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  1. Happened to see this... As you are the first guild to mention anything... up up here in Albany NY, we are actually hosting a Pokemon Go Walk in one of our local parks. It has organically gotten huge... Where we have local radio coming out with their street teams to hang out... And now we are starting to get local media attention. At this point I time, we are thinking we will have 300+ showing up to the event at this point in time.
  2. Walk details have been updated and there is some more information here. iHeart Radio's street team will be there with give always and prizes. The guild prize vault will be open as well base on Pokemon team or if you sign up for extra life. Lures in the four pokestops around the lake. Recharging station and guild event HQ by the concessions by the play house. Recharging for for both phones and people: electric and chargers for phones... Water for people. This is is going to be awesome, and I hope to see everyone out in full force!
  3. Xeserox

    July 2016 Meeting

    Join us for our July meeting! Check the forums for the discussion topics this month.
  4. Xeserox

    Game Day w/ the kids

    Space is limited. Lucas and Chris will be on hand at the hospital to game with the kids we support. Get a hold of Lucas if you want to be a part of this as space is extremely limited.
  5. Walk around Albany's historic Washington Park hunting for Pokémon! Meet up with other players and hunt together! There will be a lure on the Boats and Music Pokéstop where some members of the local Extra Life Guild will be hanging out. Stop by to catch them all, hatch some eggs, and hear about Extra Life. Links: Calendar: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1825185257711073
  6. Xeserox

    Pokemon Go

    Neither did I, and yet I am playing this silly silly game.
  7. Xeserox

    Albany Pokémon Go Walk

    Walk around Albany's historic Washington Park hunting for Pokémon! Meet up with other players and hunt together! There will be a lures on the 4 Pokéstops around the lake. Members of the local Extra Life Guild will be hanging out by the play house with a recharging station and swag. Stop by to catch them all, hatch some eggs, and hear about Extra Life.
  8. In the end team really doesn't matter to me. It's all about sharing the experience and having a good time. Most of the time I avoid doing Gym Battles. I know it's worth a bit to do it.. but... people are so over powered where I am.. I don't have a snowballs chance in hell.
  9. This was just asked in the Albany Thread... Hahaha... though I might have an idea to share with the Buffalo leadership. Valor is the only way... (Red)
  10. Thank you to the Tech Valley game Space folks for hosting the meeting. A lot of awesome ideas were put out there and we are moving on some of them. Albany Game Day is being worked on, and hopefully will come to fruition.
  11. Xeserox

    Pokemon Go

    How many of you are playing Pokemon Go? Just curious as we are throwing around an idea for something interesting. Cheers,
  12. Xeserox

    June Meeting

    Join us for our June Meeting, this time being hosted by the Tech Valley Game Space. They were awesome enough to hook us up with some space on the other side of the river, so that we can better serve our entire community! Come join us, learn about what the Tech Valley Game Space is, and lets have some fun on top of getting business done.
  13. Meeting is June 30th from 6 to 8 PM at the Tech Valley Game Space in Troy. Popping up the details on the calendar shortly!
  14. I just wanted to let you all know we are currently working with Tech Valley Game Space for our next meeting. Scheduling is being a bit difficult, but we will have something posting soonish! Cheers, Lucas Fox
  15. Hey Buffalo, @Tiny415 posted up in the Leadership thread about Sony running their E3 experience in Movie theaters. I was looking through the list of theaters that were participating in this, Albany is sadly not one of the cities, but I saw that Buffalo was one. http://blog.us.playstation.com/2016/05/30/playstation-e3-experience-2016-announced/ You might want to use this as an opportunity to recruit for Extra Life. That and you get to experience part of the E3 experience.
  16. Albany ComicCon is this weekend and we can always use a couple of volunteers to help with the booth. For volunteering, you get into the Convention for free and you get some swag from the booth. We also don't expect you to work the entire convention either, so there will be plenty of time to walk around and check things out! Let us know ASAP if you want to help us with Albany ComicCon!
  17. Not sure when Portcon is, but we had string bags, buttons (of two different sizes) and candy! This year we have "Stress Dice". They are d6 dice with the Extra Life logo in the spot for one pip.
  18. We were talking about ChaseCon last year, and ended up not being able to do it, only because we didn't have the volunteers to man the booth. In February we found out there are some Extra Lifers that go there, as they know who puts the con together. They collect money for their Extra Life pages at the convention, and we don't go to conventions to do that. So I am not sure if we are going to be there this year, as we don't want people thinking that we are collecting money for Extra Life as a guild... since that is not the role of the guild. The guild is just there to sign people up.
  19. First I want to thank everyone for coming out last night. Travel to the meeting place wasn't to hard with the sink hole in the intersection between Madison and New Holland Aves. Attendance: Kait (Our Hospital PR rep) Lucas @Xeserox Nick @NickCraig Dave @Gojiratoho Ryan @GeekPower0 - Expanding Guild Membership Specifically, talk about how to get more people to come and be a part of the guild. Talked about having weekly guild game nights, where we mention one game being played, but everyone can just get together to talk Talked about getting together some form of voice coms so that we can talk to each other while playing games on game nights. - ComicCon Volunteers Dave volunteers to run the booth with Nick. We can always use more volunteers at ComicCon so that everyone has a chance to enjoy the convention. - Radiothon Recap I mentioned how I had an awesome time doing radiothon and I would do it again in a heart beat. Jim, Radiothon Coodinator for CMN was impressed at how well we worked both programs together. Parents of the children we played games with LOVED what we did and were impressed by our program. We plan on being a part of Radiothon again next year. - Update on our Numbers Participants 109 Money Raised 2709.00 We are just shy of 25% on the way to meeting our goal! - Partnering up with Tech Valley Game Space Jamey hasn't been able to come to guild meetings because his work at TVGS has been picking up quite a bit, so we are going to reach out to him and see if we can't do the June Meeting at the space. - New Buisness iHeartRadio's 99.5 the River wants to run an Extra Life event (talked about at Radiothon). Tagging them in and helping them get things rolling. This could be a huge boon for us as a guild. -Extra Life Guild Hearthstone Tournament Cleveland Guild is holding a Hearthstone Tournament open for all guilds. The Announcement thread Direct Information Link https://battlefy.com/extra-life-cleveland/elc-may-open-invitational/5734870007993b891294d707/info @CAWZY Rocket League is now fully cross platform... so maybe we need to get our Rocket League team together and start throwing out challenges! All and all a fantastic meeting. Kait will be in touch with Jamey to figure out when the next meeting is. We will get that announced ASAP and the meeting agenda up! Thanks again for everything Extra Lifers.
  20. So, just curious. Who here actually checks the status updates on people's profiles. Specifically my profile. Leave some love. 

  21. I will pass this along tomorrow night at our Guild meeting, and I will link it in our post meeting notes! Thanks for putting this together!
  22. Nope, we are at the hotel conference room again. :-) toweplace suites or something like that. Info is in our calendar here. (I will get the link a little later.)
  23. Here is the agenda for Thursday May 26, 2016. Welcome Update on Sign up numbers and money raised so far Radiothon Recap ComicCon Volunteers (June 5th) Guild Discord (for communicating when playing games) Guild Online Game Night (to get us interacting a little bit more) Expanding Guild Membership (how do we get more people into the fold) Troy Farmers Market Saratoga Race Track Recruitment Old Business New Buisness Close meeting We hope to see you all there!
  24. I have it on steam, but really haven't played anything on it. Most of my friends don't like playing board games online sadly. I have also found Board Game Arena, which is a web interface and free way to play games. You are just limited to the board games they have the license too. Tabletopia is another app coming out. You pay monthly and get access to this HUGE collection to games. You can play it for free (when it's released.) I would love a chance to play Tabletop Simulator with someone... (Promise I won't flip the table) at some point. Steam ID = [JPS] Xeserox
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