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  1. Updated to reflect the changes made at our last guild meeting.
  2. Just to make sure they are all very clear! 1. Increase the number of participants for Albany by 21% 2. Have a lot of fun! 3. Teach Kait all about gaming! (She is a total newbie! Bless her!) 4. Have even more fun! 5. ???????? 6. Profit? (If that is even allowed to be said here. ) As our goals change, I will update them here. Feel free to comment.
  3. Getting this out a little later than I wanted to. Click Here <--- for the meeting notes. Within the next couple of days, we are going to be posting up a doodle to get a better idea of when to hold the April meeting. So that we can get a few more of you into the mix! I am also going to be doing up a post that I will keep up to date with upcoming events both recruiting opportunities and guild outings! Feel free to comment on the meeting notes here! Thanks again to everyone that showed up for the meeting! And if you weren't at this months meeting, we look forward to meeting you at the April meeting!!!!!
  4. Xeserox


    MUST GET THAT GAME TO ALBANY!!!!! WANT! TO! PLAY! Thanks for sharing the link!
  5. I got home a little later than I was expecting, but before I headed off to bed, I just wanted to thank everyone for coming out tonight! We have a ton of ideas, and some action items to work on! Especially thank you to Kait for being secretary tonight and also Christopher for stepping up to be VP, taking over for Anthony who is moving and also to Nick for stepping up to be the secretary! I will have meeting notes posted up tomorrow evening (I hope).
  6. Thanks Nick for stepping up as Secretary! Also, if you need a hand with the podcast (getting it posted into itunes, stitcher and other places.) just give a shout!
  7. Xeserox

    Albany Games Fest

    I just wanted to let everyone know, so far I have sent two emails to these folks and haven't heard a thing back.
  8. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/extra-life-albany-guild-meetup-tickets-16110792815 To help us get a better idea for how many are showing up!
  9. Who all is coming to the meeting, so we can give Kait an idea of how much food we need to get.
  10. Meeting Agenda Extra Life Albany Guild Meeting March 12, 2015 · Welcomes & Introduction o Introduce the Leadership § Anthony speaks about meeting up with EL at PAX East o Introduce Kait § “We Have a Guild, Now What?” o New Members · Access for members further away o Setting up a Satellite (Skype, G+??) · Search for a Secretary · Setting Goals o Guild Recruitment Goals o Personal Fund Raising Goal · Upcoming Local Conventions o Genericon March 13 – 15 o Albany Games Fest April 17 – 18 § Needs (should we get a table) o International Table Top Day April 11 o Gamers Helping Gamers April 18 (Kirwan’s Game Store) § Needs (We do have a table) · Ideas of Guild Outings o Let’s Hang out · Open Floor
  11. Finally, able to get all my Ducks in a row! Our second guild meeting will be March 12, 2015 at 6PM. We are holding it in the conference room where the Guild Launch meeting was. Address for people that might need it. Albany Medical Center Foundation 628 Madison Avenue 1st Floor Albany, NY 12208 *Everyone can park in the parking lot behind the building. The can be accessed off of Madison Ave. by turning on Robin St. We should have some refreshments/food. Agenda will be posted this evening!
  12. Xeserox

    Albany Games Fest

    Haven't heard back yet... popping off another email today.
  13. Thanks for all the warm wishes! And I hope to be a strong positive influence for everyone! Anthony and I have already started talking about getting things set for being at Genericon and Albany Game Fest. Now that things are official. what I've been waiting for, I will be reaching out to both cons in the next 24 hours. Anthony mentioned being at Genericon... as I have a commitment that weekend already. Albany Games fest I will be at. As for the first meeting, working on setting that up as well. Hoping SOONISH.... as we need to well introduce ourselves to the guild, and get things rolling! Cheers,
  14. @Chris I am actually planning on having a board gaming event at Kirwan's on March 14th. Any and all here are more than welcome to come. The game stores thread has the address.
  15. Welcome Chris, Frank and David. Chris, Board gaming is easy to get into... as long as you learn to look away from Monopoly. Co Op games - Forbidden Island, Forbidden Desert, Castle Panic, Sentinels of the Multiverse Gateway Games - Settles of Catan (on xbox live arcade), Carcassone (Also on XBLA), Puerto Rico (on iOS also my specific Gateway game) Fantastic Quick Play games- Kingdom Builder, Machi Koro, Small World 2 Player games (just for you and the Mrs.) Dragonheart (wife kicks my arse at it all the time) Lost Cities I'm hoping we hear soon who the Leadership Board is.
  16. Xeserox

    Group Photo!

    I didn't even see this go up on Facebook.... This is why I hate facebook and my news feed... it doesn't show me any of the important stuff. Thanks for sharing the folder here... even though I look like crap. LoL
  17. Xeserox

    Albany Games Fest

    I will pop off an email to them to see if we can't get a table set up. I will let you all know.
  18. Give it time. Hopefully we can get the guild talking here more getting information out to everyone in a speedy fashion. I am just curious who the moderator is?
  19. Xeserox

    Albany Games Fest

    Justin, Do you know if this is open to the public, or just those that go to SUNY A? Mind you, it would be nice to get set up there, to help our guild, but I know some friends that might be interested in going, just to play some games. Cheers, Lucas Fox
  20. I am not going to lie! I stole Justin's Idea... (Original Post: Hello, I'm Justin) But rather than have a million and one pages announcing who we are, why not all in one thread! So first Thanks to Justin for the idea to introduce ourselves to the whole world. And second! Hello, I'm Lucas Normally most people call me Luke and just use my last name, Fox. I'm 34 years old and I am a Middle School Science Teacher at Bailey Middle school in Kingston, NY. On top of that, I am also a Video Game Journalist/Podcaster over at www.justpressstart.net (/shamless plug). I've been gaming since the early day of Nintendo and Atari. I was lucky enough to own an Atari 2600. Now my wife and I collect vintage Consoles. While I have been gaming for most of my life, I am noticing that I have been losing interest in video games and slowly moving to the board game and table top RPG section of gaming. Don't get me wrong, I still love to talk video games, but I am finding running my own table top RPGs is starting to be a big love of mine. I've been doing Extra Life since 2011, where My best friend Jeff and I found out about Extra Life a week before the event. In 2012 we ran our first event for Extra Life, and have been since. Each year our events get bigger and better and I couldn't be me proud. I've stayed with Extra Life for 4 years, because after that first year I started to find out that a few of my students had been treated at the Children's Hospital at Albany Med regardless of their ability to pay. And since a teacher's love for their students is a deep one, I felt this is how I could help those families, as well as any families of future students. Not only that, but this last Extra Life hit a little closer to home, as a podcasting friend's family had two of their children in the Children's Hospital in Atlanta for many months. The Children's Miracle network is a blessing, and I am proud to be helping them out with Extra Life. This year I am looking forward to being a part of the guild that Launched in Albany. Not only that, but I am also looking forward to holding another fantastic event for Extra Life. Hosting the events and bringing gamers together for good has been a very rewarding experience that I hope to continue for years to come!
  21. Other game stores that I know about in the area! Kirwan's Game Store - http://www.kirwansgamestore.com/ 369 Main St. Catskill, NY 12414 Foam Brain Games - http://www.foambrain.com/ 71 4th St Troy, NY 12180 Grimfoe Games - http://www.grimfoegames.com/ 598 Columbia Turnpike East Greenbush, NY 12061 Flights of Fantasy - http://www.fof.net 381 Sand Creek Road Colonie NY 12205 Zombie Planet - http://www.zombie-planet.com/ 1238 Central Avenue Albany, NY 12205
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