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  1. Hello everyone! The new year is upon us, and registration for Extra Life 2018 has already begun! If you wanted to get an early start on your fund raising you can sign up here: https://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=register.start&eventID=539 Guild Leadership is preparing to meet next week, so we can review last year's funds raised, set goals for the new year, discuss upcoming recruitment events, and more. What we really need is input from you. This is your guild. What are you interested in seeing from leadership? Bowling nights? Movie viewings? Trips to local museums? Officially, the Cleveland Guild exists to aid in recruitment of more players. More players usually means more money for Rainbow Babies - which means everyone wins. But we'd love to be active in the community in other ways too. Coming soon - we know we have Wizard World Cleveland and Cleveland Concotion. We're working to get space at these events and we'll let you know about opportunities to help out at these tables very soon. Volunteering is a great way to get free access to local conventions and events, all in exchange for spending a couple hours talking about Extra Life. We'd REALLY love to see you there. What events do you have going on? Are you planning any early fundraising events? Want to recruit people at your work but don't know how to start? Let us know below! Keep your eyes on this group for more information in the coming weeks, including volunteer events, our kickoff meeting plans, and what our goals are for the year. Thank you for everything you did to make 2017 an AMAZING year. We're going to work together to make 2018 even better. For The Kids!
  2. The FAQ confirms November 4th.
  3. WolfStar76


    One of my favorite games from one of my favorite companies. Smirk and Dagger makes brilliant games.
  4. WolfStar76

    Game Day 2017!

    This is what you've been working toward. You've told your friends and family, you've hit up everyone at work, and you've made plans with friends to help keep you awake and alert for 24 hours. Now its time for the main event! LET THE GAMES BEGIN!
  5. until
    Please RSVP for the event if you plan on attending 3 - 4: Kickoff and Initial Meeting 4 - 5: Social Hour 5 - 6: (Optional) Hospital Tour There is a parking garage (Adelbert Garage) that you should park in. Enter through the main Rainbow entrance on Adelbert, then walk straight down the hallway. The community room is right across from the ball machine at the end of the room.
  6. Game Day is almost upon us! With November 5th right around the corner, this is a great chance to get to know your fellow Clevelanders who will be participating in this year's Extra Life event. Come join us at Tabletop Board Game cafe, and we can discuss where our recruitment levels are, share ideas and tips for surviving the marathon, and discuss where we will be going from here. There's usually plenty of parking in the area - especially with West Side Market across the street, so we really look forward to seeing you there!
  7. Hello again, all! Don't know about everyone else, but 2014 was my innaugural year - and I managed to completely DESTROY my goal of $1,000, fetching over $1,500 for Rainbow Babies. I've just registered for 2015, and set myself a $2,000 goal, and am starting to plan/plot a few different events throughout the year to help get me there. Who else is looking forward to 2015 and getting the ball rolling once again?
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