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  1. Morning all, As promised, here are the notes from the second meeting. Please accept my apologies and correct me if I have your name wrong! Extra life guild meeting Those in Attendance: Exec: Trevor Brimson Jon Pilon Jacob Van Rooyen Nicole Spriet Guild Members: Henry, Angie, Ohara, Lisa, Jason Chan, Suzanna, Tracy, Pilon, Maggie Peyton, Nick (The Jedi Guy), Tim Peyton, Nick Steinberg We started with a basic preamble from Nicole, the jist of which was: Guild meetings are not intended to be super formal. For the first meeting, we wanted to cover some basic information: In our recruiting efforts, it’s important to note that all CMN funds raised are raised for the local charity. Nicole has provided a basic coverage plan for CMN in southwestern ontario, which Jacob and Jon will be reviewing to figure out where we can best focus our efforts for recruiting. Our focus is not to be running events, but finding existing events to attend in order to better recruit more people for the guild and for the extra life charity in general. The exec is not here to make decisions on the part of the guild, but to help steer our efforts and make sure that we’re making the best use of everyones time. A basic breakdown of the exec group is as follows: President Trevor Brimson: Coordinates activities within the guild, works on formal communications and works directly with CMN amd the exec to achieve these goals. Vice President Jon Pilon: Works with Jacob and the president to find community events, coordinate guild activities, and drum up additional support for the guild. Vice President Jacob Van Rooyen: Works with Jon and the president to find community events, coordinate guild activities, and drum up additional support for the guild. Secretary Jacob McCourt: Ensures that proper notes are taken at meetings, handles many of the formal communications for the guild. Nicole: Our hospital contact for CMN, Nicole helps the exec team cut through the red tape at the hospital. Group Generated Ideas An event on (or shortly before) game day to meet with kids, talk to people at the hospital and spread the word and awareness about the charity, the event, and our goals to help sick children Booth at Project Play/Comicon Space at the convention Monetary contribution from the event (still investigating) It’s earlier this year, so we should be able to generate support earlier at this event Start an idea thread on the forums, particularly for upcoming events so we know where to focus our efforts. (Post created by Jacob 3/30/2015 Kids expo, sunfest, folk fest and other festivals downtown. Jacob will reach out to Tanya Park, the ward 13 councillor (downtown) for information on who to contact and how to get things going. Reach out to the local cosplay community. Look for online communities locally that might be interested in helping the charity. We can likely gather information from the guild in the recruiting/events thread. Fabian from goodlife will see what kind of support we can get from the goodlife kids foundation. As a group, we should set recruitment goals and strive to beat those goals. The board game walk and cardboard cafe are a strong recruitment opportunity. We need someone to reach out them. Nick volunteered to contact the UWO alumni association. Jacob will reach out to Mike Kasprzak from UWO and Mike Feeney from Fanshawe regarding game dev program support. Best Practices from other chapters [*]Follow boston childrens hospital, they’ve been a very successful chapter. [*]Partner with trade shows for space, contact opportunities [*]Use buttons and stickers at events to drive attention [*]Find effective way to delay people by catching their interest, and start the conversation about the charity
  2. Hey Everyone! As we discussed at the recent guild meeting, we're creating a thread on the forums to serve as a centralized location for upcoming events and locations that would be good for recruitment opportunities. Please post any and all ideas you have here, as well as the details. Remember, the more details the better! Thanks everyone! Jacob
  3. I think that's a great idea Trevor. I think there are lots of opportunities to grow involvement this year, and look forward to getting out and seeing what I can do personally for fundraising as well.
  4. Good morning, everyone! It was great to see such an involved and excited community of people come out last night to support the guild and share their passion for gaming and helping sick kids. As a quick reintroduction, I'm Jacob, and I was sitting at the front of the room with the rest of the Big Viking Games crew. I got involved with extra life for three reasons. One and two are my daughters, Abby and Ella, and three is that I believe that gaming can be an agent for positive change in the world. What better way to help out kids than doing what I love? I'd invite you all to check out this short video Big Viking put together after last years Extra Life Event: I look forward to fund raising with everyone throughout the year, and bringing more like minded people on board to play games and help sick kids with! Maybe we can all reintroduce ourselves here and get to know each other? @thejacobvshow
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