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  1. Would someone be willing to make me a stream overlay for Awesomenauts? We can discuss details if necessary, but I'll be playing a lot of Awesomenauts in the 24 hour stream and would love to have an overlay!
  2. Noqerv


    Strife looks interesting. Anyone played it? It seems very similar to Heroes of the Storm (which I'm dying to try). If you've played it, do you like it as much as other MOBAs you've played?
  3. Love machines like this! They have these on display at my local game store and it's awesome. So many cool things have come out of people getting back into retro gaming. Personal favorite is the portable SNES:
  4. Agreed. When I stream League, I peak at like 5 viewers no matter what. If I play Awesomenauts or TF2, I can get to 20. If you're playing a game where you have to compete with pro players that are extremely good at what they do, you shouldn't expect a lot of viewers. If imaqtpie, Dyrus, or TheOddOne are streaming, you will NOT be able to gain a lot of viewers. People will go to them far before they will looks for a new stream. Source: I pay QTpie five dollars a month to listen to him say stupid stuff because it's glorious.
  5. Honestly the only reason I'm still on Twitch. if they didn't support Extra Life as well as they did I'd be on hitbox by now.
  6. Just made it to the last dungeon for Link Between Worlds. Need to beat it so I can get back to Pokemon X and Bravely Default!
  7. Link to the Past, Super Metroid, Megaman X and Yoshi's Island are some of my favorite games for SNES. Amazing games all around. For the N64, I absolutely love Banjo Kazooie, Conker's Bad Fur Day, and Super Mario 64! Castlevania for the NES is also an amazing game, I just wish I could beat it... I also just started Earthworm Jim on Genisis and it's awesome so far!
  8. For those of you in the Northern Virginia Area, the DC Guild will be at Estarland in Chantilly promoting Extra Life at the GamersXChange event. There are lots of vendors with TONS of cool things, so feel free to stop by and say hi! For those in the DC area, we will also be at Tenley Public for a Starcraft 2 event! Drop by and say hello or help spread the word!
  9. Hey all, Since this will be a place to learn about events in the community and get to know each other, I figure this thread will be a good place to drop off a quick intro about yourself. I'm John, a member of the DC Guild. I'm currently a student at NoVa, and I'm looking to transfer to either MTSU or USC at the end of my time at NoVa. Gaming-wise, I play a lot of League of Legends, Awesomenauts, and TF2. I recently dove into play WoW, and I'm addicted to Osu! as well. I mainly PC game, but I love my SNES, N64 and Genisis still, and I'm very interested in (but have yet to start) tabletop gaming. I enjoy streaming quite a bit, and can't wait for the extra life event in October! Feel free to find me on any of these sites! Stream: TRAPLORD League of Legends: THEBASEDTRAPLORD Twitter: Noqerv, extralifedc XBL: GuitarWarrior96 Twitch:
  10. I just start playing a few days ago but I think this sounds like a great idea! Totally would be interested (once I get to a decent level, of course).
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