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  1. RSVP'n here, Facebook isn't behaving itself right now on my browser. :X
  2. Saturdays are clear for me. I live in Mandarin at the moment and I'm willing to drive just about anywhere.
  3. Thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday. I've got a lot of photos to upload and video to edit. Special thanks to Kai for wearing a Extra Life shirt and bringing out a neat Vectrex with Spacewar.
  4. I talked to a couple folks at the meetup on Tuesday about Video Game Rescue, Jacksonville's best classic/retro game store (in my opinion). The store is pretty damn big and hosts events every week. Here's the schedule, for those who are interested. There's a part this Saturday to celebrate the store's 1 year anniversary. Come hang out with like-minded folks and maybe participate in some competitive Smash battles! :3
  5. Mark


    Hey there Kevin! $199 is a lot more than what I raised my first year ($0), lol. It's true, those last few hours are the worst. It's best if you have something fresh to play, something you've never tried before. Helps keep your eyes open. :3
  6. Thanks for the great presentation, Marcia, Rick, Jeromy and company.
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