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  1. I would say some sort of FTB mod would work. Something with a lot of mods that people can play with.
  2. i would vote some kind of modded due to the fact that vanilla can get boring after some time
  3. If my sister and bil(bro in law) don't come with I would be down as well. If they come we will probably try and do Universal for Harry Potter
  4. I told you via FB but I am making it known here as well that I am down for playing. The only question is do I play Barb or Bard.
  5. If you can afford it staying at the Coronado is definitely worth it. Late nights and early mornings seem to be the usual.
  6. Well I should have made this post ages ago but I will be coming as well. Can't wait to see everyone. I am thinking about flying in on Tuesday and leaving Sunday. EDIT: I am coming in on Tuesday and leaving Sunday hotel room booked next step flight
  7. I know when I upgraded at the beginning of the year it took almost 2 weeks for it to actually show up online. I actually upgraded twice thinking the first didn't go through. Like @herobyclicking said contact support they will get it all figured out.
  8. JSON is basically an array of custom objects. If you think of it that way it makes using the data a whole lot easier. I to am a C#/.Net dev but currently I am doing a lot more with AngularJS and utilizing JSON from a .Net WebApi. If you have any questions hit me up.
  9. Sounds good I will try and keep a look out for you in chat.
  10. @Nerdforce John as @K8Morosky has mentioned I DM an Extra Life D&D game semi regularly. We do use Roll20 and it is working out for our needs rather well since the players are all spread out through the country. Are all of your players local? If you want to check out how Roll20 works I will be streaming our game. The next game is tomorrow July 21st at 6:30 CST (ish, we are usually running a few minutes behind) If you want to check it out my stream is also if Roll20 does look like something you want to go with I can add you to our game as a DM on a night we are not playing so you can see how I have things setup and what you can do with the application.
  11. I plan on playing tonight when I get home. I have only played through the tutorial so far so I will suck
  12. I will have to check this out when I get home seems to be pretty cool.
  13. I am not 100% sure but I would guess they need to contact support. I know when you make a donation on the page you do not have to be "logged in" so there would be no way to go back and edit all of your donations after the fact. @DJThunderstix would know the answer 100%. Last post I saw that had anything to do with moving or changing a donation she had said that it needed to be done through support so I am going to bank on that being the same answer to this.
  14. @Dj-Sparky OBS is a free streaming program and will allow you to use overlays. It is better than paying for something.
  15. When I created the ones I made I just used photoshop to make a 125x125px image to use with a transparent background seems to work rather well
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