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  1. Phew, well, despite some hiccups we had early in the day we really pulled through just before noon and I think we had a really productive day overall. Thanks to everybody who helped or dropped by the booth today!
  2. Bunkered down at the booth now, Dustin brought a TV so I didn't need to bring the projector but I'all deal with that stuff later
  3. Name's Jason Chan, as I mentioned at the meeting I already have a weekend pass so I'm good as long as I can get in to set up early.
  4. Quick update: grabbed the projector and I managed to nab a (relatively large) screen for it. Since I'm not entirely sure how much space we'll have for our booth I'll just bring the projector, the screen, and my PS4 (and other small stuff I can carry) early Saturday and we can play things by ear.
  5. As discussed during the meeting we had Tues. Nov. 1 the list of things that I, Jason, will be bringing to the booth for FCCC consists so far of: - Playstation 4 - Projector and screen (request from coworkers) - Rock Band 4 instruments (1 PS4 guitar, 1 drum set with sticks, 2 USB microphones) - Playstation Eye (for webcam) - Games (so far Persona 5 Japanese version, Rock Band 4, King of Fighters XIV, whatever else might catch people's attention)
  6. Yarp, attending the meeting tonight, also trying to spearhead some efforts for a small, delayed make-up game day on Sat. Nov. 12 but we'll see how that goes *shrugs*
  7. I can probably assist with the booth at Forest City Comic Con for part of the day and relay info since I'm doing my marathon the weekend after. I can bring a system and some games if absolutely necessary but I'm assuming we'll have a lot of that covered already.
  8. Hey folks, so we have the streaming tutorial coming up next week. Out of curiosity what are people thinking of playing for the actual marathon in November itself? Personally, as the guys at BVG definitely know by now, I got my Japanese copy of Persona 5 today so I'll probably play that the entire time (also inserting various Harry Potter references, people who know what Persona 5 is about will get it).
  9. I can bring in my PS4 and Rock Band 4 stuff if we absolutely need them but they will take up some bit of space (and can obviously get a bit loud)
  10. Blargh, laziness but here goes: Name: Jason Chan Years Doing Extra-Life: 4th year I think Why I Extra-Life: For fun and raising money for a good cause Team (if any): Big Viking Games Other "Stuff": I tend to focus on games that are outside the norm in some way (ie. hardcore RPGs, Japanese games in Japanese, etc.) but still debating on what I could do later this year
  11. Hey, I dropped by EB Victoria last Friday and apparently they don't really have a good list for major releases, we'll just have to pay attention to gaming sites and see what's retailing ourselves unfortunately. Sent out a message to Western's gaming club but haven't received any responses, but they're in the middle of exam season so it's possible they're busy. I could try contacting some of the other clubs I was a member of as well though I'm not sure what kind of response I'll get.
  12. Hey, this is Jason, one of the other BVG crew members from back on Tuesday. Great to see some activity here already.
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