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  1. Awesome! We have a game event next month at Diversions in South Portland, we'll be putting it up on Facebook soon!
  2. Hey Scorpius - We're always looking for team members for Chits & Bits. We're mostly a tabletop game group but most of us play video games as well. I'm sure we could get you involved with whatever we have going on. If you're in the South Portland area, we've got an event at the Five Guys by the mall tonight. They donate 15% of their sales to our Extra Life team while we're there. Stop by and talk, or you can email me at jamison@chitsandbits.com. Facebook.com/chitsandbits will give you some info too! -Jamison
  3. @DJThunderstix did anything ever come of the Geek & Sundry ITTD/ Extra Life partnership? There was supposed to be some prizes, etc but we never heard anything further about it?
  4. Hooray! Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I assume this doesn't impact anything on our end, just adds our total to G&S? Would we still have separate standings as a team? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I love that Extra Life is the official partner for International Tabletop Day. I got involved with Extra Life through starting an event on the first ITTD back in 2014, and our event has been on that day ever since. Our event is coming up on ITTD on April 29th. Here's my question - we already have a team created, but would love to support the ITTD/Extra Life partnership. Is there a way that we can do that? It won't let me create a sub team, and I certainly don't want to start a NEW team, as we've already raised almost $7k. It'd be nice if my team members that are working hard would have a chance at some of the special stuff Geek & Sundry is doing for ITTD.
  7. We have a few school clubs up here in Maine that run their own Extra Life events. It's usually some sort of extra curricular gaming club that seems the easiest to get involved. I haven't been directly involved in any of them, other than providing info to people with questions (usually the faculty sponsor). Reaching out to the school office might be the best place to start. The thing I always make sure I cover is that events don't necessarily have to be a 24 hour marathon, that it could be whatever they want it to be. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Agreed BTS has been good for our Extra Life efforts. Already created our campaign!
  9. until
    We are super excited to announce the 2017 Chits and Bits 24 hour game marathon to benefit Extra Life and The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital at Maine Medical Center. On April 29-30 from 10am to 10am, come play games and help raise money for this great cause. There will be raffles, door prizes, special tournaments and events. Our team page is up and running at http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donordrive.team&teamID=33054. You can sign up there to help raise money or you can donate to any of our team members that have already signed up. All the money stays right here in Maine. Watch our page for more details, surprises and other events for our 2017 campaign. We're also running a math trade at http://trade.abecorn.com/#/trade/58dfc240595b0e003a7f4485
  10. Just got word from my hospital, the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital in Portland, Maine, that they're sending me down again! Can't wait to see the familiar faces and meet a new crop of gamers!
  11. Hey all, One of the things I've been doing is reaching out to new Extra Lifers in our area, and seeing if they need help understanding how to be successful at fundraising. Over the past few years, we've gotten tons of sign ups at events, but many of them fall short of their goals. I've created an email that I send to them with tips. I'm hoping A. it can be helpful to any of you that want to use it and B. if you can think of anything I've missed let me know! Here it is - Dear XXXXX, I'm really happy to welcome you to the Extra Life family, it's such a great cause, and I've made so many wonderful friends by being part of it. The best part of Extra Life is that it's incredibly flexible. You can play any type of game for any amount of time. The national game day is November 5th this year, and most people center their activities around that. Many of them do a 24 hour marathon of gaming, but you are certainly not obligated to do it in one 24 hour period. If that doesn't fit into your schedule, I have friends that do 2 12 hour days or 4 six hour sessions or whatever. The biggest part that contributes to the success of Extra Life is enlisting your friends and family to support you. Let them know what you plan on doing, and show them WHY you're doing it. The Extra Life site has some videos that explain what EL is all about. Share those stories, and the stories of the children and families it helps. A good way to do it, and put a personal spin on it is to customize your fundraising page. If you know a family or have had to make use of the hospital you're raising funds for, tell that story. It is so much more powerful putting a local face to it. Once you've customized your page, EL has rolled out a new Facebook app that you can use to spread the word and take donations, schedule some posts through that, and start the ball rolling. You'll find that the closer to the event you get, the more people will donate (particularly if you are close to a goal), but don't wait too long to start as you may run out of time. I recommend at least a month out. Set a realistic goal. Your first year, you'll probably want to keep it fairly small (the minimum is $100) but it's not unreasonable to think you could easily double or triple that. One thing that helps motivate people to donate is if you can come up with some tiered stretch goals (i.e. at $200 I'll take a video of myself doing the Ice Bucket Challenge, at $300 I'll drink a shot of hot sauce). Think outside the box! If you're a video gamer, think about streaming your marathon on Twitch. Extra Life has some great Twitch overlays that you can use, that will show your goals etc. Invite friends to join you, make an event of it. Create a team, and recruit people to help you. Or start a rivalry with a friend and amp up the competition for best fundraising (always on a positive note of course) Your Extra Life event can start as a very small thing, and grow over the years. 3 years ago, my team raised a little bit over $1,100 (there were about 10 of us). This year my team is up to 25, and we've raised over $21,000 so far this year. You'll find out that once people find out what you're doing, and how excited you are to be doing it, they'll want to help you!
  12. I've already got it on my calendar for next year, and I'm trying to talk as many people as I can to coming with me!
  13. I'd also love this info, as well as the total so far for this year! Trying to send out thank you letters for our event in April and I'd like to include both numbers.
  14. These are photos from my Appalachian Trail hike to raise money for Extra Life. My journey will be nearly 1,200 miles. If you want to follow along go to www.onthetrailgamer.com
  15. From what we got from the Manager, it's something that is sanctioned company-wide, so definitely worth a stop in! Jared - If you're going to Bangor Toy & Comiccon this Saturday, stop by and say hi, we're repping Extra Life at the Weekend Anime booth.
  16. One of the successes we had this year is with Five Guys Burgers. They do charity nights, where they let a charity come in for the evening (usually 5-8pm) and set up a table and promote the charity. 10% of all sales during that time period is donated directly to the charity (I'm not sure what form yet, our event is coming up April 14th). We are setting up an Extra Life table and holding a raffle for some prizes we had donated. So not only will we get the sales donation, but additional raffle money and increased awareness of Extra Life. And talking to the Manager, they don't mind doing it repeatedly throughout the year. Reach out to the manager if you have a Five Guys in your area!
  17. I will echo what Harrison said. I think the event was amazing overall and went well for the first time around. It would benefit most from a little more organization, and clearly written expectations for each round (you will play 1 game of Blokus and this is your time limit). Communicate these rules up front hopefully before the tourney even starts. The game selection was okay this year, but as Harrison stated, most of us have moved on to more complex games. Not necessarily longer just better. There are established tournament rules for many of the popular ones such as Machi Koro, Splendor and 7 Wonders. I am also happy to lend assistance or advice on selection of games for next year. I was was disappointed that when I got to the finals, I was immediately at a huge disadvantage in the competition. Yes I play video games, but not anything close to the style that was played for the big pot of prizes. I understand they were trying to put everyone out of their element by making the console players play PC and vice versa, but realistically there's almost no difference between the two. I mean we were using console controllers on the PC. I was happy to make it and win what I did, but it was a little disheartening to have no shot at the big money. There were NO tabletop games included in the finals at all. Why not do a round robin, where everyone has to play one of each type of game? Or even better have a separate prize pool for each track. Thats all all I can think of right now, but overall this event changed my life. It was an amazing experience and I already can't wait until next year. Much love for all my Extra Lifers and everyone else who helped put this together.
  18. http://appalachiantrials.com/author/jamison-mclean/ Hey Kate, in addition to my personal blog (the one you listed) the sponsorship would also be on the Appalachian Trials website, which has a much bigger impact - the link above is where it would be.
  19. Thanks all for the congrats, I know that Rob and I are both super excited to have the opportunity to represent the guild and BBCH!
  20. Hey all, Jamison from the Portland, Maine guild here. I just found out a few days ago that I'm coming to ELU to compete for The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital! I'm being joined by one of my best friends Rob, and we're both super excited to come down and meet everyone. This opportunity means a ton to me, as Extra Life is a huge passion of mine. Counting down the days!
  21. until
    A day of gaming to recover from the excess of Thanksgiving! Come out and spend the day at Crossroad Games. Try some new games or break out an old favorite. Tons of gaming,
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