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  1. I have some information on this, talked to the Regal in orlando fl, who sent me to corporate, who told me to contact who was holding the event as it is not a "movie". Its an event where the theater has been rented out. Ive reached out to both Eventgrid and PS PR but I'm not holding my breath.I don't know what is in the Leadership thread as don't have access to it, so you may want to fill that thread in on what I was told.
  2. Hi there! What I would recommend is look to see if Children's miracle network hospitals is on the list, that is what the donations are actually "made" to as Extra Life is part of CMNH. Or you could check on your profile, extra life main page, not community, to see if Microsoft is one of the preapproved matching companies.
  3. I would say talk to your hospital rep, we had some toys donated at a con, and the hospital took them.
  4. Heck I work for a company and they bumped my creds... had to pay a grand to go last year. but you sound like a "prosumer".... yeah that was a thing last year...
  5. As of today, IGD has opened up registrations for E3 You still have to pay, or have proof of Industry Identification, but they are open! Here's to hopping my ID work this year.
  6. until

    Wednesday, not Tuesday?
  7. CatHerderCam

    2050 Daytona Beach


    I can go Friday and Sunday, but I have to work Saturday.
  8. Darn slow email servers! xD oh well looks like I will have to play some games ◔̯◔ Thanks for the help @Sapience, at least I got that question out of the way.
  9. Quick question @Sapience, are you no longer doing the Tori's Angels track? I don't see that as an option and personally would much rather help out rather than participate.
  10. until
    The Orlando guild will be here reciting for Extra Life.
  11. What about if we were just to use the fonts and colors available in the current style guide? Then we would not be using any trade marked materials.
  12. All I did there was the font + the dice logo and play games part, all are in the style guide. Some font close to the script would be these fonts. Complete in him just another hand kg i need a
  13. From What I've Found so far is that most teams, outside of memorabilia, can/will not assist most of our efforts. I will not go into names of teams I've contacted but not all of them send very nice replies back.
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