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  1. My twitch information is as follows: I've been streaming for a little while but never had a consistent schedule. I'm still a college student so that's why my stream has been all over the place, but generally I stream on the weekends. I also stream a variety of PC and Xbox 360 games. Between those would be: Call of Duty, GTA V, Red Dead Redemption, Minecraft, Half Life, different horror games. Most of the times I'll be wearing a "hamburger hat" (or other cool hats I have) which gets the attention of a bunch of viewers. I LOVE talking to people when I can and have gotten a decent amount of response for Extra Life, which has been the main priority of opening my channel. Remember, have fun with your game, find challenges or milestones to beat (viewers would have an idea of what to expect or what to look forward to?), be yourself with the viewers coming and don't be afraid of the trolls, haha!
  2. RomiRiv03

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    RomiRiv03 for Xbox 360, as my username.
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