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    No, the Albany Pres isn't lurking in here. I would never do such a thing. I just wanted to leave a shout here to everyone I met at ELU in the Hartford Guild. You guys and gals are top notch. Serious, you have to class in your ranks! And finally, though I was cheering loudly with you all at ELU, congrats again on the winnings. Seriously awesome job guys. Now I just need to convince Albany to make a serious showing next year! Keep in tough, and know that Harrison and I are already talking and planning some things together. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Cheers Folks!
  2. I am still buzzing, and in shock. I can't believe that time that I had. I can't believe what I have accomplished. I can believe how AWESOME this community is. We are all heroes! 

  3. It was fantastic meeting you and your husband this weekend! :)  

    1. Hannie731


      It was great meeting you, too! Keep in touch! ?

  4. There is NOTHING to be ashamed of bumping this. I was going to bump it myself today.
  5. I am doing this for my personal channel as well as my podcasts channel. Thanks for posting up how to do this.
  6. If you are reading this... please note, that Thursday March 23 I will be on an air plane to Extra Life United.  I hope to take many photos and what have you to share with all. 

  7. OMG Nick posted. ;-) It was an absolutely fabulous meeting yesterday. I haven't laughed that hard in AGES!
  8. Xeserox

    Albany Comic Con

    Come and join the fun, Comics, Costumes, Comic Professionals, Panel Discussions and More.
  9. Why isn't ELU listed on the MArch Calendar? I could pop it in there, but then that would be colored for the Albany Guild... and while I would LOVE to claim ELU as an Albany Guild event... I don't think that would be kosher. @DJThunderstix @LeaveIt2Beaver any idea? I could have sworn it was there last year.
  10. Xeserox

    Electric City Comic Con

    The Electric City Comic Con is the areas family friendly indie con! Small but fierce, we celebrate comics and the artists and writers who create them.
  11. Xeserox

    Saratoga Comic Con

    Chase Con's Saratoga Comic Con Spring edition.
  12. Xeserox

    March Guild Meeting

    Join us for our March Guild Meeting. Meeting Agenda can be found in our forum or at this link.
  13. Hey Albany! We had an awesome launch party, and now it's time to get down to business. Our March meeting is on Thursday March 16th @ 6:30PM. The meeting will be held were we had our launch meeting, 628 Madison Ave, Albany NY. (the Albany Med Foundations office) The Agenda Welcome Genericon Wrap Up Setting Recruitment Goals for 2017 Saratoga Comic Con 2017 (Formally Chase Con) Albany Comic Con Spring Edition Albany Farmer's Market Electric City Comic Con 2017 (Schenectady) Old Business New Business Wrap Up Guild Gaming (if we have a little time)
  14. that makes sense the way you say it. I just don't see how they can get through an entire tournament of a game in an house... Star Realms sure... that game can play FAST! But small world, and Splendor and Ticket to ride... they can take some time... UNLESS you have those last three games, with more than just two players playing.
  15. How is that possible where there is only like an hour to play the game? Some of those board games take about an hour to play one round. Small world being the one that would take an hour. So I don't see how I can end up playing more than just 3, though maybe I am reading the schedule wrong.
  16. Thanks for that, also... when signing up. IN essence, you can really only sign up for a limited number of games, based on how they are in the schedule? Example: I wanted to focus on the board games. And I can only really sign up for 3 of them instead of all 6? because I can't play in two places at once? Just making sure so I choose wisely.
  17. Because I want to win all the moneys for my hospital.
  18. Hey Albany, The Extra Life guild will be at Genericon this weekend! Genericon is at RPI in Troy, NY. Stop by the booth to say hello to Dave, Tina and the rest of the gang working the booth. Or even help us get peopled signed up.
  19. I don't like this thread... To much competition... Also, Star Realms... Just the base Deck, or we popping Colony Wars into that as well?
  20. So is it, that registration for the over all event ends March 1st?
  21. So i just got the email that mentions we are 30 days out from the event, something about name badges and then tournament signs ups have to be done by March 1st. Now, my hospital took care of my registration to the event.... and our hospital rep mentioned I would get an email from EL about things. I never did but we found out why later. Anyway, I sitll haven't gotten an email to sign up for the specific tournaments. Am I missing something? Or just signing up to ELU sign me up for all tournaments? I am a bit confused here? Also @DJThunderstix or @LeaveIt2Beaver if I didn't get that tournament sign up email? How do I get one? So I can sign up for the specific games I want to compete in? Cheers,
  22. Being that I suck at the video games, more than likely. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE ROCKET LEAGUE... I am just not very good at it. SOOO... rather than humiliate myself... I will stick to the board games that I am good at. Which, 3 out of the 4 I am really good at. Two I know how to play, and I am okay at. One... I have never played. So that might be fun. As for games to bring... this does help. Still not sure what I would like to bring. And I was thinking more Thursday evening/night for most of the gaming and meeting people.
  23. But how will we know who you are. I am kidding in this regard. Just thought it would be fun to put out there.
  24. ooo what games were you thinking? Most of my lighter games are card games.. (by lighter I mean size.) or they are two player. So I am kind of torn. hehe if I had the room and we all had the time, I would LOVE to bring Scythe. But that game is HUGE and heavy!
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