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  1. Hello, 


    I am hosting a charity event for Free the Children and Fort McMurray in Ottawa June 4th from 11am-2pm at Ben Franklin Place. I was wondering if you would like to set up a booth there and raise awareness for the Game-a-thon in November. You could set up some video games to draw kids and families in. 




    Samantha Pierre

    Miss Teenage Ottawa 2016

    1. Samantha


      Contact me at if you are interested. 

  2. Nice! That's a good date as well. Close enough to the main Extra-Life event that fundraising should be moving into full steam ahead mode. Have you already contacted them? We should make sure one person takes care of it so we don't cross streams (everyone knows you should never cross streams). If you haven't we could wait until the committee is formed to keep track of who will take care of getting a booth spot reserved.
  3. Yes, we'll need to meet soon. Let's figure out some venues and we can choose one. There's The Loft and Monoplatte, both are central. The Loft is super close to Rideau so there's parking and easy access to a large number of bus routes. I'll contact them and see what kinds of groups they can handle. The guild committee should be announced soon as well which will help centralize meeting organization.
  4. Hi everyone, I think we're all pretty stoked to get this party started, so I figured a brainstorming thread wouldn't be a bad way to go! Soooo ideas: 1 - Cloud hosting for Ottawa Guild related resources. I'm sure we could get this cheaply, and I will register to whatever service people think is best. Does anyone know of a good bulk storage solution? Dropbox is a pretty rad. Ideally we can use a service that is easy to access for a large number of people so we can all upload/download all the content our guild will generate. I think this should actually be a priority as it will help us stay organized from the get-go. 2 - As per our first meeting, if we can focus on making our presence known at existing events rather than planning events we can make our efforts more focused and effective. List of events! Comicon Ottawa International Game Conference (a game developers conference here in Ottawa...getting bigger each year) What else? 3 - Guild task forces. How do people feel about creating several sub groups within the guild to specialize in certain aspects of the guild (finding events, creating resources like posters or videos, streaming specialists...)? What else? Let's get as many ideas down as possible!
  5. Woot! Finally managed to sign up for the forums. This is going to be an awesome year for Extra-Life Ottawa
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