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  1. I know I am super slow at replying to this, but awesome to hear that your little girl was well taken care of and doing well.  The birth of both my sons was scary as hell.  

    Audin - My wife had pre eclampsia and it just wasn't a good thing. Though Audin came into the world SCREAMING and grumpy. He didn't want to be out.  Almost 3 years later I still think he doesn't want to be out.  


    Ronan - Similar story to yours with your daughter. The cord was wrapped twice around his neck. He came out breathing, as Naomi caught it early by saying during labor something was wrong.  He wasn't breathing at the right speed. He was on the CPAP for hours, and I was a wreck! I still am with him about. 


    I am happy everything worked out.   Just wait until they hit 2, and then three.... I hear 4 is rough as well. ;) 


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  2. March 27, 2018 

    628 Madison Ave 

    Albany, NY 




    Or you can join us on our Guild Discord Server if you can't be there in person. https://discord.gg/MG4Sn7H

    Don't Forget we have a Facebook Page now as well... Just look for Extra Life Albany Guild. (I can't link while I am at work)



    Extra Life United 
    Why Do you Extra Life?

    Radio Thon
    Summer Hospital Tour

    Empire State Comic Con

    Old Business

    New Business


    Post Meeting Gaming 

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  3. AHHHH Why did she use me on one of the pictures! Looking all serious and pointing to things!  GAH!  


    Though everything she says is true. I kind of regretted not having something to hand to people last year. This year I have some custom Extra Life dice... and an old card of mine.  (The podcast on the card died sadly, but all the other contact info is correct.)  Though i might look into getting some new ones made up. 



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  4. Thank you @teslazapp for posting this up. 


    We have A LOT to talk about.  While I might not be there in person, I will be there over the phone... I hope. You know how technology is. 




    - Welcome

    - What we have been up to? 

    - Extra Life Game Days

    - Change in Focus (Will go over this in detail at the meeting) 

    - Satellite guild...  

    - Adirondacon

    - Online Meetups 

    - In Person Meetups 

    - Old business

    - New business

    -Close meeting 

  5. I know we really don't use these forums much but I am making an effort. :) 


    BIG NEWS! 


    Nick Craig is leaving us for North Carolina. He is leaving his secretary position from the guild. We wish him well! 
    Kait Ross, our hospital representative is also leaving the hospital.  She is moving to the Children's Hospital down in Little Rock Arkansas. We will really miss her, because with out Kait, we wouldn't even be a guild!

    We are shaking up guild leadership.  Come to our next meeting to find out how, and how you can play a bigger role in what our guild does! 




    Electric City Comic Con
    Think Geek's ConCon at the Crossgates Mall
    2nd Annual Pokemon Go Walk @ Washington Park in Albany. 
    Pokemon Go Walk in Hudson, NY (Still being planned) 


    Next Guild Meeting

    TBD, July is rough with everyone leaving and going on vacation. 

  6. May 25th, 2017 6:30PM 

    628 Madison Ave 
    Albany NY. 



    Join us for the May Guild Meeting. 


    Agenda (will be updated as we get closer to the meeting) 


    - Guilds 2.0
    - Pokemon Walk 

    - Volunteers Needed  Electric City Comic Con

    - Saratoga Comic Con recap

    - Numbers so far!

    - Albany Guild Game Day (where are we at, inviting other guilds) 

    - Extra Life Event in Albany 


    - Old Business
    - New business 

    - Game Time! 

  7. Hey Albany, 


    Last meeting was pretty productive and we have a lot of events coming up that we could use some volunteers for. 


    May 6 - 7. Saratoga Comic Con (used to be Chase Con) 

    June Albany ComicCon Spring Edition 

    July Electric City Comic Con (Schenectady) 

    July 2nd Annual Pokemon Go Walk (Washington Park Albany) 

    May or June 

    Epic Guild Game Day... Details will be coming soon. 



    The dates of all the Comic Cons are currently up in our calendar if you need exact dates. Please note that the Pokemon Go Wlak and the Game day still don't have dates just yet.  


    If you want to volunteer to help recruit people at these events, please let us know here! 





  8. So, on the site, for offline donations it states that a tax receipt will be mailed for donations over $250. What about donations that are under $250. 


    The school I work in is going to do a little Donation collection for Extra Life... and after the money is given, they need a receipt. So, just in case they don't raise over $250, how can I make sure they get a proper receipt? 




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  9. I know this is a little late notice and I apologize for that. 

    April Monthly Meeting

    Thursday April 20, 2017
    Albany Med Foundations Office 
    628 Madison Ave
    Albany, NY





    • Welcome
    • ELU Recap
    • Setting up the 3 Comoic Cons
    • ITTD 
    • Rasberry Pi "console" for the Booth Kit
    • Brainstorming Hartford Guild ideas (doing something fun together) 
    • Old Business 
    • New Business
    • Gaming

  10. Hey Springfield-Holyoke! 


    President of the Albany Guild here. I am reaching out, because I have a pretty crazy idea that I am currently formulating. I met up with a lot of people form the Hartford Guild at ELU, and well in the two days that I have been back, I am coming up with something that might be interesting.  So, if someone from leadership could PM me that would be AWESOME! I looked to see who was Pres, VP and Sec here and I didn't find them listed! 





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  11. No, the Albany Pres isn't lurking in here.  I would never do such a thing. 



    I just wanted to leave a shout here to everyone I met at ELU in the Hartford Guild.  You guys and gals are top notch. Serious, you have to class in your ranks! And finally, though I was cheering loudly with you all at ELU, congrats again on the winnings. Seriously awesome job guys. Now I just need to convince Albany to make a serious showing next year! 


    Keep in tough, and know that Harrison and I are already talking and planning some things together. :) MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


    Cheers Folks! 



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  12. Hey Albany! 


    We had an awesome launch party, and now it's time to get down to business. 


    Our March meeting is on Thursday March 16th @ 6:30PM. The meeting will be held were we had our launch meeting, 628 Madison Ave, Albany NY. (the Albany Med Foundations office) 


    The Agenda

    Genericon Wrap Up

    Setting Recruitment Goals for 2017

    Saratoga Comic Con 2017 (Formally Chase Con)
    Albany Comic Con Spring Edition
    Albany Farmer's Market
    Electric City Comic Con 2017 (Schenectady)


    Old Business

    New Business


    Wrap Up


    Guild Gaming (if we have a little time) 

  13. 22 hours ago, MedievalMelody said:


    If it is like last year, they may cut us off at an hour and whoever has the most points wins.  That is how they did Settlers of Catan.  It wasn't the best, but I suppose it may be a necessary evil.


    You should sign up for 6 games.  That maximizes your ability to win money.  They are not going to start another game without everyone who has signed up.  If you'd like to talk more, you can PM me and I'm happy to talk it through with you one-on-one and get you signed up right.  I am happy to fill out the form for you as well if it doesn't work.  I want to make sure you have the best experience possible.  I know this thread may be confusing you, so I'd love to chat one on one if you need to make sure you understand how this tournament is going to work (at least from how I understand it....though I'm not an official staff member).


    Did you get this fixed?  I am happy to help you. 


    I'm still confused about Citadels...but that's because the link is broken in the rules.  I'm just gonna wing that one though.


    that makes sense the way you say it. I just don't see how they can get through an entire tournament of a game in an house...  Star Realms sure... that game can play FAST!   But small world, and Splendor and Ticket to ride... they can take some time... UNLESS you have those last three games, with more than just two players playing. 

  14. 22 hours ago, Sean Rooney said:

    All registered participants in United should have received a sign-up email. You sign up for games in six different slots - each slot has two tabletop and two video game options. Every one of the 12 games shows up in two slots ensuring you should be able to play the games you want to, up to a maximum of six.


    I'm really happy with how this is being run. There should be no confusion among participants - presuming they have read the rules in advance.


    How is that possible where there is only like an hour to play the game? Some of those board games take about an hour to play one round. Small world being the one that would take an hour.  So I don't see how I can end up playing more than just 3, though maybe I am reading the schedule wrong. 


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