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  1. Hehehe... I would be considered a Bitter Veteran of Eve Online. Played that game for more than 7 years before losing most of my time to family and what have you. Loved eve. I honestly don't know why they didn't do this before. It is a fantastic idea, and if you are a current Eve Online player, you already have an idea of what this is going to do for the PLEX market. Current players have a chance to make a serious amount of isk when this initiative goes live. I am just curious what it means for those of us that would like to return with only using alpha clones?
  2. Albany Guild People! I am putting out a call for Volunteers to help staff our booth at Chase Con! Chase Con is Saratoga's Comic Con and this year we will be there in full force! We just need your help! What do you have to do? Spread the love of Extra Life, and get people signed up for the big Game Day on Nov 5. We are not looking for a full day commitment either, just as much time as you are able to spend. We also give our volunteers time to check out the con as well... so there is that. We are looking for Volunteers to help us staff the booth. If you are free, and would like to help, leave a comment below.
  3. Xeserox

    Pokemon Go

    It really depends on who you are talking with. Most of the nostalgia junkies are still playing. I think it's more because, trading hasn't been put into the game. And a lot of us older players were looking to battle other trainers that were near by. Sadly we can't do that yet. IN patches they are working on for the future... Trading will be put in. Battling Trainers one on one is going to be put in. And so on.
  4. I could be completely off, but I thought only guild leadership had the rights to post pictures up for the guild. Cheers,
  5. We have a twisted little saying, that sometimes we use... privately, but just to help us get past some of the negatively that people have out there. "What, do they hate kids?" Extra Life is for the Kids. (It's the slogon after all). So people being disruptive and crappy... Do you best to push through and then just think to yourself... "What, Do they hate kids?" Helps me deal with some of the negative stuff I've run into. Also the advice of continually asking is good as well. When I am asking for donations from my colleagues, I start sending out work wide emails about a month before the event, then a week later, then at the end of that second week, beginning of the third week, End of the third week... Then the fourth week.... Beginning middle, end, and then THE EVENING OF THE EVENT! I don't mess around! LOL Because I do hear... "Oh I will donate later" or something like this. This year, because I work in a school, we are going to pit the 5/6 grade vs the 7/8 grade to see who can raise the most money. I have a 5/6 grade teacher helping me. Winner gets to hit loser in the face with a whip cream pie!!!! And I already have a feeling that My whole school is going to side with the 5/6 grade teacher... Just to see me get a pie to the face! Hope this helps! Cheers,
  6. This is an awesome idea! What kind of games were you thinking of running on this server? Would it just be mine craft or other games? Cheers,
  7. Xeserox

    Discord Invite

    I just tried it and it works. Also I'm in the discord on my iPad. So it all works.
  8. Xeserox

    Discord Invite

    I am going to resurrect this... Why? Because we need to find ways to get all of us talking more. Guild members and all. We don't all have to play the same game, but it would be cool to know that we are playing and talking to folks and what have you. Who knows? So yeah... Hopefully that link still works, and hopefully there still is a Albany Guild Discord. If the link doesn't work anymore. I can try to start a new Discord for us. Cheers,
  9. I haven't been able to go, but it has been a while since I did a convention of any type. I would really like to go this year, but it all depends on money and If the wife will let me go. Don't think I could afford the three of us going!
  10. @K8Morosky has the right idea in looking to someone local to help you out. I also understand why Cafe Press is doing what they are doing. It sucks, but they are covering their butts just in case you decide to sell the things you are making commercially. They are absolving themselves for any responsibility by denying you the ability to do it. There is no harm in asking if they donate the shirt or the mug to you. "Hey I do an Extra Life event... Extra Life is.... Could you print this on a shirt/mug. Could we do this as a donation? If not, is there a discount since I am doing this for charity... Etc." The worst they can say is no, and you pay for it like you would have with Cafe Press.
  11. Okay, So just making sure I am on the right page here. Being a UK player, you have the choice to help support the international efforts of one of the three hospitals mentioned? And I am assuming you do so, which is pretty awesome! Because you aren't just supporting UK Children, but you are supporting children the world over that will be served at one of the mentioned hospitals. You also mentioned having a mate, that is 400 miles away in the UK doing the same thing. Is that person the only other UK Extra Life participant you know of? I only ask because I had an idea here... That might help at least get the group of you together. You don't have to be an official guild to have a support group of like minded people helping each other with ideas. Our Guild... (Albany, NY Extra Life Guild) has a HUGE area in which our hospital supports. Let me stress huge... In square miles. So for us, we have people that want to be in the guild that live 2 to 3 hours away from the hospital. So we try to hold some of our meetings online, so long distance folks can still be a part of what we are doing. Mind you, it is hard for them and most of the time we will only have 1 or 2 people from the Adirondacks join us, but it still helps them feel like they are a part of things. So the idea, and I am sorry for being a bit long winded here. Let me see if I can't ask my Hospital person to see if she can help me with this if you want. Try to figure out who all the international supporters of Extra Life are, then maybe we can help you find more people that participate from the UK. Then, you all get together and form your own "guild". Have meetings online through Skype or even Google Hangouts... What ever works best for you. Share what your best practices are? Put out Ideas to help raise more awareness and quite possibly funds. Yeah it sounds like a lot, but you are putting together a support system. Or, I know that Boston and Toronto have guilds. I know for a FACT that the Boston guild has some of it's members remotely join the meeting. If the Boston Hospital is the one your support, maybe get into their forums and ask if you can remote in from the UK since you do help support the international efforts. While, it is going to be all Americans in the meeting, some of the ideas they are sharing might work for you in the UK. Or, join a meeting and then ask some questions about how you can better support the international needs of extra life in their hospital? Just a couple of thoughts. Hope this helps!
  12. Xeserox

    Sept/Oct Guild Meeting

    Join us for our monthly meeting! This month we are focusing on how to support local stores events, and how to get as many people signed up as possible. The last minute push is on!
  13. You got the September/August Email blast in which you read words written by me. You looked up the information, used some of it to help you and are very pleased. But now, you are lost and unsure what to do? Well, I thought I would start this thread here as a Q&A place, or even a FAQ. IF you have a question about the Guild or anything really. Feel free to ask in here. I am sure I will answer, or someone else will in a timely fashion. I know we have been a little quiet lately. Just call it the calm before the storm. The official game day is coming, and we are making sure that we are ready! So ask away!
  14. Okay, I am not going crazy. I thought this was in another thread. @herobyclicking Back to the topic at hand... I would imagine BREXIT causing a bit more head aches across the board. (Not saying if I am for or against it) But pulling support of UK hospitals seems a bit drastic.
  15. I didn't know there were hospitals in the UK that you could support, so first That is AWESOME!!!!! I am not official in this regards, but I think I know the basis for getting a Guild set up in the hospital you support. Thought it might be a little tricky. I think you need to have 75 active Extra Life Participants supporting said hospital. Then I think there needs to be a certain amount of money raised for that hospital. Then, the hospital has to have someone willing to head represent the hospital at guild meetings and such. ???? Non Profit. Okay a little joke there at the end, but in all seriousness I will ask my hospital rep what was needed to set up our hospital as a guild. I think the above is pretty accurate though. The biggest part is having someone that works for the hospital willing to head up the program. We are lucky, our hospital has the official person that is there for all the Children's Miracle Network stuff. Then we have another person, that unofficially he could do it if he needed to.
  16. And reach out to your local hospital or local guild. I am sure they can help you out with ideas and what have you.
  17. I know I am a little slow here, but we do some cool stuff at our event that influences games. Heroclix - There is an abilit called probability control. It allows the player to reroll a die once per turn. We run a tournament called Dollar Probs. We do have a prize for the winner and there is no cost to get into the tournament. Every time you want to use a probability control ability... You pay a dollar to the charity. only limited by the amount of money you have. Also, kind of terrible, but we have had players show up with a fat wad of dollar bills. Some funny comments ensue. Dungeons and Dragons - Pay a dollar and reroll an ability check. Limited to 5 for the entire session. Things like that.
  18. I know this might sound crazy, but people have been using the ideas of stretch goals. If I raise XXX dollars then I will XXX. People have shaved their heads, streamed specific games they would normally never stream, or even let the community pick the game at certain thresholds. I know there was a person a few years ago... He set up a threshold, and the community behind him wanted him to play, on stream, Barbie Princess Adventure. Then they hit another threshold, and they told him to play the sequel... It was torture for him, but hilarious for everyone else. The commentary on the stream was gold that day. Do things your are comfortable with, and then make sure those donating can see the results of your "Stretch" Goals. Last year... I ended up having my best friend dump 5 gallons of ice water over my head. We did a competition to see who could get the most donations as a stretch goal. It was hilarious, fun, and REALLY REALLY COLD!
  19. I thought I was in the preview, but I can't find the clubs section.
  20. I'm in year 6... And I still reach out to the same people. I keep track of who has donated, so when I reach out to them this year, I can thank then again for the donation last year. People love to be thanked. Then I do the usual, I hit up social media, my colleagues at work (I will send an internal Email). I will ask if I can email the other buildings within our district as well. I'm a teacher, so I have to ask the district for permission to do so, but most times I get it. Then I promote the hell out of the Extra Life event that I run with my FLGS. I ended up setting up a partnership with them. They will donate a portion of tournament entries, and help me get prizes for the board game raffle I hold. Again all money going directly to our hospital. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but it really isn't. This year has been a little easier, especially with the event stuff. It's the fourth year I've held it, so Local businesses and such are more willing to give little gift cards and things to the raffle. It does get easier.... You just need to network, reach out and try your best. Also, it doesn't help to figure out who your hospital public relations rep for Extra Life is. Ours is very open to helping out local people raise money for Extra Life. Hope this helps. Cheers,
  21. I run an extra life event separate from my guild... but my event is mostly tabletop games. Board Games, RPGs, Card Games.... all the awesomeness.
  22. Kirwan's Game Store November 5th, 2016 11AM 369 Main Street Catskill, NY 12414 Board Game Demos from Local Designers Toy and Game Raffle More will be added as I learn of the events!
  23. Xeserox

    game nights

    Okay guildies, what night would work best for you to have a game night. Meaning we all sit down at our PCs/Consoles and play something together? let me know ASAP because there are a few games I would love to play with my fellow guild people!
  24. The Guild Sponsored Game Day hit a snag. The two places that Nick @NickCraig and Chris @teslazapp were looking up were booked for the day. Tina @Rowsred is going to be looking into other places. Kait also gave us the budget for how much the hospital would be willing to spend to rent out a place. Extra Life Guild Shirt Discussion.... We talked about the Hockey Jerseys that Newark Guild got approval for. We ended up deciding that the jersey would be just a little to much in the hot months of summer, so we need to stick to t-shirts. We are going to get in touch with the T-shirt company that was at the Pokemon Go Walk to see how much they would cost to do. Pokemon Go Walk... Scheduling one for September... Just need to hear from the play house if it's all good. Local Events update... talked about how the Event in Catskill is good to go and in Full Swing Planning Mode. Going to reach out and see what other game stores are going to be putting together events.
  25. Hey Ryan, Nope we had our meeting this past Thursday (Aug 25th) and we missed you! But that's okay, This month was light in the discussion of things.
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