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    This year, the Extra Life London Guild, Children's Health Foundation, and Northern are excited to host the very-first London LAN for Extra Life! Participants for 2017 Extra Life can gather in a single location, compete against one-another, raise as a team, and win prizes throughout the day.The team at Northern has generously provided a portion of their office space for the event, and will be setting aside areas for sponsors, vendors, PC gaming, console gaming, board games, and more!This event starts early in the morning on Saturday, November 18th - two weeks after the international game day (which is on November 4th), and runs to early morning on Sunday, November 19th.For more details make sure to check out
  2. Pylawn

    Our Guild Discord!

    Hey Guildies, So as many of you know we're switching our meetings up to be more committee focused and not going to be meeting as often. In order to make sure we're all still friendly and keeping in touch, I've set us up with a sweet Discord channel! So keep using the Community hub for anything you want to discuss that is more permanent, but we can use the discord to host some virtual meetings, and make sure we're up to date! You can join here: Cheers, Jon
  3. Looks like they aren't chatting! I'll send Greg and email (I was chatting with Jamieson about potential plans). Nothing concrete just yet! I'll setup a meeting with him to chat though. There's a few other considerations other than just bandwidth we need to determine
  4. Name: Jon Pilon (AKA Pylawn) Years doing Extra Life: This is my 5th year!! Why I Extra Life: Working in the games industry, I have seen first hand the impact that video games can have on an individual's life for the better. Whether it's giving them an outlet to escape an unpleasant environment, or a chance to connect with people they normally would never be able to otherwise - video games can change lives. When I first heard about Extra Life, I knew this would be a way to get involved. Now on my 5th year I have another reason to Extra Life. My newborn son Ian. Ian was born 5 weeks premature and had to spend the first 2 weeks of his life in the NICU at Children's Hospital. While we were there we were able to experience first hand the impact that the Children's Health Foundation had on the lives of everyone. This encouraged me to work even harder to make sure Extra Life can touch as many people as possible! Team: Big Viking Games Other: You can watch me stream any time at!
  5. Great to see everyone too! I'm excited for all the opportunities we will have to share extra life with the London gaming community!
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