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  1. Noble

    Board and Dice Extra-Life Gamers?

    That actually does sound like a fun idea lol
  2. Noble

    Donate Anything and Game

    That'll be cool. Maybe have a few people donate items to the event and have people win them as prizes. Just a little bit more incentive to play and donate =P
  3. Noble


    Cool idea! Do you have a list of games youre planning to play?
  4. Noble

    Favorite Wii U titles?

    Getting hit with that and then having 4 people pass you when youre 10 feet away from the finish line ><
  5. Noble

    My Extra-Life

    Greetings from SoCal! I love visiting Seattle. Im trying to go there as often as I can. Its a beautiful state if you can look past the weather =P
  6. Noble

    Favorite Wii U titles?

    Right now Im hooked on Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Mario Kart 8. Mario Kart makes me so salty though ><
  7. Noble

    Thank You Art

    That is awesome! How big is it? And what is it exactly? It looks like a patch or a wristband ?
  8. Noble


    How goes it friends? My name is Elgine, or Noble (either way works). You guys probably recognized me as the "guy in the suit" in the last two meetings. Like all of you, gaming has been in my life since late NES/early SNES. I primarily play PC games--typically RPGS, platformers, indies--but if theres a good game to play on a console I will borrow a friends system and play it =P Right now I am waiting for Super Smash Bros, Dragon Age, Warlords of Draenor, and a few DLCs to come out for Payday 2. My friends and I are trying to develop two card games: one is based off the Lovecraftian lore and one is an original. Were hoping to get at least one of the games to get funded via Kickstarter sometime this year. I look forward to hearing/playing with all of you guys.