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  1. First, OP thank you for posting this up as I am sure a few of us are first timers this year, myself included. Just curious... Should I bring any board games with me? I am sure the standarded mobile gaming device is a given (though I only have my phone and my ipad at the moment). But is there "downtime" to just sit, meet other people and play smaller games? Mind you have quite the board game collection with a decent amount of light games with me... but I am not sure if it really needed. Thanks in advance. Cheers,
  2. This is my first year, but I have a flight early Sunday Morning. Though I come in Thursday afternoon. Really looking forward to this!
  3. I don't know what to expect at ELU... but I am sure I will figure out something. This is my first year going and I am really nervous. This will be the first time I am away from my wife and son for an extended period. I am also nervous as I will only know two people down at the event. But I plan on bringing some board games with me for the down times, to play a few pick up games. Well... I think I am going to post up in this forum about bringing games down and if I really need to. LOL
  4. I just wanted to post up here that the Meeting and Official 2017 Launch was awesome! We kept things short today, which was intended as we wanted to focus on the gaming. So from our guild's leadership to everyone, Thank you for coming. We hope to see you at our March 16th meeting!
  5. Power is possible... Internet... Not so much. the Hospital has strict rules over the use of their network.
  6. Xeserox

    2017 Guild Kickoff

    Join us for our official 2017 Kickoff meeting. Okay, so there will be very little meeting, and a whole bunch of game playing! Oh yeah, free food as well! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/albany-extra-life-guild-2017-kickoff-tickets-31412983078 <-- this link has all the info and you can reserve your spot as space is limited! Cheers,
  7. We are going to kick off 2017 with style, and games! Come join us on Feb 11, 2017 for our official kickoff meeting! Okay, the meeting part of it will be very short, as the focus is going to be on gaming and food. Click here, to reserve your space for at this meeting since space is limited. Also, it helps us get an accurate count for the amount of food we are going to need! Also if there is a specific board game you would like to see at the event, leave a little feedback here.
  8. Survey done, feedback sent in. Thanks for doing this Michael.
  9. Hey all, Forum Ninja here. ;-) Seems that my wife is the angel here today. She is allowing me to go down for this years ELU. Might be the only ELU i get to go to but hey, I will be there. I still need to sort Airfare (working on that this evening) but hopefully it won't kill my budget. Cheers,
  10. If you live in the Albany area, and you missed out on one of the many events happening, have no fear. Foam Brain Games in Troy, NY is having their Extra Life event on Nov 12th. This is pretty awesome of them, especially if you missed out on one of the events in the local area. Feel free to check them out... as for me... I need to go back to sleep, for I am exhausted! WHEW!
  11. The original story and Kate's post above are really good advice. I don't get upset, but the last couple of years at my event, I ended up closing up the store we hold it early. People falling asleep, or just not staying awake. I end up making the few hours that i didn't do the next day or the next weekend. I can say locally... There are events the day of Extra Life, then a week after that, then there is another a week after that... that I am trying to get them to make it extra life related, so gamers that can;t do the full 24 hour in one sitting, have a few places to go to get their time in.
  12. Xeserox

    Hey LA!

    Hey LA, I am not sure if you know about this, but I thought I would bring it to you attention. http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1660728/gamenight-team-geek-extra-life-2016-livestream-nov/page/1 Game Night is a youtube show that is sponsored by Board Game Geek. They are doing an Extra Life stream. I believe the main guy with the program Lincoln is raising money for the LA Children's Hospital. I asked them to reach out to the guild, but just in case they didn't and you wanted to.. you can. Cheers,
  13. Xeserox

    Chase Con Fall 2016

    Our pictures from Chase Con Fall 2016 in Saratoga, NY. All pictures courtesy of @Gojiratoho
  14. Xeserox

    Star Butterfly

    From the album: Chase Con Fall 2016

    Our Lovely Booth with our Tetris Challenge! Yes, that is running on a Original NES console.
  15. Xeserox

    Sam - Trick r Treat

    From the album: Chase Con Fall 2016

    Our Lovely Booth with our Tetris Challenge! Yes, that is running on a Original NES console.
  16. From the album: Chase Con Fall 2016

    Our Lovely Booth with our Tetris Challenge! Yes, that is running on a Original NES console.
  17. Xeserox

    Our Booth

    From the album: Chase Con Fall 2016

    Our Lovely Booth with our Tetris Challenge! Yes, that is running on a Original NES console.
  18. My reason for stepping away many years ago was mostly because the people I played with don't really play anymore. Which is a shame. I made some seriously awesome friendships because of Eve and I traveled to the UK three times because of that silly game. I had some epic memories.. it's just a shame.. I no longer play in the Uk timezone, ended up getting married and Have a family.. and I didn't mesh to well with the American Midset of the game. I know that might seem strange... But there are some differences in how Uk and American Players approach the game. Trust me on that one. Well at least back then. But yeah... I am tempted on checking it out when it goes "free to play"
  19. If you are up in Saratoga checking out chase con, don't forget to check out the Extra Life booth and say hi! If you aren't yet signed up for Extra Life, they will sort you out there! Cheers, Lucas Fox
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