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  1. Hi It is quiet here but some of us are good people
  2. Thanks for getting this up. Some jerk keeps scheduling me during meetings.
  3. Don't know how many of you follow Extra Credit, but for December they decided to tell some stories from their viewers. Seems like it might fit here
  4. I can be good for any of these I mean free, I'm not certain I can ever be good
  5. *winces in the light* You want us to talk to FIVE people? Like, living breathing human beings? Pretty sure that'll hurt my nerd cred. Ok, on it Also, this is awesome
  6. I tried to reach out to the Nerd Nite Toronto group last year and got dead silence. This is its last season though so not a huge issue.
  7. Have generally heard positive things from people. Really happy with it
  8. More meet for the grinder! Wait... wrong guild. Welcome @howlit!
  9. Large of each Thanks for th work, Erin
  10. Unfortunately, all my board games are up north, I'll mention it to the others though.
  11. Just going to share this with a couple friends... I'll almost certainly be there, since I've made sure I'm not GMing anything that weekend. Thanks, Erin!
  12. Sweet, let me know if tehre's anything I can do to help
  13. So... this is the same weekend as some of the proposed plans but I was wondering if any Toronto gamers are interested? I'd love to do something for this, though I don't know exactly what I'd run, and I'd love to play. Anyone else interested?
  14. 4 or 6, and 11 for the hoodie
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