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  1. Nikosric

    List of Events Going Down For Extra Life

    Updating to post that the Midway event has been canceled.
  2. Nikosric

    List of Events Going Down For Extra Life

    Ah, okay. I edited the first group name to be a bit more accurate. As for Monopolatte/The Loft, that'd be super epic.
  3. Alright, unfortunately, I was unable to make it yesterday, so I missed out on the compiling of the events going down on Extra Life. So, I figured I'd do my part and make a board where we gather all the events going on into one thread for everyone to see. There's only two I know of, one by the Scarlet of the Ottawa guild and another from the Let's Game Ottawa group. Anything else or is that all?
  4. Nikosric

    Brainstorm eh

    Monoplatte is also close to Rideau. The 2 from Rideau goes directly to there, while most buses that go on Slater/Albert streets pass by Bay, which takes about a 10 minute walk to get there.
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    Hey, what's up everybody?