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  1. Hey, Amanda aka daisykid3 aka Vice Prez here. I decided to start a thread purely for brainstorming ideas for fundraising, recruiting, meeting locations, guild activities etc. so that everyone can be involved in the process. Any idea, big or small is welcome so please share! I'll probably edit this post later on as I'm doing this very quickly and I have to feed my dog!!
  2. Hey guys! I'm Amanda and I'm your Vice President! I'm so excited to get started and I look forward to working with you all! Let's do our best to play games and heal kids! #forthekids Feel free to send me private messages here on the forum or contact me via email or Twitter! Email: daisykid3@aol.com Twitter: @daisykid3 I also posted my gaming stuff in the Introduction thread if you wanna play games with me! ~Amanda
  3. Hello everyone! This is Amanda here, the Vice President of the Long Island Extra Life Guild! I look forward to working (and playing) with everyone! Feel free to add me everywhere, just let me know you're from Extra Life! XBox 360/XboxOne: TOBI16 (I don't currently own either console though) PS3/PS4/PSVita: daisykid3 Wii/WiiU/3DS: daisykid3 Steam: daisykid3 Twitch.tv: fakedaisykid3 Twitter: @daisykid3 (Yes I too use the same username everywhere)
  4. I just reserved my ticket! Anything I should know about the meeting?
  5. I just registered on the site! I'll let my friends know about the meeting too!
  6. I just joined the forum a minute ago to find out more about the Long Island guild. I'm so excited!!! A bunch of friends and I (Team RTNY) participated last year and I had a blast! I know the guilds are launching next month but does anyone know who is in charge of the Long Island guild? I'd love to meet them!
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