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  1. Somehow I missed your reply on here! :/ It might be easier to drop by the guild's Discord at http://discord.extralifeottawa.ca instead of here. We've got our next meeting on Tuesday, September 19th at 7PM at the Blurry Pixel.
  2. heya! somehow missed this thread until now :/ hope your stream went well! followed you on Beam, btw. we've got our next guild meeting on Tuesday the 18th at the Blurry Pixel on Queen Street at 7PM if you'd like to join us! <3 (we'll also be at Comiccon if you want to talk to some of the core team as well and can't make it out next week)
  3. heya @TheLostSkeleton sorry for the delay in replying.. Beam is a different kind of world compared to Twitch. it is very much community oriented, with the streaming platform itself being known for its little to no delays (the FTL <aka faster than light> protocol is fantastic for this) and interactivity. definitely worth checking out.. you could even restream between Beam & Twitch to get a feel for it.. although the FTL protocol wouldn't be available for that. @SunSchrein definitely take a look at the interactive 2.0 functions when they're out, and seek out @Firebottle and his interactive bot!
  4. If you speak with him about me joining the team, just tell him to invite me through Beam.



    1. kavmac


      Sorry I've been behind on this.. will reach out to him today! :)

  5. We'd be happy to have you join us! The community is like no other, and that delay.. ? If you don't hear from @Shuel90 in the next few days, let me know and I'll reach out to him and let him know you're interested in joining! oh hai outpost! ??
  6. I'm not typically a fan of them, but Vista Print printed our temporary guild tshirts when we did our telethon gameathon in early June, and they actually turned out pretty decently.. I wear the 3 I bought pretty regularly and they're all holding up well. and their turn around time was super quick.
  7. I've casually reached out to Beam to see if they have any plans for this year's game day, and they don't it'll be nice to get Beam filled up with some Extra Life streams, though!
  8. heyo everyone! it's been a little while since I've been hanging out on the forums.. and am finally getting things all sorted out for my gameday streaming plans. which brings me to my question: anyone streaming with Beam these days? I know that Twitch is a sponsor, which is amazing, and others use Hitbox, but it'd also be awesome to get the Beam community active with Extra Life (or some of the Extra Life community active with Beam)! It's where I've been setting up my stream in the last few days, for a bit of a change of pace, and thought I'd see if anyone else was part of the community. cheers!
  9. @Dig Douglas as in the downtime they're encountering right now? they're aware of it: or were you referring to their announcement here: https://streampro.io/blog/uncategorized/announcement-streampro-has-joined-the-twitchalerts-team/ ?
  10. Thanks for your support, @Sean Rooney! Here's hoping other guilds, yours included, have as much success partnering with their CMNH for a -thon of some sort!
  11. Ottawa Guild's very own @Parallax Abstraction shares his thoughts on the epic weekend we just participated in during the CHEO Telethon. https://geekbravado.com/2016/06/07/34-hours-for-cheo-with-ramble-video/ give it a read & watch the video when you've got a moment!
  12. Thanks @Sean Rooney! (I struggled getting a fresh post up for us earlier in the week :/)
  13. The Extra Life Ottawa Guild will be having a 'warm up' gameathon as part of the CHEO Telethon - it's running from 7PM Saturday, June 4th to 7PM Sunday June 5th. A few PC gamers will be streaming on our own channels, and the Guild (https://www.twitch.tv/extralifeottawa) will hopefully either be hosting them or our event live stream (to be confirmed still), and we'll also have a link to the actual telethon stream closer to the event. We may also have some console streams, depending on the gamers that show up and all that jazz. Once I've got a bit more info on the various streams, I'll update everyone.
  14. I live for this moment. It's the non-work related discussion that happens between @Dulcinee and I these days. It might be all I want to talk about at the guild meeting tonight (actually, it's not, but shhh).
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