life specific swag Event is similar to Sac Republic, what works there? Upcoming Events National Guild Discord Meeting - May 30th 7:30pm MST (Cheryl will take notes and share them with the rest of the guild) Shockramento - SF Shock/Boston Uprising at Crest, JUNE 1st 6:30pm - 10:30pm CFD at Capitol Event Center - Saturday, June 9th 12pm Networking Owner of the Game Room of Elk Grove, George Horch, has agreed to partner up with us and host us for future meetings or gatherings we would like to have at their location. Partnering up with Jason Galit and Knighted Neighbors at one of their events, email them and plan it out. Darold Parcon - Turnkey Photo Booth, possible convention booth connections….more details to come! Additional/After Meeting Thoughts Vice President vote Vote passed - Cheryl promoted to Vice President, David made Secretary Sacramento Guild Party - let’s plan this Guild Members Meet-Up - June 30th at Coin-Op Public Mixer - Saturday, August 25th(?) Game Room of Elk Grove Ideas to improve guild participation Continue open communication, no idea is a bad idea. Have more Meet-Up parties Guild Swag: volunteer trading cards and display folder (put a face to the gamers for people to look at during conventions), maybe even “miracle kid cards” too? Keychains BIG hit! (thank you Randall) Looked back into creating the leadership position in charge of keeping up team morale - motivator/morale officer Next Meeting: Sunday, June 24th @ Game Room of Elk Grove (?)
  5. Here are the meeting notes from our April 2018 meeting, leave a comment if you have an issue viewing the PDF. Guild Meeting April 2018.pdf
  6. Here are the meeting notes from this month's meeting. If you have anything to add please leave a comment on this topic Guild Meeting Feb 2018.pdf
  7. Welcome/Introductions: Members in attendance - David Cameron, Taylor Balbi, Michelle Thompson, Justin Calimquim, Josh Thompson, Andrew Davis, and myself Special Guest - Nathan Allhouse, Founder & Owner of Square One Club Kudos Briana Aea, Taylor Balbi, Brandon Scheel, Jay Gist Top 10 fundraisers: Ruarie Harrington, Mark Miguel (KBMOD), Game Kiwi, Vazio82 (Matt Dunham), Jason Tong (AndyRoo’s Gaming Gang), Joe Greene, Ryan Thomas, Jay Gist, Bryan Mackendrick, Florian Meneses Goals and Priorities for 2017 YTD - $12,728; ranked 39 out of 146 US CMN Hospitals, 179 signed up participants currently Networking Opportunities - We raise a lot of money through networking, we need to continue to utilize social media Past Events - Recap 2017 Information Security Symposium - June 20-21st, Davis, CA - $350 Capitol Fight District Tournaments - $400 YTD EA Capital Games - 9/9/17 - $2,307 (another event coming soon!) Future Events/Partnerships CFD Tournament at Capitol Event Center - 9/16/17 LANfest - October 13-15th International Games Week - 10/29 - 11/4 (local libraries) Extra Life Day at UC Davis Children’s Hospital - November 2nd - Spaces limited Table Top Appreciation Weekend, Sept 23-24th Other events? - If you have an event coming up and you would like to get the word out please feel free to share the details with us. Announcements Round table discussion - Any other topics we didn’t cover and catching up with each other. Next Meeting - TBD
  8. Hey all, it's time for another meeting! If you would like to join us at the meeting here are the details: When: Thursday, September 14th from 6pm - 7:30pm Where: Square One Clubs, 9342 Tech Center Dr. #600 Sacramento, CA 95826 (google maps link will be added down below),-121.3533536,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x809adca654f2949d:0x4a2864ff55395239!8m2!3d38.5632046!4d-121.3511649 Who: The Sacramento Extra Life Guild and any new people interested in joining Why: To help save kids lives of course!! Be sure to comment if you have ANY questions, hope to see you all there *Note: This is an important meeting so maximum participation possible is requested!
  9. I would double check with Mango's just to be safe. Haven't heard anything about the other stuff yet though.
  10. Welcome/Introductions New members - Karen and Destiny Fundraising Totals/Goals YTD Totals 2016 - $6,324 - 19% increase from last month!! 8% of goal (this does not include the money we will be receiving from Intel, should be coming soon!) Game Day - November 5th, 2016 - Mark your calendars! Extra Life Day at UC Davis Children’s Hospital - November 4th Goal for 2016 - $75k, we are getting closer to meeting that goal but we still have a ways to go so do what you can to think of ways to contribute, no amount of help is too small! Extra Life National Updates Legacy Avatars - New addition to Extra Life participant profiles that show off how long you have been involved with Extra Life, be sure to check yours out if you haven’t already. What’s your legacy? Feel free to share your story. Mobile and Facebook Fundraising Apps - New Extra Life registration and personal profile app, much improved over the old one. Past Events - Recap Extra Life/Walmart in Elk Grove - David Cameron We received 6 sign ups and $50 in donations! Future Events/Partnerships Atari Party - July 30 12-5pm - volunteers needed! Yolo County Public Library, Blanchard community meeting room, 315 East 14th St., Davis, CA Sacramento News & Review Story - 2 part story approved! More info to come, let us know if you want to be involved. Walmart Partnership during campaign - 8/29 - 10/4 October Intel - 21st to the 23rd? More info to come. Any others? Let us know. Other Items Alternating meeting days - we will be having a group discussion on whether or not we want to switch our monthly meeting days from the 1st Saturday of the month to alternating between weekday meetings and weekend meetings. Be sure to speak up, everyone’s opinions are important.The discussion will be posted on both the guild forum and facebook page. Anyone interested in volunteering at UC Davis Children’s Hospital to set up the PS3 gaming systems? Contact Michelle, 916- 734- 9679 Monthly guest speakers - Invite a colleague to speak at the next meeting. We’d love to hear from them. The goal is to expand our mission. THINK BIG!!! Discussed possibility of raising awareness for Extra Life at local schools by going there and talking with the students. Voice your opinion on this topic and if you think your local schools might be interested and/or if you might be interested in being a speaker at a school. Discussed getting paper weights for outdoor events during windy days. Maybe get some of the UCDCH patients to paint their handprints onto stones? What are your thoughts? Discussed getting a new shirt designer for our guild specifically and what design we would want on it. Since it will be the shirt for the entire group everyone gets equal input. Also let us know if you know someone who could make the shirts for cheap/free. The discussion will be posted on both the guild forum and facebook page. NEXT MEETING - SATURDAY, AUGUST 6TH at Mango’s, 1930 K street Sacramento, CA, meeting will be from 2-3:30pm with social time to follow from 3:30-4pm.
  11. June 2016 Meeting Notes Welcome /Introductions New members - Randy Philippi Fundraising Totals/Goals YTD Totals 2016 - $5,097 – 17% increase from last month!! Out of the 170 hospitals we are at #23 for fundraising through Extra Life, yay! We are currently $300 behind the #22 hospital (St Paul in Minneapolis) so let’s try to close the gap! This is our rank WITHOUT the money from Lanfest. Idea of setting monthly fundraising goals to get us closer to our overall goal. Possible team goal of $500 in a month? Tell us your thoughts. Game Day - November 5, 2016 – Mark your calendars! Goal for 2016 - $75K Increase membership/participation – Thank you David Cameron!! Lanfest Partnership Recap – Taylor Balbi, Over $600 was raised in donations and over 30 new people signed up under the Intel team page. Extra Life will be the recipient of the Fall LANfest Future Events/Partnerships Extra Life/Walmart in Elk Grove 6/11/16 – David Cameron eSports – Need someone to reach out to Orange County Guild through Extra Life Forum Sacramento News & Review story – Need extra ordinary people to help tell our story. We need to discuss it further as a group to make sure our story gets told in a way we all agree on that shines the best light on each of us. This is OUR story so EVERYONE’S opinions are wanted and valued. Atari Party, July 30, 12 – 5 pm at the Yolo County Public Library – Potential partnership, more details at next meeting. Bunz Game Night – Jay Gist Use their upstairs lounge to hold some type of gaming/Extra Life recruiting party. Most likely on a Tuesday. More information will be posted when we have it. Extra Life Day at UC Davis Children’s Hospital – November 4th Need volunteers, gaming systems, etc. We will get to spend time with the kids so if you are able to go let us know. Any others? Let us know. Other Items There is a new tech center at the hospital, if you haven’t seen it yet or if you haven’t toured the children’s wing at all yet but you would like to be sure to schedule a time to stop by. Next Meeting location for next meeting- Bunz Sports Pub & Grub Anyone interested in volunteering at UC Davis Children’s Hospital to set up the PS3 gaming systems? Contact Michelle, 916-734-9679 Popular games coming soon: Odin Sphere Leifthrasir - June 7th Mirror’s Edge Catalyst - June 7th Kirby: Planet Robobot - June 10th Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness - June 28th I Am Setsuna - July 19th Batman: Return to Arkham - July 26th No Man’s Sky - August 9th Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - August 23rd Madden NFL 17 - August 23rd Monthly guest speakers – Invite a colleague to speak at the next meeting. We’d love to hear from them. The goal is to expand our mission. THINK BIG!!! Next meeting: Saturday July 9th at Bunz Sports Pub & Grub, 311 Judah St, Roseville, CA 95678 from 2pm to 3:30pm with social hour to follow from 3:30pm-4pm
  12. Welcome/Introductions Reps from Gamers Gift and CFD, new members, and regular members. Mission Moment Dorian’s Story: Fundraising Totals/Goals YTD Totals 2016 - $4,192 Game Day - November 5, 2016 - Mark your calendars Strategies for 2016 - Increase membership/participation Committees/Chair - Commitment 2 hours a month Communications Lead - this person will be responsible for communications for all registered Extra Lifers. Filled by Lisa Nguyen, Communications Specialist, Public Affairs Dept. Sponsorship Lead - point of contact for setting up meetings with local/national business - All committee members responsible for referrals. Networking Lead - responsible for monthly social events. Each member will be responsible for inviting a guest. - Filled by Jay Gist Local Events - All committee members. Our goal is to partner with existing events and recruit for Extra Life - we need your help. Previous Events NorCal Regionals Gaming Tournaments, March 25 - March 26 - Thank you Darold Parcon!! Sacramento Indie Arcade Gaming Expo, April 9, 2016 - Thank you Briana and Gabriel!! Western Festival - April 30 - May 1, 2016 - Thank you Cheryl and David! 11 sign ups, 2 official new members (Evan Brown and Linus Pittman), and a few others interested in joining later. Some technical issues (will use a generator for power next time) but over all successful and definitely worth doing again. Upcoming Events LANfest - May 13-15 Will post social media tag when we have it Other events? CFD at Mango’s on K Street on 5/21/16 from Noon to 8pm SFV and Smash4 Planning on an event at the Wal-Mart on Bruceville, possibly some time in June Other Items Representation at the CMN Advisory Board Meeting - 1 member a month - Next Mtg May 20 Monthly guest speakers - Please refer experts in the industry. We’d love to hear from them. The goal is to expand our mission. THINK BIG!! We need big ideas. Looking into Sac Anime Con and Wizard World NEXT MEETING: JUNE 4TH
  13. Extra Life Meeting Notes Introductions: Meeting the wonderful people at CI and discussing what got each of us interested in getting involved with Extra Life and Children’s Miracle Network. Mission Moments: Meeting Emily Love video package, a child cancer patient at UC Davis Medical Center, she was diagnosed with leukemia and thanks to advancements in medical technology she is now is remission. Current amount of money raised this year: $15,322 Current amount of new registered members this year: 303 ESA Foundation: The ESA Foundation is giving 2 hospitals each the chance to earn an extra $30,000 (the hospital with the most overall fundraising, and the hospital with the most fundraising per capita using census data awarded Nov 8th). Thunderclap: “The first crowd-speaking platform that helps people be heard by saying something together.” If the goal of 500 supporters is hit by Oct 24th, Thunderclap will blast out a timed Twitter, Facebook, and/or Tumblr post from all the supporters to create a wave of attention. If you can’t think of anything fun to post you can just post the example message of: “Gamers of all types are uniting on Nov 7th to give back to children’s hospitals. Join me in supporting #EXTRALIFE” The “boom” will go off at 7pm on Oct 24th. Guild United Event in Florida: Bigger than last year, 500 Extra Lifers invited, $200 registration , wonderful opportunity to raise more money for the hospital if you are able to attend. Nov 7th Game Day Plans: Gamerz Phunk Lab is doing a 24hr tournament, 150 people $10 entry fee, open to the public, this will be there last year due to the store closing. Colliers International is also doing an event at their building (won’t be as open to the public as GPL due to security risks). 30-50 people invite only, open LAN, any game welcome, food and drinks provided, possible live band, live podcast. Most of the other members are planning on doing their own vthing; if you fall into this category make sure you light up your chat about the event to pull in as many sponsors as possible. Checks are to be made out to CMN, you can add Extra Life in the notation. Guild Program Overview: Going over the guild handbook and the 30 second “elevator speech” to give to people when they ask you about Extra Life. (If you do not have one of these packets and you have a question about it feel free to ask.) Open Discussion: Confirming what all is happening at the Wal-Mart event on Oct 24th, we will have the game consoles and tv’s indoors in the rent out business area. Recruitment sign ups will be outside in the pop up tent. Remi is going to design a logo for our guild. I am going to look into getting our guild a new shirt distributor and individual information stickers to put on the business cards we hand out. I am also going to try to get us a booth at next year’s Elk Grove Western Festival in May and the Pumpkin Festival in October. The gamer bar Coin-Op just opened up on K Street, potential venue for our up coming mixer? DATE OF NEXT MEETING TO BE ANOUNCED.
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