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  1. Hey, I'm the Gainesville VP for the Gainesville-Tallahassee guild. Are you the one with the power to update our Guild Page with a logo and the leadership information?


    The logo can be found here and the leadership information here.

  2. Hey! Let me know if I can offer any advice on how to get your guild forum more active. It looks like you've got people posting questions there and no one is responding. Happy to help in any way! 

  3. *creeping on your events* How did it go??
  4. Hey @Novus'Olm it looks like from their home page that the guild leadership hasn't been selected yet?
  5. Did you try going through your CMN rep and having them contact the people at the event? A lot of times their names have a little more pull and they're able to get tables donated. I'm assuming you all have their contact info, but let me know if I can help in any way.
  6. until
    We will have an Extra Life booth at this event! Our area is ready for a guild and we want you to be a part of it! If you're at the convention PLEASE stop by and say hello!! Info about XCon : XCON World is an annual comic convention & show which takes place each May in Myrtle Beach, SC and features an outstanding line-up of celebrity guests, writers, & artists as well as over 7,000+ attendees during the course of the three-day event! The XCON staff always takes pride in being able to offer convention attendees the opporunity to enjoy various exhibits, meet celebrities & personalities, and immerse yourself in "role-playing" games & much, much more. For more info:
  7. Hey @Deb B after this weekend at XCon we are going to start filling these forums with our local gamers. If anyone sees this post and wants to connect locally we will be out there all weekend at the Myrtle Beach Convention center. Come say hi and get in on the fun we're going to have this year playing games and raising money For The Kids!!!
  8. Don't worry about the numbers at the events guys, just remember that if you can recruit even one enthuiastic Extra Life supporter that will make a huge impact
  9. Can't wait to see the Southeast get all guilded up!
  10. I downloaded it today if anyone wants to play!
  11. Enjoyed the five email notifications I got for this one lol
  12. Just a cheap white shirt and some Tulip brand fabric markers
  13. So there's a tip on the Extra Life site under "Experience - Best Practices - How to Actually Ask for Donations" that suggests getting a t-shirt and having people sign it for you to wear during your marathon. I have taken it a step further, and for a $5 donation I will write my friends names on my shirt. Bigger donation, bigger spot/better art (well...I can't draw, but it's better-ish) So far I have raised $330 just for the shirt. What makes this even better is it gives me an excuse to post more often about Extra Life. I get a donation and then can post the picture once I add the person's donation/art to the shirt. I tag them in the post "Thanks so much to @blahblah for donating! If anyone else wants on my shirt donate $5 or more at I've had great luck with this, and people will get really creative. I'm sharing the video I put out today about it. Took me about 3 minutes to make the video. WIN_20151026_13_00_08_Pro.mp4
  14. I like to post my fundraising page link all over social media and ask my friends and family to support me with a donation. I make sure to let them know that 100% of those donations go to the hospital I selected when I registered, and every donation...even $1 helps children get the best care on the planet. Look around the main Extra Life site too. There are a billion tips. Under the "Experience" tab there is a section titled "Best Practices" that explains everthing from how to have a successful stream, to how to actually ask for donations. Dig around the site and the forums. I promise you will find more information than you could ever possibly want about what our mission is, and how to accomplish your goals. Good luck!!
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