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  1. Official Extra Life Calgary - @extralifeyyc Personal @Zewindyyc
  2. Hello Klov3r, the display in the picture will fit in a 10x10 location at any convention. I would ask your guild to get in contact with Extra-Life HQ as the display is owned by them. Hope that helps. Steven
  3. Let me fill in everyone that may not know. Part of our idea for this years Calgary Comic Expo is to have a silent auction where the fund raised go to the participant that received the donation. IE - Jeff receives an item to auction off from Blizzard. Said item is won by a person for $100. That $100 goes towards Jeff's Extra Life total. That being said, Id like to thank Jeff for getting the ball rolling. Ive reached out to FallCon so far.
  4. Hey, One issue for us Canadians Under "Postal Code" we are unable to input anything except numbers. Possible Fix or Suggestion? I already submitted mine, but dont know if it will make it or not.
  5. Those "Group" are user made, I noticed most of them only have 1 - 2 members. I believe Groups are to help Extra-Lifer's/Forum users create an niche that will connect them with out people in that niche. The Calgary Guild is in the Official Guild Directory on the Extra-Life main page. When you click on the Calgary link, it directs to thee "Calgary Fourm" On the main forum page, Calgary is listed under "Official Extra Life Guilds" I understand your intention are well, but it may confuse people alittle more.
  6. Also with the Calgary guild being in place, We can help facilitate with the Alberta Children's Hospital to make sure everyone get a receipt. I believe we can also go back to get previous receipts for your donors. - Steven
  7. Ya totally! Who is the Team Captain of the Extra Life Calgary... O.. wait thats me... Hahahah... eeee.... *hides in corner*
  8. Last Day to sign up for Extra-Life Calgary T-Shirt Remember, cost is $25
  9. tuesdays, Tuesdays, TUESDAYS! 7 pm to 9 pm Seriously I cant stay up to 11
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    Apparently my post doesn't just bumped with an edit soooooo.. Bump
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  12. I just retweeted that Corey! Awesome Job, we will get the word out.
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