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  1. I'm in for Sunday. I can also do Saturday but I don't have a ride so if you need me Saturday I can go.
  2. @KerryDemone and @aradiadarling, Kelsey is off work at 2 tomorrow so she can swing by and pick things up. Can I get David's phone number for her so that we can coordinate picking items up? Also feel free to have Jack email me the details. Thanks!!!!
  3. Kelsey and I are interested!
  4. I'm necroing this thread since I've now put about 75 hours into CSGO hahahahaha. So yeah I play, just pulled a FN Flip Knife Doppler too. (Phase 4)
  5. I'm in for the whole weekend. Kelsey is in for the weekend as well as long as her schedule permits.
  6. Custom extra life themed Gibson Les Paul to be given away?
  7. Chi

    Inevitable LoL Thread

    Thats too bad! If you ever want a non-toxic mentor to help you figure it out, lemme know. But from the sound of it, you're kind of off it completely right?
  8. My stream is I'm streaming pretty much all week in preparation for Boston FIG! You can also check out all of my past streams at
  9. I might try my hand at something like this at some point soon. My PS skills aren't great though...not to mention the fact that I don't have PS
  10. One trick that I learned that can make things a LOT smoother is scene hotkeys. Currently I set all of my active scenes to Ctrl - Shift - # (so for example, scene 1 is Ctrl - Shift - 1) This will allow you to switch scenes on xsplit regardless of what game you're playing. SUPER handy if you need to take a break midstream. Saves you that awkward few seconds of alt-tabbing to click on the scene selector in the client.
  11. Hey everyone! I'm a pretty big league player myself so I figured I'd open up this thread first So who plays? What rank are you? What's your favorite position/champ? I'm a Silver 4 (decayed out of my promos ) and I prefer jungling or supporting, but I can top lane in a pinch. So? How about you?
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