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  1. Xeserox

    I'm sorry

    I know I am super slow at replying to this, but awesome to hear that your little girl was well taken care of and doing well. The birth of both my sons was scary as hell. Audin - My wife had pre eclampsia and it just wasn't a good thing. Though Audin came into the world SCREAMING and grumpy. He didn't want to be out. Almost 3 years later I still think he doesn't want to be out. Ronan - Similar story to yours with your daughter. The cord was wrapped twice around his neck. He came out breathing, as Naomi caught it early by saying during labor something was wrong. He wasn't breathing at the right speed. He was on the CPAP for hours, and I was a wreck! I still am with him about. I am happy everything worked out. Just wait until they hit 2, and then three.... I hear 4 is rough as well.
  2. @roark I haven't gotten a response yet either. Thought I would just let you know here as well.
  3. March 27, 2018 628 Madison Ave Albany, NY 6:30PM Or you can join us on our Guild Discord Server if you can't be there in person. https://discord.gg/MG4Sn7H Don't Forget we have a Facebook Page now as well... Just look for Extra Life Albany Guild. (I can't link while I am at work) Agenda: Extra Life United Why Do you Extra Life? Radio Thon Summer Hospital Tour Empire State Comic Con Old Business New Business Post Meeting Gaming
  4. AHHHH Why did she use me on one of the pictures! Looking all serious and pointing to things! GAH! Though everything she says is true. I kind of regretted not having something to hand to people last year. This year I have some custom Extra Life dice... and an old card of mine. (The podcast on the card died sadly, but all the other contact info is correct.) Though i might look into getting some new ones made up.
  5. @herobyclicking should be able to help you, or at least get the help pointed in your general direction.
  6. until
    Join me at Kirwan's Game Store in Catskill, NY as we host our 5th annual Extra Life Event. Since this event is more table top game focused, we decided to hold it during tabletop appreciation weekend! All the more better. Events Kick off Friday Night at 10PM EDT and carry through till Saturday 10PM EDT. There will be raffles, tournaments and prizes. As of right now, I am not sure if we will be streaming on twitch TV, but I am sure we are going to do something. So come join us for fun, games, and helping sick kids.
  7. Thank you @teslazapp for posting this up. We have A LOT to talk about. While I might not be there in person, I will be there over the phone... I hope. You know how technology is. Agenda - Welcome - What we have been up to? - Extra Life Game Days - Change in Focus (Will go over this in detail at the meeting) - Satellite guild... - Adirondacon - Online Meetups - In Person Meetups - Old business - New business -Close meeting
  8. Hello again! I was wondering if I can find out where your guild purchased the EL dice from? Was that through Kait? Thanks in advance!



  9. Xeserox

    Hudson Pokemon Go Walk

    Join us at House Rules Cafe in Hudson NY for a Pokemon Go Walk. We will be inside the cafe with a station for you to change up your phones, while the cafe will have specials on hand for all the trainers.
  10. Xeserox

    July Meeting

    Join us for our monthly meeting. This month we unveil the new structure of our guild.
  11. I know we really don't use these forums much but I am making an effort. BIG NEWS! Nick Craig is leaving us for North Carolina. He is leaving his secretary position from the guild. We wish him well! Kait Ross, our hospital representative is also leaving the hospital. She is moving to the Children's Hospital down in Little Rock Arkansas. We will really miss her, because with out Kait, we wouldn't even be a guild! We are shaking up guild leadership. Come to our next meeting to find out how, and how you can play a bigger role in what our guild does! Events: Electric City Comic Con Think Geek's ConCon at the Crossgates Mall 2nd Annual Pokemon Go Walk @ Washington Park in Albany. Pokemon Go Walk in Hudson, NY (Still being planned) Next Guild Meeting TBD, July is rough with everyone leaving and going on vacation.
  12. Xeserox

    Think Geek ConCon

    Bummed that you can't go to San Diego Comic Con. Come on down to the Think Geek to get your Con Exclusives. Come in Costume, for a chance at some prizes and give aways. Also, check out the Extra Life booth to hear all about Extra Life, and how awesome we are.
  13. Xeserox

    2nd Annual Pokewalk

    Join the Extra Life Albany Guild at our 2nd Annual Pokemon Go Walk. Once again we will be located at the playhouse in beautiful Washington Park. Stop by our area to recharge your phone, and yourself.
  14. Updated the agenda for tonight... as some new stuff came out in the last few days. Cheers,
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