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  1. Where is the survey? Sent from my VS990 using Tapatalk
  2. I use Discord, and have used Mumble as well. I think Discord is better currently. Sent from my VS990 using Tapatalk
  3. That is all great news. So glad to have been able to help a little bit. I knew we were going to have good numbers after a good Saturday and a monster drive on Sunday.
  4. Getting ready to talk to a whole lot of PAX Prime attendees! 


    Always so many interesting people and a multitude of reasons why they want to participate once they learn about what we are doing. 

  5. @Mike and @Joshua Griffin Saturday you have my son listed twice as "Robert Hall Jr. = Rendeavored". So you might still need another for that slot?
  6. Thanks Joshua. I can take one of the Saturday afternoon slots. Also my son who you all might remember from various guild get togthers wants to work the table so we can put him to work Sat or Sun.
  7. Hello, Robert here /wave I have been participating for a number of years as time allows. I live in Renton and work in Seattle on the data mines by day. Sent from my VS990 using Tapatalk
  8. I could be the Saturday and Sunday morning shifts. I do like to work that crowd and and any co-locate spots on the floor as I have done before. Sent from my VS990 using Tapatalk
  9. MaxTwelve


    I was only there for two shifts but the community of the Seattle ExtraLife team was outstanding. Getting the message out to a stream of people focused on the next booth or event was an accomplishment! Thanks to the leadership for keeping the weekend smooth.
  10. Great idea and super to hear they will back you and the Extra Life goal.
  11. If you go to local places or franchises the policys can be very different, but go in and talk to the managers. I help with a bar/pub crawl called Santarchy here in Seattle every year and that takes a lot of communication with those establishments. We let them know what to expect, estimated crowd size, time to hit thier location, and who to talk to in that crowd for herding. Most of the local watering holes like the extra crowd (cash), and even the publicity. Maybe call a local TV station and let them know a group of gamers are going to a certain place at a certain time and give them our press release. Good luck!!
  12. Hello Noble! We have had an incredible summer this year. So much sun and fun! I grew up in and around SLO, and the Central Coast of Cali. so yeah I do have times i miss the sun during the fall/winter months.
  13. Team: Kylee's Krew Location: Seattle, WA Hospital: Seattle Children's Hospital I just got the team set up and it is named after my daughter who had to spend time at that hospital.
  14. I own a bit of Extra-Life. My one up is my daughter who had to spend time in Seattle Children's Hospital. I had participated in this charity before that happened with a gaming community guild Acolytes of which i am a member. But, since I had to spend weeks in that hospital with her and saw the things they do for the kids. Well sign me up as a permanent member I said to myself! So, this is my second year as a Seattle Guild member, to try and help more. My Player 1, and Player 2 love the idea of the effort and as gamer kids it tickles that fancy as well. Ok, back to work now. But hello to all and thanks for all you do!
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