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    August Meeting

    Join us for our monthly meeting. Albany Med Foundation 628 Madison Ave Albany, NY Agenda and more details in the Albany Guild Forums. Please RSVP so we can make sure there is enough food for everyone! Hope to see you there!
  2. Hey Albany! Our monthly Guild Meeting is August 25, 2016. It will be held at the Albany Medical Foundation Office @ 628 Madison Ave. in Albany. We meet at our normal 6:30PM time! Hope to see you there!
  3. My PC is dead, and I don't own a PS4. So I'm feeling pretty low that I can't get my hands on this!
  4. Hey there, 


    I noticed you started to follow me... (wow that sounds creepy being typed out) 

    Anyway, I do believe there is a gaming event going on in Syracuse the weekend of the event. Not exactly sure if it is specifically for Extra Life, but I do know they they are going to be doing something for Extra Life at it.   Let me comb through all my stuff here (I rarely come to the community site because of how terrible it is). When I find it, I will pass it along to you.  



    1. Xeserox


      Do you want me to get you the contact information for Kait? She is our hospital coordinator and she is awesome! 


      Because, if I remember correctly....   Syracuse is literally the half way mark between Buffalo and Albany. 



    2. turbografx-16


      I would love to talk to her actually!  Thank you!

    3. Xeserox


      Sorry went back to work the last couple of weeks. If you PM me your email address, I will send her an Email and CC you into it. :) 



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  5. Updated the agenda! Hope to see many of you on Thursday!
  6. All the details are up in the leadership forum. Complete with a TL; DR :-)
  7. Hey all, Here is the agenda for this Thursday's Guild Meeting. We will be meeting at 6:30PM at the Albany Med Foundation Office 628 Madison Ave. It's up in the guild calendar with the place if you need directions. - wellcome - Pokemon Go Walk Recap - Where we are compared to our Goal - The Next Pokemon Go Walk (yes we are planning another) - Walmart in Glenmont would like to partner in raising money and sign ups. - The Fall Game Day (we need to get moving on this with all the Pokemon Go Presence) - Custom Extra-Life d6 for Game Day. ($225) - Troy Farmers Market - Greene County Youth Fair July 28 - 31 (I would need a little help) - Old Business - New Business Hope to see you there, as we have A LOT to talk about!
  8. Feel free to get in touch with me if you need any help setting up a Pokemon Go Walk. I am not an expert in the least, but I can help. 

  9. The above is the wrap up of the whole event. If you can't read it I will summarize. The event was scheduled for 2 hours. The Pokemon Go servers were down for the first 45 minutes of our event. We had about 400 people show up. We signed up 120+ people in 3 hours! We opened our "Recharging Station" 30 minutes early, and had to keep it open 30 minutes after. 120 sign ups is just an estimate at this time, as need to wait for the sign up numbers page to update. I think our true total is 134, based on how many were saved onto each tablet before we synchronized them. If there is any way that we can help out... feel free to give us a shout! Cheers,
  10. Pictures from the event has been added. More will be added a little later... as The Extra Life Sever is almost as good as the Pokemon Servers.
  11. Xeserox

    Albany Pokemon Go Walk 7/16

    Our guild decided to host our cities first Pokemon Go Walk. So we picked a beautiful park in Albany NY with a fair number of Pokestops. Popped Lures into those stops and started recruiting people to Extra Life.
  12. From the album: Albany Pokemon Go Walk 7/16

    Even though servers were down, a lot of people still showed up. They got info and signed up for Extra Life, they enjoyed the tunes from KISS 102.3 and they just chilled in the shade. Photo Credit - Tina Martinez
  13. Xeserox

    The line

    From the album: Albany Pokemon Go Walk 7/16

    We were quick to get people signed up and back out walking. Servers were online, and we still had people lining up to sign up. Photo Credit - Tina Martinez
  14. Xeserox

    Useful Information

    From the album: Albany Pokemon Go Walk 7/16

    The poster we were using with info about Extra Life, what our booth was about and how many laps around the lake to hatch a 10KM egg. Photo Credit - Stephen Chast
  15. Xeserox

    The Crowd Begins

    From the album: Albany Pokemon Go Walk 7/16

    Servers were down, the radio station was just arriving, and this was 30 minutes BEFORE the event kicked off. We were already signing people up for Extra Life. Photo Credit - Stephen Chast
  16. From the album: Albany Pokemon Go Walk 7/16

    Photo Credit - Stephen Chast
  17. From the album: Albany Pokemon Go Walk 7/16

    Pokémon Go is serious business! Photo Credit - Lou Bair
  18. Xeserox

    The Walk

    From the album: Albany Pokemon Go Walk 7/16

    Hundreds gathered to enjoy the park and catch some Pokémon. Dratini was all the rage in this photo! Photo Credit - Lou Bair
  19. From the album: Albany Pokemon Go Walk 7/16

    There was a single Gym in the Park and it was a constant battle! Photo Credit - Lou Bair
  20. Xeserox

    The Happy Couple

    From the album: Albany Pokemon Go Walk 7/16

    This happy couple joined us for our Pokémon GO Walk Photo Credit - Lou Bair
  21. Thank you!!! Ryan @GeekPower0 Dave @Gojiratoho Nick @NickCraig Tina @Rowsred Stephen All your help was awesome in getting word out about Extra Life. Now the buzz is when are we going to do it all again! Even with the servers being down for the first 45 minutes to an hour of the event!
  22. It is going to be off the hook tomorrow. We could use some help running the booth. You are going to be in between the radio stations and the t-shirt guy. Also so I foresee people grabbing at least 100 Pokemon over the two hours we are there.
  23. I am going to do a big AAR after the event for all guild leadership to see. As for donations... I am not sure how we are going to take care of that end. As the guild we focus more on getting people signed up.
  24. To give you all an idea of what happened here.. https://www.facebook.com/events/1825185257711073/
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