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  1. Calendar has been updated to reflect Streaming, and Video Casts.
  2. So....yah....apparently there's a subscribe button . Sorry for the long absence everyone. I'm back in the game, and am finally settled into my new job. I've subbed so I can be a little more active here. I have updated the our Google Calendar to reflect the Stream schedule for the community stream. Feel free to contact me if you want to be featured outside of the Tuesday stream, or Nicole's Wednesday Stream . -FMRadioTX
  3. My personal Page: The official San Antonio Guild Community Stream:
  4. WE CAN HAZ ALL THE STREAMS! Yes, Matt and I discussed this a while back. I think it's an excellent idea, and we should move forward it with. This has been an oddly hectic week for me, but it should settle down for me come Monday.
  5. Count me in as well! PSN: FMRadioTX
  6. ^ Awesome Video! That I know of, our guild in San Antonio had two entries. Here they are: and
  7. If anyone needs help with XSplit, feel free to PM me
  8. The San Antonio Guild has a generic overlay with our Facebook and Twitter info, along with logos. I have the PNG file, and I can probably get the actual Photoshop file if anyone is interested in a generic overlay that can work with any game. If so, PM me. Also check out our stream every Tuesday at 8:30 CST: My stream is:
  9. it's FTK Bearmonk and I are on Proudmoore right now. I had to get a new account, as I gave mine away years ago. YAY FOR BEING A LVL 1 NUB
  10. I feel as if my presence is needed here....
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