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  1. until

    I'll swing by at the beginning, but can't stay long due to a prior engagement.
  2. until

    Won't be able to make it.
  3. I agree with most of what was mentioned above. However, one thing I'd like to ask is. How effective do we think the tournaments were for our purpose? It helped draw a large crowd, but how much of that crowd became registrants or donated? Is it possible we lost traffic in and out of the booth due to tournament spectators just taking up space? Could we have done anything more to convert the spectators? I wasn't there most of the time, so I'm not sure what the answers to these questions are or what more we could do, but I just wanted to pose these questions for consideration. We also had a lot of unused space due only really having 3 game stations (2 of which took up a lot of room by themselves), maybe we could rotate the games or provide more stations to attract different sets of gamers. Letter's to the kids in the hospital was a fantastic idea. I think next time we should train people on what the guideline for the messages should be and consider posting them as well (avoiding get well soon type messages, etc). Overall it was a fun booth, drew a lot of people, and it sounds like we got decent signups and donations.
  4. I like Steve's idea. My main opinion is that there should be at least a big get together. It was fun last time, we had a good time competing against OC and JLA, and it makes it feel more like a community if we play together. If people want to do their own marathons, then that is up to them too. I did my own last year, but not until much after the marathon day. However, I think 11/4 should be our group day. I'm guessing some people may prefer to go to a group event and not do a solo event. Having said the above, I'm sure it doesn't need to be said, but I'll say it anyways, a group event is a LOT of work and planning. Even last years event, while fun for some, ended up not being fun for others due to the work involved before, during, and after the event.
  5. Here you go, Jacob! This one shouldn't expire.:)
  6. @Vitalitycross I'm down for MXM this Sunday at 7pm.
  7. I might be available. Put me down as a "yes".
  8. Sorry to jump in here, but I saw this discussion in the side bar. Do we think it makes sense to create multiple communities per guild or should we consolodate and have everyone under one official extra life twitch community?
  9. Hey @T3CHW0LF, @Nevik, and @stevekrusel. I'm willing to be a part of all these committees and help out whenever I can.
  10. Volunteered for Saturday 4-7pm and teardown. Oh and I don't need a badge.
  11. I'm down. Since people may not have a lot of games to bring, what do we think about partnering with a board game place, like Gamehaus and holding an event there?
  12. Hey all, As mentioned in the January guild meeting the winners of the contest were: myself and Charley Ammerman. You can see the stats here to determine how the winners were chosen based on the guidelines we outlined in the original post: However, it was confirmed with CHLA that we are able to send an additional participant. We decided to award the third spot to one of the two runner up positions for "Most Funds Raised" and "Most Improved"; Brent Sanchez and Salvador Elizondo respectively. After a coin toss, this third spot went to Salvador Elizondo. In addition, due to my inability to attend the event, I've relinquished my spot to Brent Sanchez. So your Extra Life LA Guild Members attending Extra Life United this year are: Charley Ammerman Salvador Elizondo Brent Sanchez Please join me in congratulating them and wishing them best of luck at ELU!
  13. Posted this in the "Participation Contest 2017" tread, but how do we define a "guild member"?
  14. A couple of details that may need to be ironed out: 4hr event shift is listed as 50pts, does that mean all "shifts" for upcoming events will at least be 4 hours? What if an event is 6 hours and it makes sense to have 3 hour shifts? do those shifts not count for points? Is there a minimum hours for "full day shift"? Some events like Anime Expo can be 9am-12am = 15 hours What are the requirements of "attend guild meeting"? Phone and attending streaming count? For non-event recruitment, how will this be verified for points (to avoid abuse)? If we add "recruit a guild member", what is the requirements to fulfill that for points? Does at person have to go to a guild meeting? DO an event? How will hosting GGN be verified for points to avoid abuse? What are the exact requirements for a GGN? Who counts as a "guild member" when hosting GGN? Suggest an event for the guild is a good idea for points, but at the end of the day if I suggest an event, presumably the Eboard takes over and is partly in control of it "panning out", correct? Thus getting points or not is partly out of the guild member hands at this point and may cause issues down the line (What if Eboard forgets to contact, fails to follow up, can't get volunteers, etc). What are your thoughts about this potential situation? Edit 1/17 - Also, will there be an official points database/leaderboard accessible by anyone, so we can track where we stand?
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